110+ Japanese Snake Tattoos Designs With Meaning (2022)

snake tattoos

Snake Tattoos come in different varieties – such as traditional, tribal and Westworld style. Do you know the meaning of snake tattoos? They can have multiple meanings according to the context. Snakes have been mentioned as mysterious animals throughout history. An episode of ancient aliens even claimed that the aliens who visited earth in the past were snake likes that is why they are considered magical all over the globe.

From Hindu Lord Shiva to Chinese cultural importance to snakes you will find snake everywhere. Snake tattoos usually mean mystery and magic. They also represent afterlife and life in another form. Here we have chosen 50 cool snake tattoo designs that you can try –

serpent tattoo

neo traditional snake

1. This snake tattoo design is inspired from prison tattoos and mostly used by gangs, Thugs.

viper tattoo

Snake Tattoos

realistic snake tattoo

python tattoo

geometric snake tattoo

snake designs

2. Many ancient tribes used Snake’s poison on their daggers to kill their prey. A Snake and dagger tattoo is a cool combination.
American Traditional Snake Tattoos

3. It will be hard for anyone to move their eyes from such beautiful 3d snake tattoo design on the sleeve.
3d Snake Tattoo

4. Many snake species are popular than others. For example, Rattlesnakes are known for their distinct appearance and sound. You can try a rattlesnake tattoo like this.
Black And White Snake Tattoo

5. Many ancient tribes snake as their sigil. This snake tattoo is inspired from Japanese art.
Celtic Snake Tattoos

6. Cobra is called as the king of snakes. Here is a majestic King cobra tattoo design.
Cobra Snake Tattoos For Guys

7. Even though I admire front facing snake tattoos but side posing snake tattoo looks good too.
Coiled Snake Tattoo

8. As Snakes are mentioned throughout history therefore you will find a lot of tribal snake designs that you can consider for tattoos.
Aztec Snake Tattoo

9. Snake and eagle are enemies. Many people try snake and eagle tattoos to show that they seek revenge.
Eagle And Snake Tattoo

10. Not all snakes are poisonous. Some snakes kill with constriction and you can try tattoos of such snakes (like Python).Although there are more than 3000 species of snakes but not all of them are venomous.
Egyptian Snake Tattoos

11. One common snake tattoo idea suggested for men is to try it on whole chest like this. But mind you not everyone admire such designs.
Full Body Snake Tattoo

12. Girls similarly can try a large size snake tattoo on their back but then again think before you commit.
Japanese Snake Tattoo Meaning

13. Traditional snake tattoos look scary and therefore they are very popular.
Japanese Snake Tattoos

14. Here is a Japanese tattoo art inspired snake tattoo where the artist inked beautiful cherry blossom tattoo inside the snake.
Neo Traditional Snake Tattoo

15. Many people opt for snake tattoos as cover up design but they alone wont be able to cover up. So you need designs like this.
New School Snake Tattoo

16. However if you opt for a brown snake tattoo (of Australia) or a rattlesnake tattoo like this or even python tattoo then you might get a good cover up design.
Rattle Snake Tattoo

17. A hissing snake tattoo design as a unique meaning. It represents aggression. Therefore opt it if you have an aggressive nature.
Realistic Snake Tattoos

18. Hindu God Shiva is associated with snakes. Many people like to have a cobra tattoo that is seen around the neck and biceps of Shiva.
Shiva Snake Tattoos

19. You can have childish snake tattoo design if you want to show yourself as a mischievous person.
Simple Snake Tattoo

20. Snake is associated to death by many cultures so a common combination is to try snake and skull tattoo.
Skull Snake Tattoo

21. Many people like to have snake tattoos on fingers. It is often used as a matching tattoo design by royal families.
Small Snake Tattoo

22. Here is an odd snake tattoo design that you can try.
Snake And Apple Tattoo

23. A cool snake and sword tattoo design for those who consider themselves warriors.
Snake And Dagger Tattoo

24. This snake tattoo design is childish but if you want a temporary pastel tattoo then here it is.
Snake Arm Tattoo

25. Ever heard the quote that a snake eat its own tail. Here is the visual representation of it.
Snake Eating Itself Tattoo

26. Most people opt for eye tattoos on bicep. I think a snake eye tattoo would be majestic idea.
Snake Eyes Tattoo

27. The poison of the snake is in its sharp teeth and showing it in your tattoo design is awesome idea.
Snake Head Tattoos

28. Here is another traditional snake and rose tattoo design that will suit girls.
Snake Leg Tattoo

29. Snake skin tattoos are also in demand but to full off a stunning animated tattoo like this you have to find an experienced artist.
Snake Scale Tattoo

30. Snake outline tattoos are not as cool as realistic snake tattoos. Still if you want to try then here is one design for you.
Snake Skeleton Tattoo

31. Forearm is the best place to try snake skin tattoos and you won’t be disappointed by the results.
Snake Skin Tattoo

32. This snake and skull tattoo design is inspired by medieval art and I must say it is way better than most designs I have seen.
Snake Skull Tattoo

33. Here is a snake tattoo inked using blackwork tattoo art. It will leave long lasting impression on viewers.
Snake Sleeve Tattoo

34. This traditional snake tattoo would look way better on stomach (of girls).
Snake Tattoo Arm

35. Here is a harry potter inspired snake tattoo design that shows the house slytherin.
Snake Tattoo Designs

36. Adding multiple snakes to your tattoo design will show that you believe in fortune and next life.
Snake Tattoo Drawing

37. Snake tattoos look equally great on calves so try them.
Snake Tattoo Flash

38. A black and grey snake tattoo design will have its own charm but still I would recommend a colourful pattern.
Snake Tattoo Sleeve

39. While my favourite design is a snake constricting an arm but design like this also looks great.
Snake Tattoos For Men

40. If you wish to try traditional snake tattoo then this is an ideal color choice.
Snake Tattoos For Women

41. Dangerous snakes are usually longer than 6 foot so try a long snake tattoo if you want to represent danger.
Snake Tattoos On Arms

42. You can wear a snake tattoo like an ornament or jewelry. For example here this girl got a snake tattoo like anklet jewellery.
Snake Tattoos On Feet

43. Shoulder is not so great choice for snake tattoos but some design are meant to be on shoulders.
Snake Tattoos On Shoulder

44. This Aztec civilization inspired snake tattoo will be too hard to explain to everyone.
Snake Tribal Tattoo

45. Here is a simple yet mesmerizing snake tattoo design that will leave a long lasting impact on the mind of viewers.
Tattoo Snake

46. Do not have another sub-par tattoos around your majestic snake tattoo or they will ruin the whole look.
Traditional Snake Tattoos

47. Here is a tribal snake tattoo design that can be your first tattoo.
Tribal Snake Tattoo

48. Two faced snake tattoos have a deep meaning as they represent dual personalities of a person.
Two Face Snake Tattoos On Arm

49. Green snake tattoo will look way better than other designs.
Watercolor Snake Tattoo

50. Here is a white ink snake tattoo design that looks great on hand.
White Snake Tattoo

Which Snake tattoo design you liked the most and why?