150+ Cool Calf Tattoos For Men (2024) Side, Inner Sleeves Designs

Calf tattoos are weird. This is because the calf is a hidden part that is only visible when you wear shorts. This is why both men and women prefer to have a weird-looking calf tattoo. Another thing that I want to tell you is that Calf tattoo does cause pain and they fade away easily. This is because the calf is sweaty part of the body. Here are 150 beautiful Calf tattoo ideas for both men and women:

tattoos down the leg

1. Here is a brilliant tribal tattoo design on the side of the calf of this man.
Calf Tattoos

leg tattoos for men

lower leg tattoo sleeves

2. If you too have such thick and big calf then I would suggest you opt for a portrait tattoo on your calf.
Calf Tattoo 61

3. It is a tradition in bodybuilding to have calf tattoo and here is one good example of bodybuilder calf tattoo.
Calf Tattoo

4. Phoenix shows the actual meaning of life and they make excellent calf tattoos.
Calf Tattoo 3

5. Geometric symbols are popular among tattoo lovers and Calf is the best place for such tattoos because they could be hidden whenever you wish to.
Calf Tattoo 4

6. You can also have a memorial tattoo on your calf. I would not advise you to write the name of your loved on your calf.
Calf Tattoo 5

7. 3D tattoo designs are not easy to make on the calf. But if you find a good tattoo artist then I would suggest you have a 3D calf tattoo.
Calf Tattoo 6

8. Calf tattoo need a lot of care and it is due to excellent aftercare by this guy that this calf tattoo looks so amazing.
Calf Tattoo 66

9. There is a myth that calf tattoo hinder running but that’s not true. Calf tattoo might cause a bit pain but they do not stop you from jogging or running.
Calf Tattoo 65

10. Couples love to have matching tattoos and calf is also one popular body part. I guess Flower would be excellent option for Couple calf tattoos.
Calf Tattoo 10

11. Another myth about calf tattoo is that it result in bleeding and due to bleeding you will have a lot of pain.
Calf Tattoo 11

12. The bleeding myth is not entirely true. It depends on the tattoo artist. If he/she is matured then you will not face any problem with your calf tattoos.
Calf Tattoo 12

13. There are often birthmarks on the calves of people. You can have a cover-up calf tattoo to hide your birthmark. But I would suggest you so.
Calf Tattoo 13

14. Calf tattoo fade away rapidly if you are an athlete or active runner.
Calf Tattoo 14

15. Just like arms, you will find many calf sleeve tattoos. They are advised only to h@rdcore tattoo fans.
Calf Tattoo 15

16. You obviously need to clean your leg hairs before getting a calf tattoo.
Calf Tattoo 16

17. Disney princess tattoos are popular among fans. Calf is also an option for such tattoos.
Calf Tattoo 17

18. If you ever served in the navy then you might know that most guys in navy love to have calf tattoos.
Calf Tattoo 18

19. Calf is best for gothic tattoos because you can hide them if you want.
Calf Tattoo 19

20. Choose the ink color wisely because calf tattoo often get destroyed by sweat.
Calf Tattoo 20

21. Tiger is one fierce animal and if you are a gym lover then I would suggest you to have a tiger tattoo on calf.
Calf Tattoo 21

22. Trees are not so popular option among tattoo lovers. But if you want to have a tree tattoo then save it for your calf.
Calf Tattoo 22

23. This is surely one in a million tattoo design and I appreciate the hard work of the tattoo artist involved in this brilliant tattoo design.
Calf Tattoo 23

24. You can have a tattoo on the whole calf and for this, you need to choose a wise design such as this wolf tattoo.
Calf Tattoo 24

25. Although Skelton tattoo designs are not common but if you wish one then I think they will suit calf the most.
Calf Tattoo 25

26. Is that Sherlock Holmes standing in front of this mythical lady tree? I guess so.
Calf Tattoo 26

27. This princess tattoo design can suit any part of body. It inspired from a famous princess drawing.
Calf Tattoo 27

28. As calf is visible to you most of the time so I would suggest you to try weird tattoo designs like this.
Calf Tattoo 28

29. Most calf tattoo designs are on the back because the front side will hurt a lot.
Calf Tattoo 29

30. This is another drawing that was made into tattoo by a brilliant artist.
Calf Tattoo 30

31. In case you are wondering, this is hump back whale. It is one of the largest animal on planet earth.
Calf Tattoo 31

32. This tattoo design look so complicated and I bet it hurt a lot to the person who wear it.
Calf Tattoo 32

33. Dragon tattoo design makes an excellent calf sleeve tattoo.
Calf Tattoo 33

34. If you desperately want a calf tattoo then I would suggest you have a simple and small tattoo design like this.
Calf Tattoo 34

35. Vikings used to have calf tattoos. They were common among Vikings and here is a fierce davy jones tattoo.
Calf Tattoo 35

36. Dragonfly tattoos can suit on the calf of females.
Calf Tattoo 36

37. There is popular quote among tattoo lovers and that is – Have tribal tattoo on arm and Polynesian tattoo on calf.
Calf Tattoo 37

38. There are many drawings that inspire tattoos but calf is not a good place to show them. Trust me.
Calf Tattoo 38

39. Quote tattoos are preferred on upper body part.
Calf Tattoo 40

40. As I said you can have the weirdest tattoos on your calf. Here is an example.
Calf Tattoo 41

41. This is in the continuity of the weird tattoos that people have on their calf.
Calf Tattoo 42

42. Maori tattoo design also look good on calf.
Calf Tattoo 43

43. You can have mehndi tattoo design too on your calf.
Calf Tattoo 44

44. Keep it weird Al. Keep it weird. I also want to believe in unicorns.
Calf Tattoo 45

45. Here is another beautiful interpretation of Unicorn with wings.
Calf Tattoo 54

46. Right calf is stronger as compared to left calf. So have tattoo on left calf.
Calf Tattoo 47

47. Side calf tattoo is even difficult than back calf tattoo.
Calf Tattoo 48

48. This is actually a pretty neat calf tattoo design.
Calf Tattoo 49

49. I would not suggest you to have matching calf tattoos. They will look weird.
Calf Tattoo 50

50. Star and ship tattoos look way more beautiful on calf.
Calf Tattoo 53

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Which calf tattoo do you like the most?

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