170+ Tribal Tattoo Designs for Men With Meaning (2024) Polynesian & Hawaiian symbols

There are thousands of ideas for tribal tattoos for men but I always recommend those designs that are not only meaningful but also look great. The tribal art is in existence for several hundred years and still, people love it madly.

Here we have handpicked the best 180 best tribal tattoos for men –

wolf and dragon tattoo

tattoo background shading ideas

1. If you have ever been to Hawaii then I am sure you have loved their culture. Hawaiian tribal tattoos not only show the freedom of ocean waves but also the rich floral life.

music half sleeve tattoos

Tribal Tattoos for Men

temporary tattoos for men

fake arm sleeve tattoo

dragon and wolf tattoo

straight line tattoos meaning

2. Polynesian people considered tattoos as symbol of pride. Here is a Polynesian tribal tattoo on the back of this man that has sun as centerpiece.
Filipino Tribal Tattoo

3. While most guys prefer tribal tattoos on their full sleeve, I find tribal forearm tattoos extremely attractive. See for yourself this Filipino tribal tattoo.
Polynesian Tribal Tattoo

4. You can opt for a simple tribal tattoo design like this which do not cover a whole sleeve but only some part of it.
Simple Tribal Tattoo

5. Most people think that tribal tattoos need to be big but there are plenty of small tribal tattoo designs like this which can be tried on any part of the body (from neck to fingers).
Small Tribal Tattoos

6. My favorite designs are of course the tribal take on animal tattoos. Check this tribal wolf tattoo. Would it be as amazing if it was not in tribal style?
Tribal Animal Tattoos

7. Instead of going for full tribal arm tattoos you can go for ¾ tribal designs like this.
Tribal Arm Tattoos

8. Tribal armband tattoos are considered lucky and believed to keep evil spirits away from a person.
Tribal Armband Tattoo

9. If you wish to have a tribal bird tattoo then choose Phoenix as not only the design will be awesome but also meaningful. Phoenix is related to rebirth.
Tribal Back Tattoos

10. Here is a tribal band tattoo that is worn as charm bracelet. It is said to bring good luck. If you take a look on the most popular tribes in the world you will find that most of them are already extinct.
Tribal Band Tattoos

11. If you consider yourself as a beast with immense power and strength then represent it with a tribal bear tattoo like this.
Tribal Bear Tattoo

12. The pointed blades make or break the tribal designs. For example this tribal chest tattoo looks brilliant due to the shades in pointed arcs.
Tribal Chest Tattoos

13. You will find the tribal style of any tattoo designs in this world and you might find it much better. Don’t you think this tribal cross tattoo is a great example of what I said?
Tribal Cross Tattoos

14. You can mix up tribal style with abstract art and get a unique design like this. It is a tribal deer tattoo.
Tribal Deer Tattoos

15. The most commonly tried design is the tribal dragon tattoo. They are immensely popular because of their deep meaning of magic and eternal life.
Tribal Dragon Tattoo

16. Eagles have sharp eyes. If you are a person who believes in long term planning and can far see then a tribal eagle tattoo is the best choice for you.
Tribal Eagle Tattoo

17. Elephant are protective to their friends and families. If you have a similar nature then try tribal elephant tattoo design.
Tribal Elephant Tattoo

18. Feather tattoo has meaning associated with courage and adventure. If you are an adventurous person who travels a lot then try feather tribal tattoos for men.
Tribal Feather Tattoo

19. If you are a music loving person then go for a tribal guitar tattoo which will define your endless love for music.
Tribal Forearm Tattoos

20. Fox are clever and if you are also a sharp minded person then opt for tribal fox tattoo.
Tribal Fox Tattoo

21. Horses are fast and agile. Tribal horse tattoos will suit people who believe strength and calmness.
Tribal Horse Tattoo

22. You don’t have to go for tribal sleeve tattoo on arms. You can get tribal leg tattoos which are also better option.
Tribal Leg Tattoos

23. Lion is associated with courage and bravery. If you are bigger than you fears than try lion tribal tattoos.
Tribal Lion Tattoo

24. You can get a matching couple tattoo with your partner in tribal style. Sun and moon couple tattoo would be my pick.
Tribal Moon Tattoo

25. This tribal owl tattoo is not in proper style but you can mix tribal art with proper tattooing style to get such designs.
Tribal Owl Tattoo

26. If you opt for a tribal phoenix tattoo then you can make it better by showing the wings like a fire flame.
Tribal Phoenix Tattoo

27. Tribal outline tattoo do not stay longer but rose outline tattoo like this will still stay meaningful for a long time.
Tribal Rose Tattoo

28. Scorpion is often associated with fearless nature. You can try a scorpion tribal tattoo if you think yourself as a fearless person.
Tribal Scorpion Tattoo

29. Shark and whale are one of the oldest living beings of our planet. How about a dangerous tribal shark tattoo design like this across the chest?
Tribal Shark Tattoo

30. You can wear a tribal armor on your shoulder and believe me, it will be one of the best design you ever had.
Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

31. Tribal skull tattoo have their own charm but if you add a spooky tribal style along with it then the tattoo would be way more attractive.
Tribal Skull Tattoos

32. If you opt for such majestic tribal sleeve tattoo on your arm then please have it on both sleeves or otherwise it would be meaningless.
Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

33. Snakes have puzzled us throughout history. A Snake tattoo is often associated with gods of the underworld. If you are attracted to the mystic dark side then a tribal snake tattoo would suit you.
Tribal Snake Tattoo

34. One heart touching idea would be to have tribal star tattoos on your chest like this. The number of stars would equal to the number of siblings you have.
Tribal Star Tattoo

35. A Tribal sun tattoo design will suit those who are helping people. You not only give hope to your loved ones but also spread a message of positivity to society.
Tribal Sun Tattoo

36. The tribal sleeves need not to cover around whole arm or calf. You can have a one side facing tribal sleeves like this.
Tribal Tattoo Designs For Men

37. If you opt for a sleeve tribal tattoo designs like this then please SHAVE YOUR WHOLE ARM. It is a must.
Tribal Tattoo Designs

38. Personally, I admire tribal designs on visible body parts like arm, sleeves, neck or wrist but you can try them on parts like stomach or rib cage too.
Tribal Tattoo Ideas

39. Here is a lower stomach tattoo design for men who thinks that only women wear lower stomach tattoos.
Tribal Tattoos Designs

40. The tribal tattoo on the shoulder and arm of this guy is as amazing as his physique.
Tribal Tattoos For Men

41. If you wish to try a meaningful tribal tattoo then try the tribal style of your zodiac sign.
Tribal Tattoos Meanings

42. The eye of the tiger is always on its prey. If you are also as committed to your target as a tiger then try a tribal tiger tattoo like this.
Tribal Tiger Tattoo

43. Here is a beautiful tribal turtle tattoo design for those who live near sea and love to travel on both land and water.
Tribal Turtle Tattoo

44. This is a bit complicated tribal wing tattoo but a little variation in this design can make it way more impressive.
Tribal Wing Tattoo

45. Wolf hunt in packs. If you are family person then a tribal wolf tattoo would suit you perfectly.
Tribal Wolf Tattoo

46. This tattoo reminds of Toto’s song AFRICA. I love that song so much.
African Tribal Tattoos

47. Celtic tribal tattoos use both the black and the grey shades of the ink. This is the reason they turn out to be such captivating designs.
Celtic Tribal Tattoos

48. Here is a complex yet cool tribal tattoo design for men that seems to be inspired from native American art.
Cool Tribal Tattoos

49. You can try a simple tribal wrist band tattoo design like this and it would be way better than many large size tattoos.
Tribal Wrist Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos for Men

50. Here is a Viking tribal tattoo but try it only if you know about the Vikings culture.
Viking Tribal Tattoos

So which tribal tattoos for men you liked the most from the above photo gallery?

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