160+ Best Tiger Tattoo Designs For Men (2024) Chinese, Japanese Traditional

Men like to have a tiger tattoo on their body due to its powerful meaning. Tiger tattoos are associated with strength, courage, and power. But this is not the only meaning of tiger tattoos. Many people try tiger tattoos because they are also associated with beauty, danger, fear, and protection.

Here we have chosen 160+ best tiger tattoos in the world that will suit both men and women-

eye of the tiger tattoo

tiger tattoos for men

1. No tattoo would look as marvellous as an angry tiger tattoo design. See how majestic they appear.

traditional tiger head tattoo

Tiger Tattoo

dragon and tiger tatto

tiger and dragon tattoo

dragons and tigers tattoos

dragon and tiger tattoo

2. Here is another descending tiger tattoo design where the artist showed an old tiger. This means that age does not come in your way when you have to show courage.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 2

3. There are two ways to try tiger tattoos. One is descending tiger tattoo style and other is ascending tiger tattoo. A Descending tiger tattoo as shown in this picture will represent strength and courage. It means the tiger is about to attack its prey.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 1

4. You can try the tiger face tattoo design. It could either be tried as a half sleeve tattoo like this or on inner bicep (if you have huge biceps).
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 4

5. But do not try a tiger face tattoo on your forearm like this because even if it is beautifully done yet the tattoo won’t be fully clear as you can see.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 5

6. While tiger tattoo is mostly tried by men, yet there are many designs of tiger tattoos for females as well. Here is one that girls can consider.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 6

7. There are other sub species of tiger as well. For example this is Chinese tiger tattoo where the artist focused on facial hairs a lot.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 7

8. Ancient tribes used to wear the skin of dangerous animals to show their power. You can try a similar tattoo design where the tribal chief is wearing head of a tiger.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 8

9. Choose the tiger species wisely. The royal Bengal tiger found in India and Bangladesh is the most deadly tiger species. Simply try its version and it means you are a no-nonsense person.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 3

10. Even though I admire colourful tiger tattoos yet one can try black and white designs as well like this.Tiger is not always successful in their hunts in fact they have success ration of 1 to 20 attempts.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 10

11. Different tribal art portrayed tiger designs in different style. Here is an amazing Japanese art inspired tiger tattoo.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 11

12. Try tiger tattoos on arm or calf only if the whole face can get over it, otherwise just avoid it.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 12

13. Here is an ascending tiger tattoo which has another meaning. It represents protection. It means you do not want to harm anyone but if the situation came then you will not back down.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 13

14. You can try a tiger cub tattoo design. They are one of the most beautiful murder machines of nature.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 14

15. There are various style of tiger traditional tattoos and here is a design that I liked.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 15

16. You can try an angry tiger cub tattoo design. It means that despite your size or age you are not afraid of anything.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 16

17. You can try a two face tattoo design where half face is of a man or woman and other face is of a tiger.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 17

18. A cool idea is to try traditional tiger tattoo where the tiger is shown with flowers like lily or lotus.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 18

19. Instead of angry faced tiger tattoo you can also show a calm tiger which means that you know how to handle yourself.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 19

20. You can try a half face tiger tattoo design. It will be way better if you share the other half design with your sibling or your loved one.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 20

21. There are many temporary tiger tattoo design as well and most of them are just goofy like this.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 21

22. Here is another Japanese tiger face tattoo where the eyes are inked beautifully.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 22

23. You can try tiger species that went extinct. Like here is a beautiful now extinct tiger species tattoo.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 23

24. Honestly this tiger looks more like a human being who is transforming into a tattoo.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 24

25. Have you ever considered a tiger sleeve tattoo? Here is an offbeat tattoo design where the tiger is shown like an army general.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 25

26. If you try a traditional tiger tattoo then make sure that you show a flower along with it.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 26

27. You can mix up your tiger tattoo design with another tattoo like this.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 27

28. Here is a descending Siberian tiger tattoo. A Siberian tiger has white skin with black stripes.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 28

29. If you show an angry tiger then be sure that the teeth of tiger are pointed and shiny.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 29

30. I like front posing tiger tattoos but many people like side posing tiger tattoos as well.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 30

31. You can try a tiger face tattoo on your elbow where the tattoo covers a bit part of forearm and bicep.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 31

32. Do you know that tiger loves swimming and playing in the water? You can show a tiger along with a pond or river in your tattoo design.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 32

33. If you wish to try a tiger portrait tattoo along with a girl then the best face that you can opt for is of Angelina jolie.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 33

34. Tiger watercolour tattoos are also very popular but let me remind you that they can fade away and become messy after some time.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 34

35. Most artist think that tiger face tattoos need to be small or medium in size but one try them as half sleeve tattoos as well like this.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 35

36. Here is a Siberian tiger tattoo which is inked in Japanese style. It gives an illusion of dragon as well.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 36

37. A realistic tiger tattoo design like this would look way better on chest or back where the artist get full space to show case his art.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 37

38. This tiger tattoo seems to be inspired from the famous Saber-toothed tiger which is also a popular character in Ice Age movies.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 38

39. You can also try female tiger tattoos and honestly they turn out very beautiful design.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 39

40. Here is a tiger climbing up tattoo design which suits perfectly on full sleeves.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 40

41. The detailing on the teeth of this tiger tattoo design is mind blowing. It looks so real.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 41

42. You can have a full sleeve tattoo design and add a tiger face in between like this.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm 42

43. Adding a rose tattoo with your tiger tattoo is also a good choice.
Tiger Tattoo On Arm

44. Believe it or not but many people to have Japanese tiger tattoos on their full back due to cultural reasons.
Tiger Tattoo On Back 1

45. Here is another full back tiger tattoo design which too be honest can be improved a lot.
Tiger Tattoo On Back 2

46. You can try a descending (climbing up) tiger tattoo on your back.
Tiger Tattoo On Back 3

47. Can you spot the tiger in this full back tattoo design?
Tiger Tattoo On Back 4

48. Tiger can be shown with other wild animals as well. Like here is a tiger shown fighting with a snake.
Tiger Tattoo On Back

49. Tiger tattoos sit perfectly on shoulders and neck as well.
Tiger Tattoo On Body 1

50. In this tiger tattoo design the artist gave human eyes to the tiger.
Tiger Tattoo On Body 2

Tiger Tattoo On Body 3

Tiger Tattoo On Body 4

Tiger Tattoo On Body

Tiger Tattoo On Chest 1

Tiger Tattoo On Chest 2

Tiger Tattoo On Chest

Tiger Tattoo On Hand 1

Tiger Tattoo On Leg 1

Tiger Tattoo On Leg 2

Tiger Tattoo On Leg

Tiger Tattoo On Neck

Tiger Tattoo On Wrist

Tiger Tattooon Hand

Which tiger tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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