160+ Tribal Horse Tattoo Designs For Girls (2024) With Meaning

Why are horse tattoo designs so popular among both men and women? This is because they are one of the most beautiful creatures on our planet. Also, the meaning of horse tattoos is very deep. Horses are powerful and faithful animals. They have strength and agility that is always admired by us human beings.

They are also very faithful and emotional animals. This is the reason why many rich people love to have horse stables.

Here we have chosen 162 best horse tattoo ideas that would suit both men and women –

tribal horse tatoo

trible horse tattoos

1. Here is a carousel horse tattoo design that will suit those who miss their childhood days.

tribal horse tattoo

Horse Tattoo

tribal horse tattoos

traditional horse tattoo

watercolor horse tattoo

pale horse tattoo

2. Viking kept horses as pets and rode them to travel long distances. You can try a Celtic horse tattoo which will show your warrior side.
Celtic Horse Tattoo

3. You can try a white horse tattoo design on the back which will look really beautiful.
Black And Grey Horse Tattoo On Back

4. A Black horse tattoo design is opted by those who love racing.
Black Horse Tattoo

5. Many people like to have bucking horse tattoo design because it is fun to watch and shows power of horse.
Bucking Horse Tattoo

6. Colorful horse tattoo design look way more beautiful in my opinion. You can even go for horse watercolour tattoo like this.
Colorful Horse Tattoo Design

7. Dala horse or a dalecarlian horse is better known as wooden horse. It will suit people who loves to play games.
Dala Horse Tattoo

8. You can try a dark horse tattoo design to show that other people should never underestimate your guts.
Dark Horse Tattoo

9. A geometric horse tattoo design will look so beautiful that you even try it on small body parts like wrist or neck.
Geometric Horse Tattoo

10. Many people to try horse half sleeve tattoos and If the design is as beautiful as this then you should go for it. Do you know that horse can sleep in standing position.
Half Sleeve Horse Tattoo Design On Arms

11. Girls can add feather or dreamcatcher in their horse tattoo design and it will be charming.
Horse And Feather Tattoo Design For Girls

12. A beautiful combination that you can try is horse and lion tattoo design. Both represent strength and power.
Horse And Lion Tattoo Design On Arms

13. Many guys like to try angel horse tattoos because horse is considered as angelic animal by many religions.
Horse Angel Tattoo

14. If you are a horse rider then you know how important the horse bit is while handling horses. Here is a simple horse bit tattoo.
Horse Bit Tattoo

15. Native americans considered dreamcatcher to be lucky and their art often showed a mix up of horse and dreamcatcher tattoos.
Horse Dreamcatcher Tattoos

16. Instead of trying a running horse or full horse tattoo you can opt for horse head tattoo as well.
Horse Head Tattoo

17. Horses are also linked with romance. This is the reason why a horse heart tattoo design will make a wonderful couple tattoo.
Horse Heart Tattoo

18. If Horse is your favourite pet animal then proudly show your love by a horse heartbeat tattoo like this.
Horse Heartbeat Tattoo

19. Horse shoe is considered on the luckiest items in the world by many cultures. Here is a cute horse shoe tattoo on foot.
Horse Shoe Tattoo

20. This is a double exposure tattoo where the artist used horse silhouette and a field of grass in the design.
Horse Silhouette Tattoo

21. I don’t think it would be appropriate to try a horse skull tattoo but still many prefer such designs.
Horse Skull Tattoo

22. Ankle is one of the best place to try horse tattoos because the leg of horses are most powerful.
Horse Tattoo Ankle

23. You can try a horse tattoo design on arm. It could be really good cover up tattoo.
Horse Tattoo Arm

24. If you wish to try a horse tattoo behind the ear then a simple, tiny and minimal design like this will be a great choice.
Horse Tattoo Behind Ear

25. If you wish to try a horse couple tattoo then you should go for a black horse and white horse tattoo like this.
Horse Tattoo Black And White

26. Both men and women can try a running horse tattoo design on rib cage because it is the best part for it.
Horse Tattoo Design On Ribs

27. This is tribal style amazing horse tattoos design that can be tried by both women and men.
Horse Tattoo Designs

28. I don’t think it’s a cool idea to show a sad horse but you can show a calm horse who is ready for race.
Horse Tattoo For Man

29. This is black and white horse tattoo design which is inked beautifully by trying black and white ink.
Horse Tattoo For Woman

30. This horse tattoo on forearm is given a girly look and it will suit girls who love freedom.
Horse Tattoo Forearm

31. One cool idea would be to show the tattoo of a running horse on your body.
Horse Tattoo Ideas

32. Don’t you agree that this is the most beautiful horse watercolour tattoo design.
Horse Tattoo Meaning

33. Horse carousel tattoo design look great on back or chest.
Horse Tattoo On Back

34. If you have huge biceps and love to show power then a great tattoo idea would be to try a tattoo of a horse on the bicep.
Horse Tattoo On Bicep

35. Chest provides large space and therefore you can try multiple horses tattoo on your chest.
Horse Tattoo On Chest

36. The horse is one of the most beautiful animals so it is necessary that your tattoo design do justice with the beauty of the horse.
Horse Tattoo On Thigh

37. If you wish to have tattoo of horse on wrist then a minimal design like this would be sufficient.
Horse Tattoo On Wrist

38. A Horse outline tattoo design will fade away very soon so it is necessary that you try it on hidden body parts like thighs.
Horse Tattoo Outline

39. Adding stars to your horse tattoo will make it look attractive and special.
Horse Tattoo Sleeve

40. To be honest horse tribal tattoos do not look as beautiful as tribal wolf or tribal lion tattoos.
Horse Tribal Tattoo

41. This horse watercolour tattoo design looks so beautiful and done in such a way that it will last longer.
Horse Watercolor Tattoo

42. You can try horse with quote tattoo but it would be great if the saying Is related to horses.
Horse With Quote Tattoo

43. This black and white iron horse combination is so beautiful that I don’t think anyone would neglect it.
Iron Horse Tattoo

44. The eyes of horse should always look innocent in the tattoo design or otherwise it would look meaningless.
Meaning Of Horse Tattoos

45. You can opt for a pale horse tattoo if you are fighting from a serious disease.
Pale Horse Tattoo

46. Polo is a popular game and you can try a tattoo of polo horse like this.
Polo Horse Tattoo

47. This geometrical quarter horse tattoo can be improved by coloring.
Quarter Horse Tattoo

48. Horses are used in racing since ages and therefore tattoo of racing horse would suit anyone.
Racing Horse Tattoo

49. I don’t know why the artist added a clock in this tattoo of rockin horse.
Rockin Horse Tattoo

50. Here is a horse head tattoo that would look great on chest as well.
Rocking Horse Tattoo

Simple Horse Tattoo

Small Horse Tattoo On Thigh

Small Horse Tattoo

Traditional Horse Tattoo

Tribal Horse Tattoo

War Horse Tattoo Yelp

War Horse Tattoo

Watercolor Horse Tattoo Design And Ideas

Watercolor Horse Tattoo

White Horse Tattoo Design On Back

Wild Horse Tattoo Valladolid

Wild Horse Tattoo

Which horse tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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