50+ Ancient Greek Tattoos From Mythology With Meaning (2024)

Greek Culture and Greek Mythology are so vast that you will get thousands of greek tattoos ideas. However, it often gets confusing on which greek tattoo design should one pick? Should it be a Greek God tattoo (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Atlas) or Greek Hero tattoos (Hercules, Achilles, Leonidas or Homer), Greek Philosopher tattoos (Socrates, Plato or Aristotle), greek tribal tattoos or greek letter tattoos?

Here we have chosen 50 beautiful greek tattoos designs for men and women inspired from ancient Greek mythology –

Greek Mythology Tattoos

1. Socrates was teacher of Plato (who preached Aristotle). Here is tattoo of greek philosopher Socrates.
Greek Tattoos

2. Greek God Poseidon is considered as the God of Sea. He is famous for his trident. Here is a tattoo of Poseidon.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 6

3. Even though people prefer Greek god tattoos but you can also opt for Greek philosopher tattoos. Here is a side posing tattoo of Aristotle.
Greek Tatto On Arm 8

4. Plato is considered one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Here is tattoo of the legendary Greek philosopher.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 1

5. Girls can opt for Medusa tattoos. She was a monster according to Greek mythology who had snakes in place of hair.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 2

6. People also get attracted to Greek letter tattoos but you must know the meaning of the Greek word that you choose or otherwise it won’t be meaningful.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 3

7. Greek God Zeus is globally famous and basically, everything in Greek mythology somehow revolves around him. Here is a Zeus tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 4

8. Greek Goddess Athena is famous for her wisdom and skills in war. Here is Greek Goddess Athena tattoo in a warrior costume.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 7

9. Greek God Ares is not much mentioned in Greek Mythology as much as Zeus or Hades or Poseidon but he still is very famous. Here is a tattoo dedicated to the Greek God of War.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 9

10. V!rgin Greek Goddess Artemis is usually shown with Bow and Arrows. She is the Goddess of Girls and Birth. Learn more about greek mythology on this page.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 10

greek mythology tattoos for females

11. You can also opt for tattoos of Minor Greek Gods and Goddesses. For example here is a tattoo of Eunomia.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 11

12. Greek God Hades is often represented as the villain in Greek Mythology and many pop culture icons. People are even afraid to speak the name ‘Hades’.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 12

13. Plague, Calamity and sea storm was a common part of greek mythology. You can show a tattoo that depicts Sea storm.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 13

14. You can also mix up tattoos of two different civilizations. For example here is a tattoo of Laughing Budai with tribal greek symbols.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 14

15. Usually, people prefer portrait tattoos of Greek Gods and one thing common in them is the long beard and thick mustache.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 15

16. Greek mythology introduced many fascinating and scary animal breeds. Chimera is one such breed that has the face of a lion. Here is a chimera tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 16

17. Greek Sleeve tattoo designs are hard to do but if you pick up multiple greek characters you can surely get a brilliant sleeve tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 17

18. Greek deity Atlas was given the task to hold earth on his shoulder for eternity. Here is a tattoo of the mighty greek titan.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 18

19. Greek gods are known for their chiseled physique and six-pack abs. So make sure you show that in your greek tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 19

20. There are many mythological creatures in Greek mythology. You can pick up your favorite character from it and get it tattooed on your body.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 20

greek gods tattoo meaning

21. Greek god tattoos will look even better if they are done using white ink. This will give such tattoos a unique and attractive look.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 21

22. You can also have a simple tattoo design of greek warrior costume. Here is a tattoo of greek warrior’s helmet.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 22

23. Greek Philosophers paved the way for modern science and had a lot of impact on modern human philosophies. So you should opt for a Greek Philosopher tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 23

24. If you go for a Poseidon tattoo then you can either add a trident to the design or can show a blue background which will represent water/sea.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 24

25. While Medusa is a Villainess in Greek Mythology but this doesn’t mean you can not have a sad or crying medusa tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 25

26. Many world famous sculptures based their art on Greek Mythology. You can get tattoo of such Greek Sculptures.
Greek Tattoo On Arm

27. I am sure you have heard of the famous Trojan war of Greek Mythology. You can get a tattoo of the Trojan war if you liked it.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 27

28. There are many buildings inspired by the Greek Gods. You can have a Greek god tattoo design along with a greek building like this.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 28

29. The most impressive think about greek warrior helmets was that they use to wear feather of bird in their helmets. So you show that.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 29

30. Here the artist beautiful used the negative shading and coloring in this greek tattoo design and the bears are looking so amazing.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 30

greek mythology tattoo meanings

31. If you opt for full portrait tattoo of greek god then please have it on chest or back. Shoulder does not provide enough space for such tattoos.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 31

32. You can also try the neo-tribal tattoo art for greek tattoos but make sure that you do not choose a complicated design for it.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 32

33. Even though I admired the helmet of this Greek warrior but I think this is wrongly done a statue. The warrior is not looking normal.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 33

34. Many people consider greek tattoos to be lucky and if you consider them too then add a lucky sign to your greek tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 34

35. You have a tribal greek helmet tattoo design in small size just like this.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 35

36. If you are greek citizen then I will suggest you to opt for greek flag tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 36

37. Greek tattoos can be really complex because of their hairstyle and beard. Here is one of the sleeves of this girl.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 37

38. Achilles was a hero of Greek mythology and if you have seen the film Troy then you would probably like to have an Achilles tattoo inspired by the Brad Pitt character.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 38

39. When people opt for Medusa tattoos then they show her beautiful and pretty. However, you can have a scary medusa tattoo too because she was a villainess.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 39

40. Snakes are important part of medusa tattoo and you should show fierce snakes in the medusa tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 40

God Greek Tattoos

41. Greek tattoos can be really good cover up tattoos but for this you have to add up multiple designs. I would suggest you to try the Greek Olympian God tattoos.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 41

42. Greek tattoo design usually does not fade away easily because they are done using thick solid ink but still, you have to take good care of them.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 42

43. A realistic greek warrior tattoo design will look amazing but for this you have to opt a larger part of body.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 43

44. Greek goddesses were amazingly beautiful and it is hard to show their beauty in a tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 44

45. Each greek god has its own pet animal and you can have a greek god tattoo riding its pet animal.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 45

46. The story of Leonidas is now globally popular. So why not have a tattoo of the Spartan hero?
Greek Tattoo On Arm 46

47. Greek God Poseidon tattoos will look incomplete without his famous Trident so make sure you include that in your tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 47

48. You can also opt for a tattoo of greek goddess Aphrodite who was considered the most beautiful woman according to greek mythology.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 48

49. I am sure you have heard of the Greek hero Hercules (Heracles). Disney movies made him popular among kids globally. If he was your favorite hero too then you should get him tattooed too.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 49

50. This brilliant neo-tribal Zeus tattoo design is so amazing that I bet you will instantly win hearts with this tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 50

Which Greek God or Greek Hero you would pick up for your tattoo design and why?

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