100+ Traditional Mermaid Tattoos For Men (2024) Designs With Meaning

Mermaid Tattoos are popular ever since they became part of pop culture in the Victorian era. However, this tattoo design found unmatched popularity among tattoo lovers after the success of the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Many boys and girls in their 20s were trying mermaid tattoos back then.

The popularity of Mermaid tattoos has declined a bit in the past few years but still many people love to try unique mermaid tattoos. Here we present you 61 beautiful mermaid tattoos that can be tried by both men and women –

Pinup Mermaid Tattoos

1. When people opt for mermaid tattoos they like to show teen mermaids instead of the older ones. So do know about that.
Mermaid Tattoos

2. If you opt for black and grey mermaid tattoos or black and white mermaid tattoos then it would be really easy to show stars in her hairs like this.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 2

3. I love feminine tattoos but the artist here ate up the vowel. So the word ‘Girl Power’ is not looking much impressive.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 1

4. Most men prefer mermaid tattoos because they consider them much more expressive. It all depends on the artist. For example, this mermaid tattoo has so beautiful eyes that you can get lost in them.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 4

5. I don’t think Mermaid will Gym underwater. Honestly, I don’t believe in Mermaids. On the other hand, Many people imagined muscled mermaids like this.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 5

6. This mermaid tattoo is given the touch of realism by giving it long and thick hairs. Also, the tail of the mermaid is inked with solid black ink.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 6

7. Colorful mermaid tattoos look better than Black and Grey ones. Here this Mermaid tattoo seems to be inspired by Ariel of Disney movie ‘The Little Mermaid’.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 7

8. Mermaid sleeve tattoos will not cover up the whole sleeves but if you plan for showing an elaborate under the sea life scene then go on.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 8

9. This mermaid tattoo has perfect placement. The girl opted side of the back for a colourful mermaid tattoo.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 9

10. If you want to make your mermaid tattoo even more girly then add a rose flower tattoo to it like this. Here is the scientific reality about the existence of mermaids.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 10

mermaid tattoo for guys

11. Men like to have sad and lonely girl tattoos on their body. So why not try a lonely mermaid tattoo resting on sea shore.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 11

12. Mermaid tattoos can be really confusing as multiple body parts will require different coloring. So do find an experienced tattoo artist for them.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 12

13. Another smart technique for inking mermaid tattoos would be to show water bubbles around her body like this.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 13

14. You can try a close up mermaid face tattoo design. To show that the lady in your tattoo is mermaid you have to show a mermaid silhouette in background.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 14

15. Many mermaid tattoos are inspired by the infamous sirens. If you like to have a siren tattoo then cover up their eyes with something such as flowers.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 15

16. Showing mermaid tattoos with other marine life would be much more meaningful. Here is a mermaid tattoo on the forearm of this guy with a seashell on her hand.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 3

17. Here are another Little Mermaid tattoos but this one have different hair color. Ariel from The Little Mermaid has Auburn hair but here this one has purple hairs.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 17

18. This one is better Ariel tattoo design. Many people like to have tattoos of their favorite movie characters. So it is pretty common and you can choose a little mermaid tattoo.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 18

19. One thing that you can do to show your mermaid tattoo more impressive is by adding a ship in the background just like this.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 19

20. Not all girls are good. Similarly, Not all mermaids are good. You can show evil mermaid in your tattoo design by giving it a gothic look.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 20

black and grey mermaid tattoo

21. Okay I will be honest this one mermaid tattoo requires a lot of improvement but the artist tried his/her best to make a minimal mermaid tattoo on thigh.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 21

22. Mermaid tattoo do not have to be large in size. You can try tiny and small mermaid tattoo like this.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 22

23. Side posing mermaid tattoos are better than front posing because this way the tattoo would look like a portrait. As if a real mermaid sat down and asked the artist to ink herself on the body of the wearer.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 23

24. Men like to have tattoo design in different geometrical shapes. You can try a geometric mermaid tattoo and here is one example.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 24

25. This Little Mermaid tattoo can be improved by adding Sebastian crab into it. We all know Sebastian is loved as much as Ariel. If you don’t believe it then watch Moana.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 25

26. Here is another Ariel inspired Mermaid tattoo but she looked shocked. Probably she saw human for the first time.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 26

27. The thigh to Stomach ratio of this mermaid tattoo is not acceptable. By thigh I mean the fin tail.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 27

28. Do you like metafiction? Such techniques can be tried in tattoos as well. You can have a medium size mermaid tattoo and then ink a smaller (preferably cross or butterfly) tattoo on her body.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 30

29. Navy tattoos are often inked in between a mirror shape. You can also try a mermaid tattoo sitting in a circle.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 29

30. Traditional mermaid tattoos were really imaginative. We probably disappointed the old people for not finding mermaids until now. Look that guy on the Lighthouse is looking for a mermaid while one is sitting right in front.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 28

mermaid tattoo traditional

31. You know what most mermaid sightings have in common? A rock (not THE ROCK). Most people claim of witnessing a mermaid sitting on a rock. Why not recreate such scenes in a tattooed version?
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 31

32. Most men love to have any kind of tattoos with Quotes around them. You can try Little mermaid quotes around your mermaid tattoo design.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 32

33. Is that a Celtic cross-shaped anchor on which the mermaid is sitting? This traditional mermaid tattoo seems to have a deeper meaning and only the wearer can explain it.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 33

34. If you want only a mermaid face tattoo on your body then to distinguish it from girl portrait tattoo, add a seashell as the crown on her head like this.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 34

35. Yes, Mermaid sleeve tattoos are possible. But then you have to go for such a huge mermaid tattoo and you might get bored of it soon.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 35

36. Men love to show explicit mermaid tattoo on their body. If you wish to have a sexy mermaid tattoo then here is an option for you.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 36

37. Most artists show the fin more like a pajama instead of a body part. Here this mermaid tattoo perfectly shows that the fin tail is actually the extended body part of this beautiful mermaid.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 37

38. Here is a cool mermaid tattoo idea – Try a mermaid tattoo on side of the forearm like this and the mermaid must have zero figure like Hollywood actresses.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 38

39. Is this mermaid asking for a lift? Seems like she is hitchhiking and what can she offer? A Seashell. Great.
Mermaid Tattoo On Arm 31

40. If you want to tease your girlfriend or wife then try this mermaid tattoo design and personalize it by adding name of your S.O.

Mermaid Scale Tattoos

Mermaid Tattoo On Arm

41. Look like the artist was inking a girl tattoo but later changed it to a mermaid. Please note that Mermaid do not have calves so do not make the lower part of tail thick.
Mermaid Tattoo On Body 1

42. If your mermaid tattoo design starts fading away then restyle it by adding watercolour or pastel color to it like this.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 13

43. It is common among tattoo lovers to edit their old tattoos. Many people convert their normal tattoos into mermaid tails tattoos like this.
Mermaid Tattoo On Body 3

44. You can also try pinup mermaid tattoo where the mermaid would pose like pinup girls of 1930s.
Mermaid Tattoo On Body 4

45. Mermaid scale tattoos are as much popular as dragon or snake scale tattoos. You should try them on forearms or thighs.
Mermaid Tattoo On Body 5

46. If your zodiac sign is Pisces then you must try Pisces mermaid tattoo where you have to show two mermaids in a yin yang shape.
Mermaid Tattoo On Body 6

47. It is hard choice to opt simple mermaid tattoo because both men and women would love to have a detailed mermaid tattoo on their body.
Mermaid Tattoo On Body 7

48. If you want to give unique shading to your tattoo then try mermaid henna tattoos that are made using mehandi.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 11

49. Realistic mermaid tattoos are not hard to do but only a highly imaginative artist can pull such thing off.
Mermaid Tattoo On Body

50. You can try an American traditional mermaid tattoo which often focuses on giving unique tail color to the mermaid.
Mermaid Tattoo On Foot

51. Who said that beautiful Mermaid tattoo need to be large in size? Small mermaid tattoo like this on hand can also attract people.
Mermaid Tattoo On Hand 1

52. You will find many vintage mermaid tattoo ideas on site like Tumble and Pinterest. You can check them out too.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 1

53. Mermaid thigh tattoos are obviously the most popular types among girls. Check out this tattoo design.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 2

54. You can have combination tattoos as well such as mermaid and octopus tattoos or mermaid and seahorse tattoos.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 3

55. Most mermaid themed tattoos are far away from realism but if you find the right tattoo artist you can surely have realistic mermaid tattoo.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 4

56. Temporary mermaid tattoos are popular among men because they feel such tattoos as girly so they do not want them on their body forever.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 5

57. Do mermaid tattoo have to be beautiful? You can show ugly mermaid tattoo as well because they have their own appeal.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 6

58. Showing a pirate ship and a full moon behind a mermaid tattoo gives a unique aura to it.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 7

59. If you want classic mermaid tattoo on your body then you have to go for the explicit version which would be something like this.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 8

60. While Ariel is the most popular mermaid character you can try other mermaids too from the Little mermaid movie.
Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 12

Here are 40 plus more mermaid tattoo designs that will interest you –
Tribal mermaid tattoo can turn out to be unique especially if you opt for an anchor and mermaid tattoo design.
American Traditional Mermaid Tattoos

Anchor And Mermaid Tattoos

Baby Mermaid Tattoos

Beautiful Mermaid Tattoos

Best Mermaid Tattoos

Colorful Mermaid Tattoos

Cool Mermaid Tattoos

Cute Mermaid Tattoos

Lil Mermaid Tattoos

Little Mermaid Outline Tattoos

Little Mermaid Quote Tattoos

Little Mermaid Tattoos

Little Mermaid With Tattoos

Meaning Of Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid Anchor Tattoos

Mermaid And Octopus Tattoos

Mermaid Back Tattoos

Mermaid Henna Tattoos

Mermaid Pisces Tattoos

Mermaid Scale Tattoos

Mermaid Tails Tattoos

Mermaid Tattoo On Leg 10

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Mermaid Tattoos For Men

Mermaid Tattoos For Women

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