110+ Cute Owl Tattoos For Men (2024) Mystic Designs & Ideas

Owl tattoos have been part of many ancient civilizations around the globe. Almost all ancient civilizations considered owl to be a bird of wisdom and knowledge. But they also considered it as a bad omen and a messenger of death. The owl is a night bird and this is the reason why it was linked with death. Many civilizations were scared of it. People opt for owl tattoos because either they won’t have a meaningful tattoo related to knowledge and wisdom or wish to have a mysterious and scary tattoo design. Here we included 50 owl tattoos designs for men and women-

Small Owl Tattoos

1. You can use vibrant colors like orange and red to give your owl tattoo design a more mystic and impressive look. Owl Tattoos

2. Owl sleeve tattoo design are not much advised because they will get mixed up into a lot of detailing thereby reducing the overall impression.
Owl Sleeve Tattoos

3. If you want a temporary owl tattoo design then your best option is to either have a watercolor owl tattoo or a pastel owl tattoo design like this.
Color Owl Tattoos

4. If you want to show an owl of wisdom then you should surely focus on the eyes of the owl and also the shape should be a bit chubby like this.
Unique Owl Tattoos

5. Instead of opting for an @dult owl tattoo you can also try a baby owl tattoo like this. It will represent wisdom and cuteness.
Small Owl Tattoos 1

Owl Watercolor Tattoo

6. Girls can also add a sugar candy skull tattoo design to their owl tattoo to give it more feminine look.
Owl And Skull Tattoos

7. Owl tattoos are a good choice for double exposure experiment. Here is a double exposure owl tattoo that shows an owl silhouette and a man looking at the night sky.
Simple Owl Tattoos

8. You can add a weapon to your owl tattoo design (like sword or dagger) to show that you are not only knowledge seeker but also believe in strength.
Japanese Owl Tattoos

9. If you opt for a realistic owl tattoo design then please have a complete owl or otherwise it will look something like this.
Snow Owl Tattoos

10. Instead of showing the complete bird you can also go for an owl face tattoo design that will focus mainly on its facial expressions. Read about these interesting owl facts here.
Owl Wrist Tattoos

Girly Owl Tattoos

11. Here is an animated owl tattoo design on the upper arm of this girl. For some reason the artist decided to give galaxy like look on the stomach.
Watercolor Owl Tattoos

12. If you want to give a mysterious or even scary look to your owl tattoo then you should probably get its eyes tattooed pure black.
Images Of Owl Tattoos

13. There are various tribal representations too of owl tattoos. Here is one amazing tribal owl tattoo design.
Tribal Owl Tattoos

14. Like most bird tattoos, owl tattoos too can be done using geometric shapes. Here is one geometric owl tattoo made up of squares, polygons and circles.
Geometric Owl Tattoos

15. I don’t think it’s a cool idea to have an owl close up tattoo like this. However many people admire such designs.
Owl Arm Tattoos

Owl and Skull Tattoos

16. Here is an owl tattoo design with a clock and a stairway to heaven tattoo. This probably means that one should use his/her time carefully.
Owl Tattoos For Females

17. You can give emo luck to your owl tattoo design and for this, you have to make its eyes of certain color. Also, you have to add a heart.
Owl Tattoos Meanings

18. Owl is furry bird so it is not easy to design. I would recommend you to find an experienced tattoo artist for this.
Owl Tattoos

19. Owl tattoos are not ideal cover up tattoos but some people still use them as cover up tattoos with other designs.
Female Owl Tattoos

20. For a fading away owl tattoo design, I would recommend using watercolors as they will make the tattoo look lively again.
Baby Owl Tattoos

Simple Owl Tattoos

21. Instead of trying a real looking owl tattoo design you can go childish and try a design like this.
Cute Owl Tattoos

22. You can also add quote to your owl tattoo design and I would advise you to add something knowledge worthy.
Steampunk Owl Tattoos

23. An owl tattoo design on chest is not much recommended but if the artist can come up with a majestic design like this then go for it.
American Traditional Owl Tattoos

24. You can also have an owl tattoo in blackwork style where the artist will use solid thick black outlines to draw an owl tattoo.
Feminine Owl Tattoos

25. This owl tattoo design seems to be inspired from the Nun ghost of The Conjuring 2. What do you think?
Aztec Owl Tattoos

Geometric Owl Tattoo

26. Owls usually have brown eyes and if you opt for a realistic owl tattoo design then you should keep that in mind.
Best Owl Tattoos

27. You can have an owl tattoo design in the style of bracelet. For example, this owl tattoo on the forearm of this guy is perfectly inked like a bracelet.
Owl Tattoos For Girls

28. An owl sleeve tattoo like this will look amazing if you use it during Halloween or any other scary event.
Forearm Owl Tattoos 1

29. You can add an aura or halo around your owl tattoo design to give it a religious look.
Colorful Owl Tattoos

30. Owl tattoos can also be accompanied by other designs like flower tattoos or girl portrait tattoos.
Owl And Rose Tattoos

Snowy Owl Tattoos

31. The artist added long and pointy paw nails to this owl tattoo design to represent danger and fear.
Cool Owl Tattoos

32. Owl are considered bad omen in many cultures while dreamcatcher are considered good omen. So a mix up tattoo of both would probably nullify the luck factor.
Dreamcatcher Owl Tattoos

33. If you opt for such owl tattoo design where the stomach is shown using dots then let me tell you that it will be very painful ,
White Owl Tattoos

34. You can opt for an old looking owl tattoo as it will knowledge and experienced gained over time.
Owl Tattoos For Guys

35. If you want to try a scary owl tattoo then give no facial expression to it and surely kids will get scared of it.
Owl Tattoos For Women

Traditional Owl Tattoo

36. Couples can have a matching owl tattoo design. Here is one example where the small owl tattoo is shown like a lock.
Girl Owl Tattoos

37. An owl tattoo design can be made even more impressive by adding a skull tattoo design to it like this.
Awesome Owl Tattoos

38. This owl tattoo design seems to be inspired from Game Of Thrones where the artist made a three-eyed owl (referring to three-eyed ravens) and use the quote of House Greyjoy.
Owl Tattoos Meaning

39. Owl is related to black magic too. If you do not believe in god then owl tattoo could easily represent that.
Owl Clock Tattoos

40. This owl tattoo design has three designs – One is the owl tattoo itself, other is the skull tattoo and the third is the spider legs shown in the background.
Owl Tattoos Designs

Owl Arm Tattoos

41. Owl’s eyes were believed to be hypnotizing in many cultures. You can show that in your tattoo design by making dark circles around eyes.
Barn Owl Tattoos

42. Here is an owl tattoo design on the shoulder of this guy that is inspired from the Aztec representation of owls.
Celtic Owl Tattoos

43. Owl tattoo design on back is cool idea but a huge owl face portrait tattoo like this might not be liked by many.
Owl Tattoos On Back

44. The wingspan of the owl is more than its body size and if you wish to show it then have it on a larger part of the body like chest or back.
Owl Back Tattoos

45. Here is a simple owl tattoo design that is tattooed in the style of Yin and Yang tattoos.
Snowy Owl Tattoos

Barn Owl Tattoo

46. If you have an owl tattoo design on the neck then do not add any other tattoo design around it or otherwise, it will look ugly.
Owl And Moon Tattoos

47. I am not able to understand the shape of this owl tattoo but I admired it due to just one eye shown in it.
Traditional Owl Tattoos

48. Do not add flying birds around your owl tattoo design because they will distract the viewers from the original tattoo.
Owl Tattoo On Body

49. Here the artist cleverly added a skull an anchor and a key to an owl tattoo design.
Owl Thigh Tattoos

50. Siblings can have matching owl tattoo designs and for this I will prefer the owls shown in Harry potter movies.
Owl Chest Tattoos

american traditional owl tattoos

Baby Owl Tattoo

owl tattoos on wrist

Barn Owl Tattoo

black and white owl tattoos

Black Owl Tattoo

owl and clock tattoos

Celtic Owl Tattoo

owl tattoos on chest

Color Owl Tattoos

owl and tree tattoos

Colorful Owl Tattoo

small owl tattoos on wrist

Cool Owl Tattoos

owl tattoos on thigh

Cute Owl Tattoo

cute small owl tattoos

Flying Owl Tattoo

best friend owl tattoos

Flying Owl Tattoos

meaning of owl tattoos

Geometric Owl Tattoo

the meaning of owl tattoos

Girly Owl Tattoos

sailor jerry owl tattoos

Half Sleeve Owl Tattoos

meaning behind owl tattoos

Horned Owl Tattoo

significance of owl tattoos

Mandala Owl Tattoo

cute little owl tattoos

Mystic Owl Tattoo

what do owl tattoos represent

Neo Traditional Owl Tattoo

small owl tattoos for women

New School Owl Tattoo

big eyed owl tattoos

Night Owl Tattoo

cute baby owl tattoos

Owl And Cherry Blossom Tattoos

what is the meaning of owl tattoos

Owl And Skull Tattoo

owl tattoos on forearm

Owl And Skull Tattoos

black and grey owl tattoos

Owl Back Tattoo

owl tattoos black and white

Owl Chest Tattoo

small owl wrist tattoos

Owl Chest Tattoos

cute girly owl tattoos

Owl Eye Tattoos On Forearm

neo traditional owl tattoos

Owl Eyes Tattoo

mother daughter owl tattoos

Owl Neck Tattoo

what do owl tattoos symbolize

Owl Skull Tattoo

owl tattoos for girl

Owl Sleeve Tattoo

Owl Tattoo Arm

Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl Tattoo Flash

Owl Tattoo Forearm

Owl Tattoo Ideas

Owl Tattoo Meaning

Owl Tattoo Sleeve

Owl Tattoos For Girls

Owl Tattoos For Guys

Owl Tattoos For Women

Owl Tattoos On Arms For Girls

Owl Tattoos On Arms

Owl Tattoos On Calf

Owl Tattoos On Legs

Owl Thigh Tattoos

Owl Wrist Tattoos

Owl Tattoos For Men

Realistic Owl Tattoo

Simple Owl Tattoo

Small Owl Tattoo

Small Owl Tattoos

Snowy Owl Tattoo

Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo

Tattoo Owl

Traditional Owl Tattoo

Traditional Owl Tattoos

Tribal Owl Tattoo

Watercolor Owl Tattoo

Watercolor Owl Tattoos

White Owl Tattoos

So which owl tattoo design you liked the most?

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