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Usually, Sleeve tattoos are from the upper portion of the shoulder to the end of the wrist. However, not all people admire such sleeve tattoos. Lately, there has been a huge trend of half sleeve tattoos and many people voted them better from full sleeve tattoos. Here we picked up 50 amazing sleeve tattoo designs that include half sleeve tattoos (Lower half sleeve, upper half sleeve & quarter sleeves) and full sleeve tattoos designs. These are the 50 coolest and best arm sleeve tattoos for guys –

Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

1. If you love automobiles then the best sleeve tattoo design for you would be biomechanical sleeve tattoo.
Sleeve Tattoos For Men

2. For girls, the best sleeve tattoo design would be flower sleeves. It would look even more beautiful with butterflies.
Cool Sleeve Tattoos 1

3. One most popular sleeve tattoo design idea is patriotic sleeves. You can either get your upper arm inked with your nation’s flag or you can use the logo of your nation’s army/navy.
Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

4. Animated Sleeve tattoos are not so much in trend but they will look fine if you are looking for temporary tattoos.
Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women

5. The most common type of sleeve tattoo designs are flame sleeve tattoos. Yes they are pretty old school but still they are among most attractive sleeve tattoo patterns.
Flame Tattoos Sleeve
net suit neck design images

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

6. While many girls opt for flower sleeve tattoos, I would recommend you to try flower vine tattoo design on sleeves.
Flower Sleeve Tattoos 1

7. Apart from Butterfly tattoos on sleeves, girls can also try hummingbird sleeve tattoos and trust me they will look pretty neat.
Girl Sleeve Tattoos

8. Here is a beautiful lighthouse tattoo design that is inked in the style of a memorial tattoo on sleeve.
Sleeve Tattoos Themes

9. Colorful tattooson sleeve will not fade away as quickly as on other body parts but still I would not advise them.
Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

10. If you are a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean film then you will surely love this pirate ship tattoo design on the sleeve.
Skull Sleeve Tattoos
small back of neck tattoos for females

Arm Sleeve Tattoos

11. You can also try quote tattoo design on sleeve but the problem is that long quote will look ugly and short quotes won’t cover up whole sleeve. The solution is that you can have a simple design added to your quote tattoo.
Animal Sleeve Tattoos

12. Many boys love to have girl portrait tattoo designs and the most amazing style would be one that starts from the top shoulder and covers the whole sleeve.
Angel Sleeve Tattoos

13. Many people get attracted to tribal sleeve tattoo design and the most popular among them are Egyptian sleeve tattoos and maori sleeve tattoos.
Aztec Sleeve Tattoos

14. Girls can use Henna or Mehandi for sleeve tattoo designs. They are good for temporary tattoos and they are eco-friendly too.
Traditional Sleeve Tattoos>

15. Instead of going for upper half sleeve tattoo you can try lower half sleeve tattoo design. It will look good if you have thick forearms.
Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Skull Sleeve Tattoos

16. This is a small snake sleeve tattoo but a good idea would be to have a big snake (Anaconda or Python) tattoo inked on the sleeves.
Sleeve Tattoos Black And White

17. The four horsemen of Apocalypse are not very popular in tattoo community but if you admire them then sleeve is best place to have them.
Awesome Sleeve Tattoos

18. Cross tattoos are popular but they are not opted for sleeve tattoos. Only an experienced tattoo artist can make cross sleeve tattoos.
Christian Tattoos Sleeve

19. It is rarely that a person get sleeve tattoo on just one sleeve. Most sleeve tattoo are for both sleeves.
Floral Sleeve Tattoos

20. You can ink your sleeve in a pattern that it looks like a skin of a particular animal such as snake or leopard.
Men Tattoos Sleeve

Best Sleeve Tattoos

21. God tattoos are mostly recommended for chest but you can also have them on sleeves.
Sleeve Tattoos Design

22. If you are a patriotic person then you can try a national animal or bird tattoo design on sleeve such as this bald eagle tattoo looks majestic.
Eagle Sleeve Tattoos

23. If you know an experienced tattoo artist then you should ask him to ink a complex tattoo design on sleeve just like this.
Womens Half Sleeve Tattoos

24. Elephant are huge animals and that is why you can try them on sleeves or on chest.
Elephant Sleeve Tattoos

25. If you are a music loving person then you should try musical notes on sleeves. In fact, a musical symphony would look amazing.
Music Sleeve Tattoos

Flower Sleeve Tattoos

26. Medieval warriors used to wear extra strong armours. You can have a sleeve tattoo design inspired from their armours.
Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

27. Instead of inking your whole arm with tattoos you can opt for a design that occupy less space on sleeves.
Girl With Sleeve Tattoos

28. Sleeves and back shoulder are best angel wings tattoos. Here are angel wings tattoos on the sleeves of this boy.
Sleeve Tattoos For Men

29. Fish tattoos also look good on sleeves but you should opt for koi fish as they are amazingly beautiful.
Sleeve Tattoos For Women

30. Flying birds are among popular tattoo design. While many people opt for two or three flying birds on chest, back or foot, I would recommend you to have a dozen flying birds inked on your sleeves.
Forearm Sleeve Tattoos 1

Full Sleeve Tattoos

31. If you are a person who loves to travel then you can ink famous monuments or structures that you have seen in real life.
Half Sleeve Tattoos Designs

32. This beautiful sleeve tattoo design on girl is inspired from the queen of hearts. Look Closer.
Full Sleeve Tattoos

33. Girls can also try jewellery tattoo design on sleeves. For example here is a arm band jewellery tattoo on sleeve.
Girl Sleeve Tattoos Ideas

34. If you are looking for a cover-up tattoo design on sleeve then here is one for you. The wearer has multiple tattoos framed into just one shot.
Sleeve Tattoos Half

35. If you are a huge fan of any superhero or superheroine then you can get their portraits inked on your sleeve.
Sleeve Tattoos Ideas

Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

36. Geisha tattoo designs are very popular among middle aged males. You can try geisha tattoos on sleeves.
Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

37. You can also have portrait tattoo of your favourite video game inked on your sleeves.
Female Sleeve Tattoos

38. Dreamcatcher tattoo design are considered extremely lucky and they best position to have them is considered on sleeves.
Half Sleeve Tattoos For Girls 1

39. Here is another unique idea for lower sleeve tattoo design.
Simple Sleeve Tattoos

40. Hourglass tattoo designs are not much popular. If you are looking for unique tattoo design then they are good option.
Rose Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Sleeve Tattoos

41. Not many tattoo artists come up with such brilliant sleeve tattoos. This fox tattoo seems to be inspired from Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Trek.
Geometric Sleeve Tattoos 1

42. One needs a very good imagination to come up with such brilliant sleeve tattoo design. It shows the freedom and desires in just one tattoo.
Women Sleeve Tattoos

43. The cut tribal tattoos or knife tribal sleeves are among the most popular tribal sleeve tattoos among men and women.
Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

44. This girl portrait tattoo design seems to be inspired from a 16th century British lady.
Sleeve Tattoos

45. As I said earlier, quote tattoo design on sleeves will look odd. Here is how a quote tattoo on sleeve would look like.
Badass Sleeve Tattoos

Rose Sleeve Tattoos

46. You can also follow the tattoo design of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He has a sleeve tattoo that extends up to chest.
Sleeve Tattoos Galleries

47. Star tattoo design on sleeves would suit more on girls than on boys.
Stars Tattoos Sleeve

48. There are many different variations of wolf tattoos and I have to admit wolf tattoos looks amazing on sleeves.
Wolf Sleeve Tattoos

49. This phoenix tattoo design is neatly done and that is why it suits sleeve.
Color Sleeve Tattoos

50. Tinkerbell is the most popular design among fairy tattoos and it will surely look good on upper sleeves.
Amazing Tattoos Sleeve

Which Sleeve tattoo design you liked the most?

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