50+ Worst Face Tattoos Of Rappers (2024) Bad Ideas & Designs

Why do people get face tattoos? Face tattoos do not have any special meaning. In fact tattoos on the face are only opted by die-hard tattoo fans. It needs a lot of courage and determination to get your face tattooed. The face is the most expressive and visible part of the body and you do not want to send wrong messages to the people.

Face tattoos are especially popular among American rappers. You will find rappers like Post Malone, Lil Waye, Lil Peep, xxxtentacion, Lil Pump, Lil Skies, 6ix9ine inked with tattoos on the face.

Here we have chosen 50 face tattoos that you should take a look on before taking the big decision of getting your face tattooed. These face tattoo designs are for both men and women –

Temporary Face Tattoos

1. I do not understand the logic and the reason behind this face tattoo design but it will look better if the color is your nation’s flag.
Face Tattoos

2. As I said if one gets cool face tattoos then he/she would not hide it. The tattoo on this guy face seems to be inspired by Ryan Gosling’s look from ‘The Place Beyond Pines’
Face Tattoo 2

3. This tribal face tattoo design is actually a part of full body tattoo and In my opinion, it is done right.
Face Tattoo 1

4. You are a diamond in yourself and you do not need to have a diamond tattoo on your face to prove that. This design will suit on the shoulder.
Face Tattoo 4

5. This girl choose a nice design for face tattoo and it’s a good thing that she got it on just one side of her face.
Face Tattoo 6
blue whale tattoo meaning

Tribal Face Tattoos

6. Do you know that people look up more for face tattoo removal instead of getting face tattoos? This shows how negative response people receive for face tattoos.
Face Tattoo 7

7. This alphabet tattoo design would have looked way better in small size and that too on the cheek bone.
Face Tattoo 8

8. Is this a hair braid tattoo design or are these long arms of a squid or maybe a xenomorph from the Alien movie series. What do you think?
Face Tattoo 9

9. Getting a word tattoo on face will be a good idea for temporary fashion. But seriously think about it before getting it.
Face Tattoo 10

10. If you want to go for the all emo look then here a face tattoo design for you. I Guess Eminem is the only greatest rapper ever who does not have a face tattoo.
Face Tattoo 11
Sun Shoulder Tattoos For Guys

Rappers With Face Tattoos

11. This face tattoo design is inspired from the look of El Diablo in the 2016 superhero movie Suicide Squad (That DC film was a Disaster).
Face Tattoo 12
12. The next time you think about getting face tattoo design then look at this photo and then imagine yourself like this.
Face Tattoo 13

13. The most ironical face tattoo design that you can get is the ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ quote tattoo design.
Face Tattoo 14
14. The tribal design on the face of this guy looks like a beard and probably that is why I liked this particular tattoo.
Face Tattoo 15
15. Such face tattoo designs can only be wore by die hard tattoo fans who are committed to their own beliefs and ideologies.
Face Tattoo 16

16. Okay, Never Ever try to shave off your eyebrows and then get a tattoo over it. This is how you will look like.
Face Tattoo 17
17. The above ear and below ear tattoos on face are acceptable. They were part of many African tribes.
Face Tattoo 18
18. This is an above average tattoo design and I won’t mind getting it. But again it should be temporary one.
Face Tattoo 19

19. Such tattoo designs on face are for cover up. But I don’t think one should use cover up tattoos on face.
Face Tattoo 20
20. Getting a beard is a good idea especially if you are opting for a face tattoo design because beards go along with any face tattoo.
Face Tattoo 21

Bad Face Tattoos

21. If you really want to go for face tattoo design then go for a small tattoo on cheek bone just like this.
Face Tattoo 22

22. If you are serious for face tattoos then do not opt for piercing on face as it will ruin the natural beauty of your face.
Face Tattoo 3

23. Face is not an ideal place to get 3D tattoo design and you do not need fake charm to impress anyone.
Face Tattoo 24

24. Many girls want to ink the name of their boyfriend on their face and that is a terrible idea.
Face Tattoo 25

25. The best face tattoo idea would be the tear drop tattoo in small size on your right cheek bone as it will give you a serious look.
Face Tattoo 26

26. This tattoo is incomplete as the bee is still building her beehive. So please check back later.
Face Tattoo 27

27. Such face tattoo design will look good during Halloween and in cosplay but in real life you will regret them.
Face Tattoo 28

28. Such face tattoo designs are popular among gang members and also in prison.
Face Tattoo 29

29. This is how a diehard tattoo lover looks like because there is no regret on her face for the face tattoo. If you get one then protect it.
Face Tattoo 30

30. Again the over piercing on her face ruins the good looking face tattoo design.
Face Tattoo 31

31. Getting spider web tattoo design on body part was a trend in 70s but this guy took it to next level by getting a spider web tattoo on face and head.
Face Tattoo 32

32. Cross tattoo design is one such tattoo design that won’t look bad on any upper part of body, be it face.
Face Tattoo 33

33. NO NO NO NO NO. Don’t even think about it.
Face Tattoo 34

34. A sun and moon tattoo design will also look above average on face and it will also be suitable for couples.
Face Tattoo 35

35. This is a tribal face tattoo design which traditional among many modern tribes and communities.
Face Tattoo 36

36. The emo skull tattoo design on the forehead of this girl looks cute but it will look better on stomach or back.
Face Tattoo 37

37. Another beautiful girl ruined by face tattoos and unnecessary piercings.
Face Tattoo 38

38. If you are a tattoo artist then you might be interested in getting a face tattoo design. Here is one for you.
Face Tattoo 39

39. The danger skull tattoo design is an evergreen symbol and it will suit on face.
Face Tattoo 40

40. If you want to confuse people even more then get a geometrical or mathematical symbol on your face.
Face Tattoo 41

41. Even though I do not recommend face tattoo designs but I have to admit this is the most impressive tattoo I have ever seen on face.
Face Tattoo 42

42. So this guy decided to get a tear drop tattoo on face and then let a black panther tattoo catch it. Bravo.
Face Tattoo 43

43. Here is a unique idea for face tattoo design (if you are still up for it). Get dog ears or cat ears inked on your forehead in 3D style.
Face Tattoo 44

44. As I said no face tattoo would work as beautifully as a mysterious and meaningless symbol on face.
Face Tattoo 45

45. This tattoo design on face would have looked better if it was in style of symphony or music notes.
Face Tattoo 46

46. If you are fed up of society and want to send a clear message to the world then there would be no better place to get a tattoo than face.
Face Tattoo 47

47. This tattoo design on face seems to be inspired from the Dreamworks animation logo.
Face Tattoo 48

48. Get horns inked on your forehead and you will be the talk of the party.
Face Tattoo 49

49. Is that a UFO on the forehead of this guy?
Face Tattoo 50

50. Such face tattoo designs are used in horror movies and in TV shows like American Horror story.
Face Tattoo 51

So are you still thinking about getting a face tattoo? If so then which design will you choose?

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