50+ Simple Henna Tattoos For Women & Men (2024)

Before trying henna tattoos you should know that how long does henna tattoo last? It usually depends on how long the Mehandi pastel was left. Usually, Henna tattoo lasts 2 to 3 weeks but they look meaningful only for 3-4 days.
After that, they look messy and unclear. Here we have chosen 50 henna tattoo design that will look great while fresh –

Easy Henna Tattoos

1. Mandala is a concept in hinduism. Here is a cute mandala henna tattoo for you.
mandala Henna Tattoos

2. Flower is the most common henna tattoo design and they look amazingly beautiful on girls.
Amazing Henna Tattoos

3. Yin yang shows both the sides of life – Good and Evil. Try Yin and Yang henna tattoo if you believe in the dual nature of life.
Arabic Henna Tattoos

4. Girls of Indian sub-continent try various henna tattoo design during auspicious festivals. However the craze for wedding designs is above other henna designs.
Arrow Henna Tattoos

5. If you want to walk that extra mile and try a unique henna tattoo design then I would suggest you try a god design as shown in this picture.
Beautiful Henna Tattoos
music symbol tattoos for guys

6. Henna tattoos are temporary and they fade away with in two or three days therefore you can try any design of your choice.
Best Henna Tattoos

7. Sun is considered as a deity in India so many girls like to try sun henna tattoo.
Black Henna Tattoo

8. Small henna tattoo design will suit young girls who are unmarried and want to try some designs.
Brown Henna Tattoo

9. If you are a budding tattoo artist then you should start with simple henna tattoos like this.
Cute Henna Tattoos

10. I don’t think side foot henna tattoo would last long but still if you want to give a try then here it is. There are many benefits of using henna on body and you will be amazed by them.
Dragon Henna Tattoos
minimal tattoo for women with meaning

henna tattoo design for girl

11. Now this rose henna tattoo is so beautiful and unique that I don’t think anyone else would be able to copy it.
Dreamcatcher Henna Tattoo

12. You can try offbeat and pretty henna tattoo design. Like here is an idea of a fairy shown with sparkling stars. Easy Henna Tattoos

13. Peacock is an indian bird that is considered to bring good omen. Here is a beautiful peacock henna tattoo for you to try. Egyptian Henna Tattoos

14. Moon henna tattoo can be tough than sun designs because you have to give them a distinct look. Elephant Henna Tattoo

15. Can you spot the mermaid in this henna tattoo? It is lying there right in front of you. Girly Henna Tattoos

16. Even though I like brown henna tattoos but I must admit that white henna tattoo designs have their own grace that cannot be matched. Gold Henna Tattoos

17. Even though henna tattoo are tried by females but male too can try such designs. Henna Ankle Tattoos

18. Lotus bloom in dirt that is why it is loved by many. Here is a good lotus henna tattoo design for you. Henna Arm Tattoo

19. Henna tattoos are usually tried on hand and wrist but you can try them on legs as well. Henna Back Tattoo

20. Can you find such symmetry and beauty in any other tattoo design? I think not. This is one of the best henna tattoo design that you will come across. Henna Flower Tattoo

mehndi tattoo for girls

21. Horse henna tattoo would not look so great but you will still adore such simple design. Henna Hand Tattoo

22. This girl has brilliantly tried henna tattoo on her collar bone and I must say that it is gorgeous. Henna Style Tattoo

23. So this is an idealistic henna tattoo design. Henna or mehndi designs are usually tried on palm of hand like this. Henna Tattoo Designs

24. Do not try complex bird tattoos on your body as they might not turn out great. Here is complex phoenix tattoo design for you. Henna Tattoo Foot

25. Henna tattoo holds a special meaning as they show that you have faith in the ancient beliefs and you respect them. Henna Tattoo Ideas

26. Henna tattoo design usually doesn’t look so good on just palm. Spread them out on finger as well. Henna Tattoo Images

27. Here is a simple yet unique henna tattoo idea that can be by girls. Henna Tattoo Meaning

28. This henna tattoo on foot is so clean and neat that I actually mistook it as a choco cake. Henna Tattoo Phoenix

29. There are different types of henna colors that you can try. Here is a black henna tattoo that would suit girls of all ages. Henna Tattoo Pictures

30. This henna style tattoo is a bridal design and can be tried by women during wedding season. Henna Tattoo

henna tattoo designs for women

31. If you try henna tattoo on both hand then it is better to have symmetry among them or otherwise they will look odd. Horse Henna Tattoos

32. Henna flower tattoo design can be made even more beautiful by a technique. You have restyle old henna design with new mehandi. Indian Henna Tattoo

33. I don’t find a reason to try henna back tattoo as they will so quickly fade away. Still here is a design that you can try. Leg Henna Tattoo

34. It is not easy to make flower tattoo as the petal can overlap each other and make the tattoo messy. Lotus Henna Tattoos

35. You can try henna ankle tattoo if you are going out for a day and want to show off. Male Henna Tattoo

36. Gold henna is very rare and exotic. It can be tried by rich girls. Mermaid Henna Tattoos

37. This is a cool girly henna tattoo design on the back of the girl that will look amazing. Moon Henna Tattoos

38. It is not easy to try any specific animal tattoo with henna. This elephant henna tattoo look marvellous. Peacock Henna Tattoos

39. You can try egyptian calligraphy for your henna tattoo. A cool idea would be to try your name. Pretty Henna Tattoos

40. I don’t think you will find any easy henna tattoo design that is also good. However, designs like this would suit anyone. Rose Henna Tattoo

mehndi tattoo designs for girls

41. Dreamcatcher are considered lucky and the placement of this design is perfect. Side Foot Henna Tattoos

42. This dragon henna tattoo would have looked even better if made in whole style. Simple Henna Tattoo

43. The four dots of henna on fingers in this designs makes it really cute. Small Henna Tattoo

44. Brown is the usual color of henna and here is how a fresh tattoo would look like. Sun Henna Tattoo

45. This is black henna tattoo design and it last a little longer than brown design. Temporary Henna Tattoos

46. It would be really tough to select the best henna tattoo but I guess one could like design that are like this. Unique Henna Tattoos

47. This beautiful butterfly henna tattoo design can be extended by adding a complex design. Wedding Henna Tattoos

48. Arrow henna tattoo would not look so great but still many girls try them. White Henna Tattoo

49. You will find many arabic henna tattoo design online on sites like pinterest and tumblr. Wrist Henna Tattoos

50. This henna tattoo design on the thigh of this girl is perfectly inked. Yin Yang Henna Tattoos

Which henna tattoo design you liked the most?

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