54 Forearm Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women 2017

For many, forearm is the first place to get a tattoo on because the wearer himself can admire the beauty of his forearm tattoo. It is obvious that people get confused to pick up the right forearm tattoo for themselves. They get confused on whether to have an inner forearm tattoo or an outer forearm tattoo. Moreover they get confused on whether they should have a tattoo on hairy forearm or not. Here we have picked up 50 coolest forearm tattoos designs that will suit all type of forearms and will be liked by both male and female. Here are 50 best forearm tattoos designs –

Forearm Tattoos For Men

1. This butterfly tattoo design will suit all genders as it is not just a beautiful butterfly but in fact a meaningful tattoo on struggle.
forearm butterfly tattoos

2. Greek tattoos are not new among tattoo lovers and forearm is probably the second best place to have them.
male forearm tattoos

3. If you became a father or mother recently then I am sure you will adore this tattoo design on forearm.
inside forearm tattoos

4. This bee tattoo design might not be in best shape but it could be improved and made better. I guess it will suit female tattoo lovers more than male tattoo lovers.
awesome forearm tattoos

5. Forearm is the best place to have couple tattoos or best friends tattoos because you can easily show them to the world.
cute forearm tattoos

6. I do not understand the meaning of this tattoo design but I think it has some religious roots and probably that is why it is inked on forearm.
cool forearm tattoos

7. Even though forearm provide a large space for tattoos but it doesn’t mean you can have only large size tattoos. Small forearm tattoos like this also looks beautiful.
inner forearm tattoos

8. Feather and bird tattoos are among my favourite tattoo design and the curves of forearm make such tattoos even more beautiful.
forearm tattoos ideas

9. This bee tattoo design is more elaborated on the forearm of this beautiful lady than the previous bee tattoo you saw here.
forearm tattoos

10. Most people think that flower tattoo design does not suit boys but here this guy is proving it wrong.
flower forearm tattoos

Forearm Tattoos For Women

11. Usually arrow tattoo designs are simple and small but here is a detailed arrow tattoo on the forearm of this boy.
forearm arrow tattoos

12. Arm band tattoo designs are usually preferred on upper arm or on shoulder but you can have them on forearm too.
forearm band tattoos

13. You can have memorial tattoos on any part of body but if you want to show it to the world then forearm is best place.
forearm cancer tattoos

14. This cat tattoo design on forearm could be improved and made better. They should have chosen Siamese cat to match it up with the Ancient Egypt fashion.
forearm cat tattoos

15. Compass tattoo designs are rarely chosen. They are popular among navy soldiers and here is one beautiful design for you.
forearm compass tattoos

16. This cross tattoo design is looking beautiful due to the beads attached to it elegantly.
jesus tattoos on forearm

17. I do not understand why this dagger tattoo design have an eye on it but overall it I s a cool looking forearm tattoo.
tattoos on forearm

18. If you like marine life then you can have fish tattoo design and here is one in Yin Yang tattoo style.
forearm fish tattoos

19. The positioning and placement of forearm tattoo can really make the tattoo look awesome or ugly. For example this ordinary looking name tattoo is made awesome due to its placement.
forearm tattoos designs

20. I liked this superhero tattoo design due to the cute LEGO joker who is hiding behind Harley Quinn. Also the polygon design makes it even more attractive.
forearm tattoos for girls

Cool Forearm Tattoos

21. I really like tattoos that are made using geometrical symbols and signs. Here is a beautiful unicorn tattoo on forearm made by geometrical figures.
geometric forearm tattoos

22. If you choose small tattoo design for forearm then I would suggest you to either choose a heart tattoo design or an arrow tattoos.
forearm tattoos words

23. This is not a dagger tattoo design but a knife tattoo design and you should have it only if you are in your twenties.
best forearm tattoos

24. It may look like another ordinary lead tattoo design but if you look closer you will see the beauty of this tattoo.
forearm leaf tattoos

25. This beautiful and colourful tattoo design seems to be inspired from rangoli designs from Indian culture.
forearm mandala tattoos

26. The dagger tattoo design on the forearm of this guy is made even more beautiful by skull hand.
mens forearm tattoos

27. Is this a sugar skull tattoo design or an owl tattoo or is it a devil tattoo. What do you think?
forearm owl tattoos

28. Gramophone design will look old but it will still look impressive. Here take a look yourself.
forearm sleeve tattoos

29. This Skull tattoo design might look offensive to some but overall I think it is a cool representation of modern world.
top forearm tattoos

30. Instead of mixing up the nail with the skull I would have modified with a Viking sword design and it will look awesome.
forearm skull tattoos

Tribal Forearm Tattoos

31. You can also try cluster of stars on your forearm. You can form them in a specific constellation or a random style like this.
forearm stars tattoos

32. This amazing wolf tattoo design will be hard to make but if carried out perfectly it will be one of the best tattoo of your life.
forearm tattoos men

33. If you want a cover up tattoo on your forearm then this design might suit you as it covers up most of the portion of forearm.
half sleeve tattoos forearm

34. Due to the design of this tattoo I will not recommend it to people with thin forearm as it might cause pain to them.
forearm tattoos for men

35. If you are looking for temporary inner forearm tattoo design then here is one cool idea for you.
forearm tattoos for women

36. This niddle tattoo design will not suit outer forearm as much as inner forearm.
forearm tattoos tumblr

37. This tree tattoo design on forearm could be decorated with quotes or strong words like ‘Believe’ or ‘Faith’.
tree tattoos forearm

38. Many people have claimed that tattoos on forearm had adverse effect on their veins. If you are in doubt then I would suggest you to pick up a simple forearm tattoo design like this.
outer forearm tattoos

39. I bet that you will be as surprised and impressed with this beautiful wolf tattoo on forearm as me.
forearm wolf tattoos

40. Although I won’t suggest having tattoos on both forearm but if you want a unique idea then here is one for both forearms.
unique forearm tattoos

Mens Forearm Tattoos

41. Such trippy tattoo designs on forearm would look better on skinny guys and skinny girls.
forearm tattoos girls

42. The hand of the baby in this beautiful forearm tattoo makes it weird but it can be improved and made better.
forearm quote tattoos

43. If you have hairy arms then try this simple and adorable tattoo design of cat and moon. It will suit a hairy arm.
forearm moon tattoos

44. This is one killer forearm tattoo design of a native American Indian. If you have Native American roots then you will love it.
nice forearm tattoos

45. Two unique forearm tattoo ideas would be the mandala tattoos or the military tattoos.
pretty forearm tattoos

46. Most guys prefer to have full sleeve tattoo designs but I would opt for half sleeve. Here is how a full sleeve tattoo would look like.
forearm tattoos for guys

47. Quote tattoos are hard to choose not just because of the message that they might send but also because of their length. Here is a long quote tattoo on forearm that is hard to read.
roses tattoos forearm

48. You can browse sites like Tumblr and Deviantart for beautiful drawings and you can use them as your tattoo design. Some can turn out as beautiful as this.
forearm watercolor tattoos

49. If you want to have any animal tattoo on your forearm then you can choose this pattern.
simple forearm tattoos

50. It is really tough to get 3D tattoo design on forearm due to its shape but you still can give a try.
tattoos forearm

Tattoos On Forearm

51. Many people wish to have a forearm dragon tattoo. You can not have a huge dragon tattoo on forearm. So another option is to try sea horse or sea dragon tattoo like this.
forearm dragon tattoos

52. If you love music then forearm is the best place to get a music tattoo. This guy has a music note tattoo on his forearm.
forearm music tattoos

53. You can also have religious symbols tattooed on forearm. Here this guy got inked with the sacred symbol of Sikhism on his forearm.
religious forearm tattoos

54. In my opinion tiny tattoos on forearm are excellent option for both male and female. Look at this small forearm tattoo. isn’t it the cutest?
small forearm tattoos

So which forearm tattoo design you liked the most and why?

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