50+ Geometric Triangle Tattoos Designs With Meanings (2024)

One of the most meaningful tattoos that you would come across is the triangle tattoo design. Most people do not understand the meaning of the triangle tattoo and consider it just another simple geometrical tattoo but it Is so much more than that.

Triangle tattoos meaning can depend and here a few major meanings – Past, Present, and Future; mind, body, and spirit; mother, father, and child; thought, feeling and emotion. There are a variety of other meanings as well.
Here we present you 50 most beautiful triangle tattoos for men and women –

Three Triangle Tattoo ideas

1. If you show a triangle tattoo as an optical illusion like this then it would mean that you wish to show how a human get caught into the materialistic world.
Triangle Tattoo

2. If you opt for multiple triangle tattoos like this then it would mean you believe in ancient aliens (that aliens once visited the earth and made pyramids).
Best Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

3. If you show two triangles where one is lifted upward and the other is on the base then this would mean that you wish to show the difference between the human mind and the holy spirit.
Amazing Triangle Tattoos Design On Back Side

4. A cool idea would be to ink rastafari lion in a geometrical style on a triangle. It would represent your brave nature.
Black And Gray Triangle Tattoos Design

5. You can also ink other tattoo designs inside a triangle. Girl can opt for flower design (such as rose) as it would represent beauty.
Black Color Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas
alice in wonderland tattoo sleeve

6. If you show a triangle along with tree tattoo design then it would mean that you support wildlife conservation and eco-friendliness.
Bonsai Triangle Tattoo Design

7. You can give a new take to the dreamcatcher tattoo and try the triangular version which is something like this.
Circle And Triangle Tattoos On Hands

8. The sign of deathly hallows which include a triangle, a circle and a line is also very popular among harry potter fans.
Colored Tattoos Design And Ideas

9. Instead of simple triangle tattoo you can try a double exposure triangle tattoo design where the artist inks other tattoos in triangle.
Colorful Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

10. The circle represents the resurrection stone, the line represent the elder wand and the triangle represent the invisibility cloak (according to Harry potter franchise). The most popular triangle on the face of earth is the one near Bermuda and you probably already know about it.
Cool And Lovely Triangle Tattoos Design
micro tattoos for men

triangle tattoos for guys

11. Inking an ever watching eye in the triangle would symbolize illuminati (the secret society). It Is said that The illuminati control all major world affairs.
Cool Colorful Tattoos Design And Ideas

12. The downward triangle tattoo would represent feminism. You can empower it with a lioness or tigress tattoo.
Dot Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

13. If you ink a rose flower in a triangle tattoo then it would represent your love for nature.
Triangle Tattoos With Flower

14. This is logo of Illuminati and such tattoo look best on chest.
Eye And Triangle Tattoos Design On Hands

15. Triangle tattoos are one of the best matching tattoos that sibling can share.
Friendship Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

16. A large down facing triangle tattoo like this would show that you strongly support feminism.
Full Size Triangle Tattoos Design On Backside

17. You can also try a geometrical tattoo design in which triangle shape plays a vital role like this.
Geometric Triangle Tattoos Design On Arms

18. Showing a heart inside a triangle will mean that you are badly caught into a love affair and you wish to come out of it but you can’t.
Heart And Triangle Tattoos Design

19. A black and grey illuminati logo tattoo would look even more mysterious and gorgeous.
Illuminati Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

20. If you have more than two siblings then try a matching sibling tattoo with them. If you become father or mother of kids then add lines below them like this.
Line Triangle Tattoos Design

geometric triangle tattoo

21. If you believe that both men and women are equal (and believe in equal gender pay/rights) then you should try a double triangle tattoo like this.
Little Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

22. If you fill your triangle tattoo with solid color then it will represent that you are person who can control his/her emotions very well.
Markable Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

23. If you add name or initials to the three sides of your triangle tattoo then those will represent the three important person or pillars of your life.
Mini Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

24. Here is a stylish double exposure triangle tattoo that can be easily tried on wrist.
Nice Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

25. If you try a triangle tattoo similar to this design (where the lines are incomplete) then it would mean that you don’t care for perfection.
Simple Black Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

26. You can add the date of birth to your triangle tattoo to denote that this was the day when you got caught into the materialistic world.
Simple Line And Roman Numarel Tattoos Design And Ideas

27. When you get matching triangle tattoos with your siblings then don’t forget to ink the triangle that denotes you.
Small Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

28. This girl has a beautiful representation of triangle tattoos on her wrist. She got inked with 4 triangles. The two that intersect each other represent the male and female. While the two that don’t intersect represent god and soul.
Small Triangle Tattoos Design On Wrist

29. If your triangle tattoo design is made up using different shapes then it would simply denote that you believe that even two (or more) imperfect person can become perfect together.
Spontaneous Triangle Tattoos Design

30. You can try a tattoo of triangle that is inked using venn diagram.
Super Cool Triangle Tattoos Design

infinity triangle tattoo

31. Trying triangle tattoos that seem to be on opposite axis or are parallel is also a good idea. It would represent mind and soul in most cases.
Tiny Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

32. As triangle tattoos are small so a cool idea is to try them on fingers like this.
Tiny Triangle Tattoos Design On Fingers

33. If you add circles around the tattoo of your triangle then it would show that you believe in multiple lives where human born again and again.
Top Triangle Tattoos Design And Idea

34. Here is a perfectly inked geometrical tattoo that shows a deer and a triangle.
Triangle And Deer Tattoos Design

35. Here the artist inked a black rose on a triangle but the rose inside the triangle is not dark. This would show that even though the world is a dark place yet you try your best to make the place around you a better world.
Triangle And Flower Tattoos Design

36. Here is another beautiful and meaningful triangle tattoo where the artist represented earthlings as the triangle and the circles as the beautiful stars (sun and moon).
Triangle Plants Tattoos Design On Backside

37. If you add a wave inside your triangle tattoo then it would simply denote all the thoughts that you have in your mind yet you never find the true answer.
Triangle Tattoo Small

38. If you ink a shape or object between two parallel triangles tattoos then it would mean that you believe that object to be the link between god and soul. Here the artist inked a tree.
Two Triangle Tattoos Design On Biceps

39. Here the artist inked the universe inside a triangle but left a splash of color around it. This represents that we have very limited knowledge about the whole universe and the truth way beyond our imaginations.
Water Color Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas

40. Ink a down-facing triangle in a normal triangle tattoo and it would represent your support for gender equality. If you color them differently like this then it would mean you are criticizing the current situation of male and female rights.
Triangle Tattoos And Nail Art Design

what does a triangle tattoo mean

41. Inking a skull inside a triangle will mean that you believe all the soul that dies remain in this world only. It will also show your interest in paranormal activity.
Triangle Tattoos Design And Ideas For Women

42. If you try a watercolour triangle tattoo then beware that it might change into a glass flask like this.
Triangle Tattoos Design For Boys

43. Here is how a perfect parallel triangle tattoo would look like.
Triangle Tattoos Design For Girls

44. Egyptian calligraphy used triangle a lot. So you can add a triangle design to your Egyptian tattoo.
Triangle Tattoos Design For Women

45. As tattoo of triangles are mystical so a cool idea would be to try them on foot or ankle like this.
Triangle Tattoos Design On Foot

46. If you are fan of music then you can try fast forward or rewind design like this that uses triangles.
Triangle Tattoos Design On Hands

47. Girls can try a triangle tattoo where a flower design is inked between the triangle like this.
Triangle Tattoos Design On Tumblr

48. Many a times triangle tattoo represent restrictions but how about you show positive restrictions like happiness.
Triangle Tattoos Design With Font

49. Too many triangles tattoo will look odd so I would suggest you to try only one or two maximum.
Triangle Tattoos On Pinterest

50. Triangle tattoos also represent past, present and future so inking in style that shows time lapse or time travel would be a cool idea.
Triangle Tattoos Pictures

So which of the above triangle tattoos design you liked the most?

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