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Tattoos on the elbow are not a very common choice. Elbow tattoos are not as much popular as forearm tattoos or wrist tattoos but this doesn’t mean that they are avoided like face tattoos. Despite being on the visible part of body elbow tattoos are not in demand because of the pain caused in getting them.

Yes, Inside elbow tattoos can hurt but this doesn’t stop tattoo lovers to not top opt for them. If you are looking for interesting tattoo ideas for elbow then here you go. Here are 50 cool outer and inner elbow tattoos for men with meanings –

Cool Elbow Tattoos

1. If you wish to have a skull tattoo on your elbow then I would advise you ink it inside a tribal pattern as it will look majestic in such style.
Elbow Tattoos

2. Girls can try flower tattoos on the elbow and it would look even better if colored. Here is an example of a colorful flower tattoo along with three arrow tattoos behind the elbow of this lady.
Arrow Elbow Tattoos

3. In my opinion, simple elbow tattoos look much more beautiful than complicated tattoos on the elbow. Here is a simple sun tattoo on the elbow of this boy.
Amazing Elbow Tattoos

4. If you do not wish to have sleeve tattoos but still want to have unique tattoos on both arms then you should try matching elbow tattoos like this.
Asian Elbow Tattoos

5. Most elbow tattoos will be inspired from geometrical shapes and that too in circular style. Here is an elbow tattoo that seems to be inspired by the tribal art of Mayan civilization.

small foot tattoos for females

6. Sun tattoos are most suggested elbow tattoos because they perfectly suit the part. Here is a sunset tattoo design on elbow along with flying birds.
Best Elbow Tattoos

7. Another famous tattoo idea for elbow is the spider web tattoo. Here is how a spider web tattoo will look like on elbow.
Birds Elbow Tattoos

8. Black and grey tattoos suit elbow more than colored tattoos. Here is a black and grey book tattoo design on elbow.
Black Ink Elbow Tattoos

9. If you wish to cover up your elbow then you have to opt for an above elbow tattoo just like this colourful snake tattoo design.
Book Elbow Tattoos

10. You can opt for a large size nautical compass tattoo design too on elbow. Here is a compass tattoo that is mix up of Star of David and Ship wheel. If you have pain in elbow then read this guide to learn and do not consider getting tattoo in such case.
Cobra Elbow Tattoos

hummingbird tattoo meaning

elbow tattoos for men

11. Sisters can have matching tattoos on their elbows. One of the best idea for this would be the swinging sister tattoo as shown in this picture.
Compass Elbow Tattoos

12. Partial sleeve tattoo designs are also in trend. In such tattoos, the artist just inks the back of the elbow with a particular design that starts from the lower bicep and ends up to the upper forearm thus covering the whole elbow.
Couple Elbow Tattoos

13. Cross tattoo design can also be preferred for elbow but it would be even better if you opt for Celtic cross tattoo on elbow like this this.
Cover Up Elbow Tattoos

14. You can get your name initials inked on the elbow but as they will not be easily visible in a small size so you must have them mixed up with a beautiful design.
Cross Artistic Elbow Tattoos

15. Here is another cool elbow tattoo idea where the artist inked several music notes to make a symphony. Tattooing them in a random pattern make it even more attractive.
Different Elbow Tattoos Designs

16. You don’t have to opt for a simple web tattoo design. If you are a fan of Spider-man then you must opt for a thick spider web tattoo design like this on the elbow.
Elbow Tattoo Band

17. If you are not attracted to spider web tattoos then I would recommend you to try rangoli designs on elbow.
Elbow Tattoos For Boys

18. Maori tattoos also look beautiful on elbow. Here is a nautical compass tattoo that is inked just above a maori tattoo pattern on elbow.
Elbow Tattoos For Girl

19. You can opt for blackwork tattoo art for the elbow. In this style, the artist will ink your elbow with solid thick black ink and giving it a unique look as shown here.
Elbow Tattoos For Men

20. Another cool idea that you can try is to show an illusion pattern on your elbow. Here this lady has a circular pattern inked on her elbow that gives the illusion as if it is moving.
Elbow Tattoos For Women

traditional elbow tattoos

21. A creative tattoo artist can use the quality of elbow to make unique tattoos. For example, this guy got tattooed with a video game character on the elbow and due to the movement of the elbow, one would feel like the character is moving.
Elbow Tattoos Healing

22. Even though this design look simple but trusts me it took a lot of concentration and dedication to create such impressive elbow tattoo.
Elbow Tattoos Pinterest

23. The color combination and shading of this tattoo design is amazing. You too can try such coloring where two colors complement each other.
Elbow Tattoos Tumblr

24. The layer of elbow gives perfect space and style for an eye tattoo design therefore I would suggest you to try a beautiful eye tattoo on elbow.
Eye Elbow Tattoos

25. You can opt for religious tattoos too on elbow. Here is a tattoo of Hindu Lord Ganesha on the elbow of this guy.
Ganesha Elbow Tattoos

26. Instead of opting for gothic tattoos you can try funky tattoos too. For example, this guy opted for an hourglass tattoo on the elbow and the beauty of this tattoo is further increased by the coloring.
Hourglass Elbow Tattoos

27. As eye tattoo is often recommended on elbow then why not opt for an Illuminati eye tattoo. All you have to do is place an eye just inside the Illuminati triangle.
Illuminati Elbow Tattoos

28. Another meaningful tattoo for elbow would be the tree tattoo design. You can either try a palm tree tattoo on the elbow or a pine tree covered with snow.
Inner Elbow Tattoos

29. Elbow tattoos can fade away quickly so if you try a colorful flower tattoo design then I would recommend you to take good care of it or else it will fade away in no time.
Lotus Elbow Tattoos

30. There are many tribal patterns that you can try on your elbow but my favorite would be one that looks like shield just as shown in this picture.
Mandala Elbow Tattoos

elbow tattoos for females

31. If you wish to add quote to your tattoo design then keep it short and meaningful just like this short quote inked on elbow right below snowy mountains tattoo.
Mountain Elbow Tattoos

32. You can also have temporary tribal tattoos using watercolour or pastel color. Here are pastel tattoos on elbow.
Nice Elbow Tattoos

33. This elbow tattoo seems to be inspired by the poster of 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. The artist perfectly used negative shading to bring out a unique style.
Realistic Elbow Tattoos

34. Coin tattoos are rarely opted for but trust me elbow is good place for such tattoos. Who won’t admire a Dollar sign tattoo on elbow?
Roman Numerals Elbow Tattoos

35. If you have a beautiful tattoo on elbow then do not ruin it by adding meaningless tattoos nearby. This impressive elbow rose tattoo is ruined by the other tattoos.
Rose Elbow Tattoos

36. Elbow is a soft part of the body so elbow tattoos can hurt a lot. If you want to avoid such pain then I would advise you to try watercolor elbow tattoos.
Sailor Moon Elbow Tattoos

37. You must get your hands shaved before getting tattooed on the elbow. This majestic and pretty scorpion tattoo on the elbow of this boy would look even better on shaved hand.
Scorpion Elbow Tattoos

38. You do not have to opt for a bright colored tattoo to attract people. Good tattoo design with perfect coloring can also be impressive. Have a look at this elbow tattoo design.
Simple Elbow Tattoos

39. A good elbow tattoo choice would be to opt for gothic skull tattoos. Here is a majestic and large skull tattoo along with a knife and quote on the back elbow of this boy.
Skull Elbow Tattoos

40. You can try small and tiny tattoos on elbow too. For example here is a cute tic tac toe tattoo on elbow of this lady.
Small Elbow Tattoos

elbow tattoo ideas 2020

41. You can ask your artist to give 3D look to your elbow tattoo. Here is a 3D web tattoo design that also looks like the top of umbrella.
Spider Web Elbow Tattoos

42. Even though people prefer small star tattoos but if you want them on elbow then here is a unique star tattoo design for you.
Star Elbow Tattoos

43. Katy Perry made this style of Sanskrit shlokas popular. She has a Sanskrit tattoo on her inner bicep. You can try a Sanskrit quote tattoo on the elbow like this.
Sun Elbow Tattoos

44. You can try a simple crop tattoo design on your elbow too. It might look like an emblem from distance.
Tiny Elbow Tattoos

45. If you try a neo-tribal tattoo design on your elbow then I bet you will leave a long-lasting impression on the mind of people. Have a look at this amazing neo-tribal elbow tattoo.
Traditional Elbow Tattoos

46. Here is another cool example of neo tribal elbow tattoo but the artist used a light shading too so that this sun tattoo design gives a unique look.
Tribal Sun Elbow Tattoos

47. As elbow is the best place to get shield tattoo so as an American why shouldn’t we try Captain America’s Shield as the tattoo?
Unique Elbow Tattoos

48. If your elbow tattoo design starts fading away then I would recommend you to restyle it using watercolors as it will bring the tattoo back to life.
Watercolor Madala Elbow Tattoos

49. An anchor tattoo design on elbow will be very meaningful especially if you or your loved one is in navy.
Wheel And Anchor Elbow Tattoos

50. If you are still confused for your elbow tattoo then I would recommend you to try tribal sketches and drawings available on Pinterest, and Deviantart for your tattoo design.
Colourful Elbow Tattoos

So which elbow tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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