50+ Foot Tattoos For Women (2024) Small Designs & Ideas

It is hard to find small foot tattoos as most boys and girls prefer to have large size tattoos on foot. As feet are hidden most of the times so you can try any type of tattoo design on them but it doesn’t mean that you opt for an ugly looking tattoo. We have chosen here 50 stylish foot tattoo design for men and women –

Small Foot Tattoos

1. I think this flower tattoo pattern is most suitable for teenage girls because of the vibrant colors.
Foot Tattoos

2. Although I often advice people to get name tattoos on upper part of the body but if you want the relationship to be a secret then foot is the best part for it.
Foot Tattoo 2

3. Flower designs are the best tattoo design that a girl could get on her feet. You can have them on one foot or better on both.
Foot Tattoo 1

4. Some tribes consider that dreamcatcher tattoos are lucky on foot. So you can try a stylish dreamcatcher tattoo design on foot.
Foot Tattoo 3

5. Foot is not visible all the time so it is one of the best place to get weird and offbeat tattoos like this.
Foot Tattoo 4
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6. For beginners I would suggest to opt for simple foot tattoo designs. Such as this snake tattoo on foot looks elegant and adorable.
Foot Tattoo 5

7. Feather tattoo design will suit on boys and girls who keep their feet open most of the times but also protect them from dust and pollution (else the feather tattoo will fade away quickly).
Foot Tattoo 6

8. This is a fresh foot tattoo design and if the wearer does not mess up in aftercare then It will turn out as a brilliant tattoo on foot.
Foot Tattoo 7

9. I advise my clients to not to have colourful tattoos on foot. This is because colourful tattoos wear off way more quickly on foot and you will regret the decision.
Foot Tattoo 8

10. The positioning of tattoo also matters a lot in foot tattoos. For example this flower tattoo design will stay hidden under socks and sandals. Many sites claim that even Dolly parton has a small tattoo on her foot .
Foot Tattoo 9
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foot tattoos for women

11. Girls should surely avoid colourful foot tattoos because they might not find a matching nail polish with it which will irritate them a lot.
Foot Tattoo 10

12. Again, Foot is the best place to get weird tattoos and here is boar and hen tattoo design on foot.
Foot Tattoo 12

13. Tribal tattoo design can look good any part of body. Foot is no different. Here Is a beautiful tribal tattoo design on foot.
Foot Tattoo 14

14. Most common foot tattoo designs are either front facing or like bracelets. You can have a foot tattoo on the side like this.
Foot Tattoo 15

15. It is common to have heartbreak tattoos. But most people cross the limit and have stupid tattoos. I would advice you to have a heartbreak tattoo on foot so that you do not regret it later.
Foot Tattoo 18

16. This is a simpler foot tattoo design that can also be achieved using Henna or Mehandi.
Foot Tattoo 19

17. Anchor tattoo design on foot will be symbolic because just like your foot, anchor also provides stability.
Foot Tattoo 20

18. If you have tiny feet then there would be no better tattoo design than flowers. Just pick up your favourite flower tattoo and get it inked on foot.
Foot Tattoo 21

19. If you want to dedicate a tattoo to your pet then foot is among the best body parts to have it.
Foot Tattoo 22

20. I call such tattoos as stretchable tattoos where the tattoo is on a part that could be stretched.
Foot Tattoo 23

feet tattoos for females

21. Although this foot tattoo design is majestic but I am afraid that it will not stay long. The coloring of this tattoo will fade away.
Foot Tattoo 24

22. This rose flower tattoo design is so beautiful that you can have it on any part of body.
Foot Tattoo 25

23. Many boys and girls think of getting tattoos in the style of foot bracelet but that is not necessary. Here is a front facing foot tattoo design.
Foot Tattoo 27

24. I don’t think foot Is an ideal part for portrait tattoos but some of my friends admired this tattoo too much.
Foot Tattoo 29

25. This is a unique foot tattoo design. You too can dedicate a tattoo to your pet just like this paw tattoo design.
Foot Tattoo 30

26. Tattoo artist hardly suggest for realistic tattoos on foot because they will not be visible all the time.
Foot Tattoo 31

27. If you are looking for a cover up tattoo design on foot then I would suggest you to have a flower tattoo design like this.
Foot Tattoo 32

28. Who says that flower tattoos only suit girls? Here is a flower tattoo design on the foot of a boy.
Foot Tattoo 33

29. You can try a mix up tattoo design. Such as here is a mix up of a dreamcatcher tattoo and a flower tattoo on foot.
Foot Tattoo 34

30. Foot is also an ideal place to get matching tattoos. They need not to be meaningful to the world but to the couple itself.
Foot Tattoo 35

traditional ladies foot tattoos

31. I don’t know why the person tried to have a tooth tattoo on foot but I think it is adorable.

Foot Tattoo 36

32. A subtle and simple tattoo design on foot will look more attractive than a complex tattoo. Foot Tattoo 37

33. If you consider for a quote tattoo on foot then make sure that the quote is short and meaningful. A lengthy quote will not look good on foot. Foot Tattoo 38

34. Only a genius tattoo artist can think of such tattoo design. Foot Tattoo 39

35. One good pairing design for foot tattoos would be the black and white tattoo design. Foot Tattoo 40

36. A Pedicure before a foot tattoo design will improve the quality of tattoo very much. Foot Tattoo 41

37. One most popular foot tattoo idea is butterfly and star tattoo design. Foot Tattoo 42

38. 3D tattoo designs are hard to do on foot but if you pick up a simple design like this starfish then you might be impressed with the results. Foot Tattoo 43

39. Here is an anchor tattoo design with a bow tie and a cute small flower on it. Foot Tattoo 44

40. This is a mix up tattoo of a compass and a heart. Such design will suit navy men. Foot Tattoo 45

name tattoos on foot

41. Devil tattoo designs are very popular among both male and females if you want to. Foot Tattoo 46

42. Bird tattoo design is also a popular option for foot tattoo. Foot Tattoo 47

43. I don’t know what tattoo design is this but it surely will keep people wondering. Foot Tattoo 48

44. You can also try a cherry blossom tattoo design on foot or even a dragonfly tattoo design like this. Foot Tattoo 49

45. Foot tattoo design do not hurt as much as stomach tattoo or ear tattoo design but if you pick as design like this (fairy tattoo) then you might have to bear some pain. Foot Tattoo 50

46. This is one of the most innovative and impressive tattoo designs on foot. It will be hard to find a tattoo artist who can copy such design. Foot Tattoo 51

47. Beautiful flying butterflies are among the most beautiful foot tattoo design. Foot Tattoo 52

48. Pokemon tattoos are not so common but they are still among most popular tattoo designs. Foot Tattoo 53

49. You can also try music note tattoos or heartbeat tattoos on foot. Foot Tattoo 54

50. Foot tattoo need not to be just on foot but they can be expanded up to calf just like this. Foot Tattoo 55

So which foot tattoos design you liked the most?

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