125+ Best Watercolor Tattoos for Women (2024) With Pros & Cons

You must know about the pros and cons of watercolor tattoos before trying one. Indeed, Watercolor tattoo fades away much quicker than normal tattoos. But this doesn’t mean you should avoid them.

The watercolor tattoo is the most recent tattoo trend that is sweeping away all other tattoo techniques. They have only been in trend for the past few years which raises many questions regarding them. One obvious question is how good watercolor tattoos are?

Here we discuss everything regarding watercolor tattoos along with 125+ watercolor tattoo ideas that will suit both men and women-

Watercolor flower Tattoos

watercolor bird tattoo

1. Watercolor tattoos are not considered for grown up men and women so it doesn’t matter if you have a childish watercolor tattoo design.
Watercolor Sleeve Tattoos

2. A good idea for a watercolor tattoo would be to have a tribal tattoo design and spark it with vibrant watercolors. My favorite would be a watercolor wedding ring tattoo design.
Anchor Watercolor Tattoos

3. Some tattoo artist can give water color tattoos a serious look. Here is a perfect example of a detailer watercolor tattoo.
Raven Watercolor Tattoo

4. Girls prefer watercolor tattoos more than boys. So what would be better designed than a watercolor flower tattoo along with the butterfly?
Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos

5. You might like a trippy tattoo design crafted using watercolor. Here is a stylish watercolor tattoo design on the forearm of this girl. But please be aware about the risk of such tattoos.
Watercolor Tattoos For Women

Watercolor Rose Tattoo

6. If a boy is interested in watercolor tattoo then I would suggest them to have it on the rib cage as they can hide it whenever they want.
Watercolor Skull Tattoo

7. Geometric symbols and signs are easy to make using watercolor. Here is a geometric star tattoo design made using water color.
Watercolor Compass Tattoo

8. I have to admit that I am pretty much impressed with this unique watercolor tattoo design. The artist beautifully used the watercolor as clouds around a tribal star.
Cool Watercolor Tattoos

9. One problem with watercolor tattoos is that they fade away easily. Here is how a faded watercolor tattoo design would look.
Watercolor Tattoo Designs

10. Here is another beautiful before and after photo of a watercolor tattoo design.
Abstract Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor Tattoos Pros and Cons
PROS of Watercolor Tattoo –

  • Watercolor tattoos look pleasingly beautiful. There is no denying in that.
  • They give a feel of an artistic painting. So if you like that you will love watercolor tattoos.
  • They are the latest trend and if you are a person who loves to be trendy then this is the perfect choice for you.

CONS Of Watercolor Tattoo –

  • They Age Badly. Like Real Bad. They do not stand the taste of time. They fade away and leaves a colored blob which is hard to understand.
  • They are not easy to ink. I have seen many watercolor tattoos go wrong even from experienced artists.

Watercolor phoenix Tattoos

11. One advantage of watercolor tattoos is that they will not hurt and you can play around with any color of your choice. In fact i would suggest you to try a watercolor tattoo in white ink.
Watercolor Tattoo Sleeves

12. Whoa! This is an impressive watercolor tattoo of an elephant and flower on the shoulder of this girl.
Watercolor Cute Elephant Tattoos Design

13. Do not have a large size watercolor tattoo design because the color will fade away soon and the skin will look ugly.
Watercolor Back Tattoos

14. Here is a beautiful giraffe watercolor tattoo on the forearm of this cute girl.
Watercolor Arm Tattoos

15. The tattoo artist made a beautiful watercolor cat tattoo but you can see the color is fading away so it is losing its look.
Watercolor Cat Tattoo

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

16. You do not need to have a complete tattoo using watercolors. You can use crayons to add outline to your tattoo.
Watercolor Heart Tattoo

17. Is that Hulk or is that Buffed up Green Lantern? I am unable to understand because the color has faded.
Watercolor Tattoo Fade

18. Here is how a watercolor tattoo should be. First have a real tattoo then color the boundaries with watercolor.
Tattoo Watercolor

19. Most people want watercolor tattoos because they can add multiple colors to it. But trust me a black watercolor tattoo would look more majestic than a colorful tattoo.
Black Watercolor Tattoo

20. From an artist point of view it is very hard to have a 3D watercolor tattoo but if you can find such artist then go for it.
Watercolor Flower Tattoo

Do Watercolor Tattoos Hurt More?
No, they Don’t. Many people think that watercolor tattoo requires a whole new setup with new machines. You are wrong. Watercolor tattoo follows the same style of tattooing as regular tattoos. They do not hurt more than normal tattoos.

Watercolor dreamcatcher Tattoos

21. Here is a small watercolor butterfly tattoo on the back neck of this cute girl. Don’t you think small wildlife tattoos are cute?
Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

22. Here is why I suggest you to not use watercolor tattoos to write quotes or name or word – Because it will fade away.
Watercolor Thigh Tattoos

23. This is unique watercolor tattoo design of a sea wave and ship.
Geometric Watercolor Tattoos

24. The tattoo artist focused too much on shading the tattoo with dark watercolors. Use light watercolors as they suit every skin type.
Watercolor Rose Tattoo

25. If you have a simple tattoo design and it is fading away then you add some watercolors to it and it will come back to life again.
Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoo

Watercolor Tree Tattoo

26. Bow down to this tattoo artist who made such amazing eye tattoo design. I am impressed.
Watercolor Tattoos For Men

27. Star and anchor tattoo design are popular among sailors. You can add watercolors to it to make them look more impressive.
Watercolor Style Tattoos

28. Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has several colorful characters. You can choose any character for your watercolor tattoo but none would look as impressive as Cheshire Cat.
Watercolor Cat Tattoos

29. Red Fox tattoos are rare to find. Such tattoos suit girls.
Watercolor Fox Tattoo

30. You can have matching watercolor tattoos like this. They will suit siblings specially brother sister.
Small Watercolor Tattoo

Are Watercolor Tattoos Permanent?
If they are done using a tattoo machine then yes they are permanent. But if they are made using watercolor paint and brush then they are temporary. They can not be called exactly as tattoos. They will fade away overnight.

Watercolor skull Tattoos

31. Most people love to have a tattoo of their pet and trust me for such tattoos watercolor is best. If you don’t have a pet then try wing tattoos on back.
Watercolor Paw Print Tattoo

32. Here is a watercolor tattoo design on the thigh of this girl.
Watercolor Tree Tattoos

33. Watercolor tattoos can be confusing sometimes. For example, This watercolor tattoo make the quote unreadable.
Watercolor Tattoos Fade

34. Watercolor tattoo have very small age. They can last up to a week, given that you take a lot care of it.
Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

35. Here is how a watercolor tattoo will look after time has passed (weeks).
Watercolor Tattoos For Guys

Watercolor Feather Tattoo

36. You will find thousands of watercolor tattoo designs on site like tumblr and pinterest.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos

37. You can have a watercolor tattoo dedicated to your kid. This will be a cool idea.
Watercolor Foot Tattoos

38. Most beautiful watercolor tattoos are either of landscape or a beautiful nature scene.
Watercolor Tree Tattoo

39. I am not able to understand the technique used by the tattoo artist to craft this beautiful tattoo but I am impressed.
Temporary Watercolor Tattoos

40. Instead of going for a universe tattoo or a tree tattoo design you can have a simple watercolor tattoo design like this.
Simple Watercolor Tattoos

Are Watercolor tattoos Expensive
The cost of a watercolor tattoo will depend on the size of the tattoo along with the sessions that it took to be completed. Black tattoos have carbon-based ink thus making it more expensive but watercolor tattoo uses the only base of pigments. They are not costly but still as not everyone can ink them, therefore, a tattoo artist might charge more from you.

Watercolor horse Tattoos

41. Here is a watercolor tattoo design on the bicep of this girl. This is inspired by harry potter tattoos. If you don’t like it then try a watercolor world map tattoo on arm.
Best Watercolor Tattoos

42. Another example of matching watercolor tattoo design that features Jellyfish.
Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo

43. No, this is not a magician. It is inspired from Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland. Watercolor tattoo trend is considered as the most common tattoos to avoid.
Watercolor Tattoo Men

44. You can have a name tattoo and color the background with Watercolor.
Old Watercolor Tattoo

45. I don’t know what kind of weird symbol it is but such watercolor tattoo design would look unique and attractive.
Small Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor Star Tattoo

46. This temporary watercolor tattoos is made impressive with a beautiful quote added to it.
Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

47. Here is how a fresh watercolor tattoo will look. Surely it will fade away after some time but for the time being, it looks good.
Geometric Watercolor Tattoo

48. Hourglass tattoo will be ironical watercolor tattoo design. As they tattoo will fade away so it will suggest how time passes quickly.
Abstract Watercolor Tattoo

49. Legs or calf are good place for watercolor tattoo because you can wear shorts and thus can take more care of the tattoo.
Watercolor Moon Tattoo

50. Here is a wave watercolor tattoo design on the chest of this guy.
Beautiful Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor flower tattoo

Amazing Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor butterfly tattoo

Bear Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor rose tattoo

Best Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor elephant tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos Watercolor

watercolor owl tattoo

Christian Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor tree tattoo

Coolest Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor phoenix tattoo

Disney Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor hummingbird tattoo

Forearm Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor feather tattoo

Full Sleeve Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor tattoo artists near me

Geometric Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor tattoo ideas

Half Sleeve Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor wolf tattoo

Horse Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor heart tattoo

Joker Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor cat tattoo

Little Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor tattoo artists

Love Tattoos Watercolor

watercolor sunflower tattoo

Mens Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor tattoo flower

Mermaid Watercolor Tattoos

small watercolor tattoo

Nature Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor paw print tattoo

Owl Tattoos Watercolor

watercolor dragonfly tattoo

Phoenix Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor galaxy tattoo

Pigeon Watercolor Tattoos

phoenix watercolor tattoo

Quote Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor dragon tattoo

Red Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor moon tattoo

Rose Tattoo Watercolor

tattoo watercolor

Shoulder Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor cherry blossom tattoo

Sketch Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor lotus tattoo

Small Watercolor Tattoos For Women

watercolor fox tattoo

Star Wars Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor lion tattoo

Sun Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor flowers tattoo

Sunflower Tattoos Watercolor

watercolor bird tattoo

Temporary Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor tattoo sleeve

Tiny Watercolor Tattoos

lion watercolor tattoo

Tree Tattoos Watercolor

watercolor tiger tattoo

Watercolor Cover Up Tattoo

watercolor arrow tattoo

Watercolor Eye Tattoo

watercolor compass tattoo

Watercolor Guitar Tattoo

watercolor jellyfish tattoo

Watercolor Koi Fish Tattoos

flower watercolor tattoo

Watercolor Panda Tattoo

watercolor dandelion tattoo

Watercolor Pine Tree Tattoo

black watercolor tattoo

Watercolor Rib Tattoos

watercolor tattoo artist

Watercolor Shoulder Tattoo

aged watercolor tattoo

Watercolor Shoulder Tattoos

geometric watercolor tattoo

Watercolor Sister Tattoo

watercolor sleeve tattoo

Watercolor Sparrow Tattoo

watercolor tattoo fade

Watercolor Stomach Tattoos

wolf watercolor tattoo

Watercolor Tattoo Birds

watercolor tattoo designs

Watercolor Tattoo Cat

watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo

Watercolor Tattoo Designs For Men

watercolor mermaid tattoo

Watercolor Tattoo Dragon

Watercolor Tattoo Flash

Watercolor Tattoo Tiger

Watercolor Tattoos Designs

Watercolor Tattoos Flower

Watercolor Tattoos For Couples

Watercolor Tattoos For Thighs

Watercolor Tattoos Ideas

Watercolor Tulip Tattoo

Watercolor Wolf Tattoos

Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Watercolor Dandelion Tattoo

Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo

Watercolor Dragon Tattoo

Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Watercolor Feather Tattoo

Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo

Watercolor Horse Tattoo

Watercolor Lion Tattoo

Watercolor Lotus Tattoo

Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo

Watercolor Owl Tattoo

Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo

Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo

Watercolor Tiger Tattoo

Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

Women Watercolor Tattoos

Worst Watercolor Tattoos

Which watercolor tattoo design you liked the most and why?

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