160 Forearm Tattoos for Women & Men (2018)

Tribal Forearm Tattoos

31. You can also try cluster of stars on your forearm. You can form them in a specific constellation or a random style like this.(short quote tattoos for guys)
forearm stars tattoos

32. This amazing wolf tattoo design will be hard to make but if carried out perfectly it will be one of the best tattoo of your life.
forearm tattoos men

33. If you want a cover up tattoo on your forearm then this design might suit you as it covers up most of the portion of forearm.
half sleeve tattoos forearm

34. Due to the design of this tattoo I will not recommend it to people with thin forearm as it might cause pain to them.
forearm tattoos for men

35. If you are looking for temporary inner forearm tattoo design then here is one cool idea for you.
forearm tattoos for women

36. This niddle tattoo design will not suit outer forearm as much as inner forearm.
forearm tattoos tumblr

37. This tree tattoo design on forearm could be decorated with quotes or strong words like ‘Believe’ or ‘Faith’.
tree tattoos forearm

38. Many people have claimed that tattoos on forearm had adverse effect on their veins. If you are in doubt then I would suggest you to pick up a simple forearm tattoo design like this.
outer forearm tattoos

39. I bet that you will be as surprised and impressed with this beautiful wolf tattoo on forearm as me.
forearm wolf tattoos

40. Although I won’t suggest having tattoos on both forearm but if you want a unique idea then here is one for both forearms.
unique forearm tattoos