50 Best Hand Tattoos For Women & Men (2018)

Cool Hand Tattoos

31. There is always a sad tattoo design in every tattoo gallery and here is ours – A stabbed heart on the left hand of this guy.(Legend of zelda triforce tattoos)
heart tattoos on hand

32. Flower tattoo design can also be done with leaves on the side and here is a beautiful example of it.
rose tattoos on hand

33. Different flower tattoos have different meaning and if you want a serious looking design then I would suggest you to opt for black rose.
black rose hand tattoos

34. You can have the name of your lover inked on your hand. You might regret it in later life but for the time being you will enjoy it.
man hand tattoos

35. This skull tattoo is majestic because it is inspired from the famous Marvel Superhero Ghost Rider.
skull tattoos on hand

36. You also can have animated tattoos on hand and this animated tattoo seems to come out directly from Tim Burton’s text book.
hand tattoos for girls

37. If you want to have a mythical tattoo then choose either Greek tattoos or Egyptian tattoos.
wolf hand tattoos

38. If you are a wildlife lover and believe in wildlife conservation then a hand tattoo will be the best way to express your thoughts.
elephant tattoos on hand

39. Here is a hand tattoo gone wrong. The tattoo artist might have tried for a native indian but terribly failed.
hand tattoos tumblr

40. Owls are wise but lazy if you are like them then here is a cute owl tattoo design on hand for you.
geometric hand tattoos