50 Best Hand Tattoos For Women & Men (2018)

Some people consider hand tattoos to be a bad idea. This is because hand tattoos are visible all the time and you might get bored of it easily. Plus If the hand tattoo go wrong then you will have to wrap your hands all the time. Also, hand tattoos are not allowed by many companies and they are illegal in several countries too. However, if you are a die-hard tattoo lover and want a hand tattoo for yourself then we have a beautiful tattoo gallery of hand tattoos. Pick your favourite design from these 50 best hand tattoos for men and women –

Hand Tattoos For Men

1. This hand tattoo seems to be inspired from popular 80s movie Gremlins. The dagger on the left hand also looks beautiful.(Realistic tattoos on neck)
couples hand tattoos

2. You do not need to cover up your whole hand in hand tattoos. Instead you can opt for a subtle approach and have a nice hand tattoo like this.
side hand tattoos

3. If you want to check how a tattoo would look on your hand then try watercolour tattoos on hand and the best design would be of flowers.
female hand tattoos

4. You can also have tattoo of your spirit animal on your hand and the very best design would be of animal like lion or tiger.
hand tattoos pictures

5. Many guys like to have scary tattoos on their body and here is a devil tattoo on the hand of this boy.
cool hand tattoos designs

6. This tattoo isn’t just geometric shapes on hand but actually a solar system tattoo. You can opt for galaxy tattoo or even universe tattoo.
hand and finger tattoos

7. It is rare to see flower tattoos on a boy and that too on the visible part of body. If you dare enough then here is a beautiful design for you.
rose hand tattoos

8. Candy skull tattoo designs are very popular among girls. Though, hand would not be the very best place to have a skull tattoo but one have to agree that it will look beautiful.
skull hand tattoos

9. Illuminati tattoo designs are also unique and popular. But they should be on visible part of body and what would be better place than hands.
eye hand tattoos

10. You can also have a quote tattoo on your hand but that quote should be close to your heart as it will be in front of your 24/7.
word hand tattoos