50 Best Hand Tattoos For Women & Men (2018)

Hand Tattoos For Girls

21. Most guys love to have girl portrait tattoo on their body and if you don’t have any girl portrait tattoo yet then I will suggest you to go for it.(Feminine tattoos for female)
cool hand tattoos

22.If you want to send a strong message to the world through your tattoo then hand is the best part for it.
hand tattoos for women

23. The best hand tattoo design for a girl would be a jewellery tattoo design and here is a beautiful hand jewellery tattoo for the women.
easy hand tattoos

24. Another cool hand tattoo design for girls would be to have a wedding ring or simply a ring tattoo design. Here is a ring tattoo design made from Henna.
henna hand tattoos

25. Flower tattoo design also look good on hands but remember they will need a lot of after care. Also know that flower tattoo might be painful on hand due to their complex design.
red hand tattoos

26. One of the most unique tattoo designs on hand would be the bone tattoo design. Here is one for example.
cool hand tattoos for guys

27. This unique hand tattoo design is very popular on sites like Tumblr and pinterest. You too can try it.
girl hand tattoos

28. This flower tattoo design on hand is made more beautiful by the bee on it.
hand tattoos designs

29. Although people choose to have red color flower tattoo design on hand but a blue color flower would look beautiful too.
flower hand tattoos

30. Is it Batman logo? Is it a variation of lower tattoo? Is it map of the world? What do you think?
traditional hand tattoos