50 Best Tattoos for Women With Meaning (2018)

Arm Tattoos for Women

41. You do not have to try a full back tattoo design. I would recommend you to try a geometrical flower tattoo on your upper back like this.(Small tattoos designs for girl)
tattoos for women

42. If you love music then a cool tattoo idea would be to try a music inspired tattoo on your body. Try headphone tattoo if you love listening to music or a mic tattoo if you love singing.
tattoos ideas for women

43. The most beautiful tattoo design that you can have on your thigh is garter tattoo. But if you wish to have any other designs then try tribal patterns.
thigh tattoos for women

44. If you wish to have a tattoo that describes your hobbies then have it small or tiny size. Let people observe them and deduce their meaning, instead of you running around like an open book.
tiny tattoos for women

45. This tree tattoo design can be improved by making it a standing tree. This is why I say placement is important in tattoos. Try a tree tattoo design on your lower back that expands on your whole back.
tree tattoos for women

46. When geometry and tribal patterns mixes a new kind of beauty evolves. Here is a really beautiful example of such tribal tattoos.
tribal tattoos for women

47. You won’t believe how many female clients ask for under chest tattoos. The best design is to try a half moon in tribal pattern.
under chest tattoos for women

48. When it comes to unique tattoos most artists run out of inspiration. I would suggest you to think out of the box and imagine normal tattoo designs in unusual situations.
unique tattoos for women

49. Dandelion tattoos also have fan following among tattoo lovers. I prefer dandelion tattoos on upper arm like this.
upper arm tattoos for women

50. Here is a tiny rose tattoo tattooed on the side of the wrist. It would look even better if it matches with your husband or boyfriend.
wrist tattoos for women

So which tattoos for women from the above photo gallery you would recommend to your friends?