50 Best Tattoos for Women With Meaning (2018)

Small Tattoos for Women

31. Sisters often like to have small matching tattoos. One cool design is to have heart tattoos on their wrist. The number of hearts should be equal to the number of sisters or siblings.(Geometric tattoos for men)
simple tattoos for women

32. Skull tattoos are not exclusive to men. In fact I find sugar skull tattoos more attractive on women. Here is a beautiful sugar skull tattoo on the outer bicep of this woman.
skull tattoos for women

33. If you are one of those [email protected] tattoo lovers who won’t mind a sleeve tattoo then I would recommend you to try geometrical flower tattoos on sleeve. It would represent circle of life.
sleeve tattoos for women

34. Semi colon tattoos gained world-wide popularity after they were linked to mental illness. So if you or any of your family member is struggling with psychological illness then you can show support by dedicating a semi colon tattoo to them.
small tattoos for women

35. You know which kind of tattoos look sexiest on women? Spine tattoos. Try a flower vine tattoo on spine and I bet all the eyes would be on you.
spine tattoos for women

36. Star tattoos are among the most recommended tattoos for women. The best place to have them is behind the ear. I would suggest you to have small size stars as they will look more attractive.
stars tattoos for women

37. Have you seen the movie ‘The VVitch’? If you have seen the film then you surely know about the goat Black Phillip. Try a black goat tattoo on stomach if you like gothic tattoos.
stomach tattoos for women

38. You know the best feeling a women can experience in her life? It is the feeling of motherhood. So why not celebrate this feeling with baby paw tattoo designs on stomach like this.
tattoos designs for women

39. Quote tattoos are more searched by women than men. If you opt for a quote tattoo then please have it in large size so it is readable.
tattoos for women quotes

40. I would recommend quote tattoos that are more meaningful to you than to others. Try optimistic and inspirational quote tattoos like this.
tattoos for women with meaning