50 Best Tattoos for Women With Meaning (2018)

Tribal Tattoos for Women

11. Women often ignore chest tattoos but trust me they can be the best tattoo on your body. Take this eye tattoo for example. I bet you won’t be able to take eyes of this chest tattoo.(Best friend symbol tattoos)
chest tattoos for women

12. If you decide to have flower tattoo design on your back then you can expand it up to shoulder and collar bone. Here is how the leaves of flower vine would look on collar bone.
collar bone tattoos for women

13. Sun and moon tattoos are often suggested to couples. So you can try a sun and moon tattoo design with your S.O. and wrist is best place for it.
cool tattoos for women

14. As a religious person I often admire cross tattoos. Even though I recommend my clients to have them on chest but cross tattoos will look good on back as well.
cross tattoos for women

15. There are many cute tattoos pictures available online but in my opinion placement of such tattoos will matter more.
cute tattoos for women

16. If you do not want to have a large size tattoo then try a tiny and small tattoo. Fingers are best for small tattoos. You can try religious symbols for it.
finger tattoos for women

17. As I said flowers are the most popular tattoo designs among women. But the type of flower you choose for your tattoo also tells a lot about your personality. For example sun flower tattoo represents hope and optimism.
flower tattoos for women

18. Foot tattoos are more popular among women than men. I advise flower tattoos on foot. Avoid word tattoos on foot because they will not be visible all the time to everyone.
foot tattoos for women

19. You can try old school traditional tattoos too. Here is a traditional tattoo on the forearm of this woman inspired from pin up girls of 1930s.
forearm tattoos for women

20. Men often opt tribal patterns for half sleeve tattoos. But women should try other designs like a large bird or animal.
half sleeve tattoos for women