175+ American Traditional Tattoos Designs With Meanings (2022)

Traditional Tattoo

Most traditional tattoos are inspired by the traditional American culture but you can also opt for traditional European tattoos or British tattoos. Traditional tattoos are the tattoos that were in trend during the early tattooing days when people used a different ink for tattoos. The tattoo designing art has evolved a lot over the years but many people still admire the traditional tattoos of the early 1900s. Here we picked up 180 amazing traditional tattoos ideas for men and women –

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Neo Traditional tattoos Ideas

simple American traditional tattoos

1. In my opinion, the most popular and most amazing traditional tattoos were those that were inspired by Native American artwork. Such as here is a native American tribal tattoo 2019 design.
traditional sleeve tattoos

american classic tattoo style

neo american traditional tattoos

2. Weird girl portrait tattoos were a norm during the 1900s. Here is an odd girl portrait tattoo on the inner bicep of this guy.
American Traditional Tattoos Designs

traditional tattoo sleeve ideas

traditional british tattoos

3. Skull tattoos are in tradition ever since the late 1800s but they got insanely popular during the world war era.
Traditional Tattoos

american traditional style tattoos

american traditional tattoos rules

4. If you wish to have traditional sleeve tattoos then you should try snake tattoos because they are perfect choice for it.
American Traditional Tattoos

old school american tattoo

american traditional tattoos for men

5. Another popular combination of skull tattoos was a skull and devil tattoo design like this. The artist added devil wings to this skull tattoo.
Traditional Skull Tattoos

traditional american tattoo sleeve

neo traditional rose tattoo

6. The 1900s saw two world wars and over half of the world population were employed in the army so it is obvious that there were lots of navy related tattoos in tradition such as this.
Traditional Style Tattoos

american traditional shoulder tattoo

classic tattoos for men

7. Religious tattoos were also very popular. You can try a traditional Mary Magdalene tattoo design as shown here.
Old School Traditional Tattoos

american traditional half sleeve

american traditional tattoos flash

8. People were very sensitive on subjects like nationalism so therefore many people wore traditional patriotic tattoos such as bald eagle tattoos.
Traditional Arm Tattoos

american traditional sleeve filler

american traditional tattoos designs

9. Even though cross tattoos are in existence since the medieval era yet they got a unique makeover and popularity in the 20th century.
Traditional Cross Tattoos

american traditional tattoo drawings

old school tattoos sleeves

10. If you wish to have a traditional snake tattoo design then better make it aggressive because a cute and girly snake tattoo design was not acceptable in those times. If you want to learn more about traditional art then you can read it here.
American traditional snake tattoos

Traditional American tattoos

11. A good traditional tattoo idea is to opt for any design and give a traditional tribal background in your favourite color just like this amazing elephant tattoo.
Traditional Shoulder Tattoos

12. Traditional tattoos were inspired by the real feelings of the heart and as they were in trend during the era of war so a lot of traditional tattoos were aggressive like this.
Traditional Tattoos Meaning

13. Here is another beautiful traditional tattoo design that shows a ship inside a broken vase and is really meaningful for people who lost relatives and friends in war.
Traditional Rose Tattoos

14. Is that a rabbit or a rat? If you opt for a large size traditional tattoo then please have it on chest or back.
Traditional Tattoos For Guys

15. This impressive traditional tattoo design is inspired from a bunny and a stag (deer). I would recommend it to people who believe in wildlife conservation.
Simple Traditional Tattoos

american traditional bear tattoo

16. Middle east has attracted America the most so it will be a nice traditional tattoo idea to try a middle eastern girl portrait tattoo.
Old Traditional Tattoos

17. You will never ever have such interesting bug or insect tattoo design. This beetle tattoo wouldn’t have looked interesting if it was not given a traditional look.
Black Traditional Tattoos

18. Adding a quote to the tattoo design was not much in trend during that era but you can restyle your traditional tattoo by adding a quote to it.
Traditional Bird Tattoos

19. You can have a native American traditional sleeve tattoo design and it will look even more amazing if you have thick biceps and forearms.
Traditional Native American Tattoos

20. As traditional tattoos are colourful therefore it is a must that the color you choose complement each other or otherwise the tattoo would be a huge fail.
Neo Traditional Tattoos

Small Traditional tattoos

21. You can also opt for a traditional clown tattoo design and it doesn’t need to have a funny look. It can be scary too.
Traditional Tattoos For Women

22. Among all the animal tattoos, wolf tattoos were most popular because they were considered to be sacred and fierce by many tribal cultures.
Traditional Hand Tattoos

23. Here is another attractive take on skull tattoo design where the skull is shown into a soldier uniform.
American Traditional Tattoos Oliver Peck

24. A traditional flower tattoo design will look incomplete without a dagger tattoo so make sure you add it too.
Traditional Flower Tattoos

25. You can also opt for a monster tattoo design in traditional tattoos and it don’t have to be big. In fact a small design will look fine.
Best Traditional Tattoos

traditional chinese tattoos

26. This is a traditional Chinese dragon tattoo design that looks more like the monster from the hit film Tremors.
Chinese Traditional Tattoos

27. You can have a tattoo design that has all major traditional tattoos such as here is a native Indian girl tattoo with a bird on her shoulder and a skull on her hat.
Mexican Traditional Tattoos

28. Even though this traditional black and grey tiger tattoo design is amazing but it can be improved by giving it a broader and detailed look.
Traditional Tattoos Black And Grey

29. Traditional bald eagle tattoos are probably the most attractive and heart touching tattoo design. What do you think about this one?
Traditional Eagle Tattoos

30. An interesting traditional tattoo idea is to try a simple mirror tattoo design with a beautiful scenery or any other design inside it just like this.
Traditional Ship Tattoos

Traditional Style tattoos

31. You can opt for small traditional tattoos too and skull is probably the best design for it.
Small Traditional Tattoos

32. If you want a skull tattoo design but are too confused then I would recommend you to try traditional grim reaper tattoo design like this.
American Traditional Skull Tattoos

33. You can opt for a traditional tattoo design of your favourite sport. Here is a traditional hover board tattoo design on the forearm of this guy.
Traditional Forearm Tattoos

34. I personally love traditional flame tattoo designs because they look nothing like regular tattoos, see it yourself.
Traditional Tattoos Flash

35. If you love travelling then you should opt for a traditional globe tattoo design in large size just like this.
Traditional Tattoos Designs

traditional hawaiian tattoos

36. You can try a portrait tattoo of your parents in traditional style. Here is how such tattoos would look like.
Traditional Love Tattoos

37. Traditional tattoos are usually advised on the upper part of the body but if you pick up designs like the one shown in the picture then better have them on thighs or calves.
Traditional Japanese Tattoos

38. A perfect combination of colors can make your traditional tattoo amazing. I would advise you to use colors like yellow, black and red.

Traditional Celtic Tattoos

39. You can have multiple traditional tattoo designs too on the same body part but make sure they look meaningful together.
Traditional Tattoos For Men

40. What I admired about this traditional lighthouse tattoo design is the use of color in the stars shown above. What you say?
Traditional American Tattoos

Traditional Native American tattoos

41. Here is another amazing traditional lighthouse tattoo design which is made even more impressive by the addition of grass to it.
Traditional Lighthouse Tattoos

42. I don’t why the artist added a dagger through the head of this interesting traditional bear tattoo design but apart from that it is one impressive design.
Traditional Dagger Tattoos

43. You can have a traditional tattoo design of any of your favourite Disney character. I admired this traditional animated vulture tattoo.
Traditional Leg Tattoos

44. This amazing traditional dragon tattoo design seems to be inspired by the dragon Smaug of Lord of the Rings series. It seems to inspired from the film The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.
Traditional Dragon Tattoos

45. One of the most popular traditional tattoo design is around the world tattoo where the artist ink an h0t air balloon with a man inside it as shown here.
American Traditional Tattoos Meanings

Traditional Japanese Tattoo Sleeve

46. It seems to me a traditional double exposure tattoo design that shows a polar bear and an island tattoo too on the shoulder of this woman.
Traditional Geometric Flower Tattoos

47. You can try a traditional biomechanical tattoo design like here is a bear tattoo design that seems to be coming out of the person.
Traditional Bear Tattoos

48. A traditional 3D tattoo design is not hard to ink but one surely needs an idea for it. I would advise you to try 3D traditional animal tattoos.
Traditional Animal Tattoos

49. The placement of this traditional wolf tattoo design is totally wrong as it would look way much better on back.
Traditional Wolf Tattoos

50. Here is a mix up traditional tattoo design that shows a white wold in the get up of a native American chief.
Unique Traditional Tattoos

American Traditional Snake Tattoos