Top 50 American Traditional Tattoos Ideas (2017)

Most traditional tattoos are inspired from the traditional American culture but you can also opt for traditional European tattoos or British tattoos. Traditional tattoos are the tattoos that were in trend during the early tattooing days when people used a different ink for tattoos. The tattoo designing art have evolved a lot over the years but many people still admire the traditional tattoos of early 1900s. Here we picked up 50 amazing traditional tattoos ideas for men and women –

Traditional tattoos For Men

1. Skull tattoos are in tradition ever since the late 1800s but they got insanely popular during the world war era.
traditional tattoos

2. Weird girl portrait tattoos were a norm during the 1900s. Here is an odd girl portrait tattoo on the inner bicep of this guy.
american traditional tattoos

3. 1900s saw two world wars and over half of the world population were employed in army so it is obvious that there were lots of navy related tattoos in tradition such as this.
traditional style tattoos

4. If you wish to have traditional sleeve tattoos then you should try snake tattoos because they are perfect choice for it.
american traditional tattoos designs

5. Another popular combination of skull tattoos was a skull and devil tattoo design like this. The artist added devil wings to this skull tattoo.
traditional skull tattoos

6. In my opinion the most popular and most amazing traditional tattoos were those that were inspired from the Native American art work. Such as here is a native American tribal tattoos 2017 design.
traditional sleeve tattoos

7. Religious tattoos were also very popular. You can try a traditional Mary Magdalene tattoo design as shown here.
old school traditional tattoos

8. People were very sensitive on subjects like nationalism so therefore many people wore traditional patriotic tattoos such as bald eagle tattoos.
traditional arm tattoos

9. Even though cross tattoos are in existence since the medieval era yet they got a unique makeover and popularity in the 20th century.
traditional cross tattoos

10. If you wish to have a traditional snake tattoo design then better make it aggressive because a cute and girly snake tattoo design was not acceptable in those times.
american traditional snake tattoos