50 Cool Tribal Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

Do you know that Tribal tattoos were popular part of many African and Native American tribes? They remained popular for centuries and even today men and women love to have cool tribal tattoos on their body.

The reason why people prefer to ink their body with tribal designs is simple – you can design any symbol, sign, animal or bird in tribal form. It is hard to choose the best tribal tattoo designs because this form of tattoo art have infinity designs.

Here we give you 50 cool ideas for tribal tattoos with meanings

Tribal Tattoos Ideas

1. Probably the best tribal tattoo for men would be sleeve tattoo design. Here is a guy with a tribal sleeve inked on his forearm.
cool Tribal Tattoos

2. Matching tribal tattoos are hard to ink as they have very complicated designs.
Awesome Tribal Tattoos

3. You can modify any animal or bird drawing into tribal art. Here is a tribal butterfly tattoo design.
best Tribal Tattoos

4. Tribal tattoos are mostly made from black ink but you can use other colors (preferably red) to outline your tribal tattoo.
Tribal cross Tattoos

5. Full back tribal tattoos are popular among boys. I would suggest you to have half back tribal tattoo like this.
African Tribal Tattoos

6. Probably the most popular tribal animal tattoo is of dragon. This is because they have sharp wings and body structure making them looks unique and beautiful.
Tribal Tattoos for girls

7. The beauty of Tribal tattoos lies in the fact that you can have any kind of design in tribaly style and it will never look ugly.
Tribal ribs Tattoos

8. This anchor tribal tattoo will suit mostly sailors and navy men.
Tribal Tattoos for women

9. I do not understand this tribal tattoo design. Is it a bat or a dragon or a UFO?
Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

10. Here is a majestic wolf tribal tattoo design on the back of this boy.
simple Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos Designs

11. This tribal tattoo design has multiple subtle tattoos including koi fish, yin yang and infinity tattoo.
Tribal sleeve Tattoos

12. Isn’t this the cutest tribal tattoo you will ever see? A beautiful tribal heart tattoo design on the wrist.
Tribal heart Tattoos

13. This complex tribal tattoo design has a lizard at center but I would suggest you to have a dragon instead.
maori Tribal Tattoos

14. Most people prefer to have tribal tattoos sleeve on arm but I would suggest you to try calf tribal sleeve.
Tribal leg Tattoos

15. Tribal tattoos improve the look, quality and meanings of any tattoo design. Look at this picture of rose tattoo improved by a simple tribal tattoo.
Tribal flower Tattoos

16. Lizard or reptile tribal tattoo are not much popular and that is why you can give them a try for a unique look.
Tribal arm Tattoos

17. You can also try temporary tribal tattoo designs like this.
Tribal snake Tattoos

18. This crow tattoo design would not have looked good if there was no tribal design surrounding it.
Celtic Tribal Tattoos

19. Tribal tattoo designs are best for cover ups and you can cover up any birth mark or tattoo gone wrong.
traditional Tribal Tattoos

20. Tribal bracelets or armbands tattoo designs are very common and they look better if you do not have any other tattoo on your body.
Tribal band Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos For Women

21. Here is a tribal bracelet tattoo design on the wrist of this boy.
Tribal wrist Tattoos

22. If you are having a tribal tattoo on wrist or forearm or calf then make sure the design is clear on every side.
Tribal animal Tattoos

23. Cat does not look as good as dragon in tribal art but if you want one then make sure it is in small size.
Tribal cat Tattoos

24. This amazing tribal dragon tattoo design on the thigh of this girl is very popular on internet.
Tribal dragon Tattoos

25. People do not choose for tribal fish tattoos are they do not give a unique look but I bet a shark tribal or whale tribal will look amazing.
Tribal fish Tattoos

26. If you want a tattoo on foot then I would recommend to try a tribal design.
Tribal feet Tattoos

27. Here is tiny and subtle tribal moon tattoo design.
Tribal moon Tattoos

28. Instead of going for a tribal animal you can opt for a tribal paw tattoo design of your spirit animal.
Tribal Tattoo meaning

29. You can have tribal tattoo design of your zodiac sign. Mine is Gemini and you will be amazed to see a Gemini tribal tattoo.
Tribal phoenix Tattoos

30. Tribal tattoos do not fade away easily. Here is a tribal scorpion tattoo that did not received much care and yet it looked impressive after long time.
Tribal scorpion Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos For Men

31. Tribal tattoos do not hurt much. However they require an extra attention for tattoo artist.
Tribal skull Tattoos

32. This tribal tattoo design is inspired from the sikh culture and it looks impressive.
Tribal forearm Tattoos

33. Tribal sleeve tattoos are equally popular among girls and here is a woman showing her beautiful half sleeve tribal tattoo.
Tribal Tattoos for female

34. Lower body part especially legs are best for tribal tattoo designs.
leg Tribal Tattoos

35. Here is a unique tribal armband and you can give it a try if you have thick biceps.
Tribal Tattoo for male

36. A popular idea for tribal tattoo is to have it on back shoulder and thus covering both, shoulder and back.
Tribal back Tattoos

37. Tribal tattoo designs are often mixed with Aztec, maori and Polynesian tattoos.
Tribal shoulder Tattoos

38. If you are a new to tribal tattoos then I would suggest you to have a small tribal tattoo like this.
small Tribal Tattoos

39. This tribal fish tattoo design has Japanese and Chinese symbols too in it.
Tribal Tattoos with meaning

40. The second most popular body part for tribal tattoos is chest.
Tribal chest Tattoos

Best Tribal Tattoos

41. It is hard to have a tribal tattoo on knuckle or fingers but there is no doubt that they look attractive.
Tribal finger Tattoos

42. Several tattoo artists design the tribal tattoo in such way that it shows the proportion of your body mass and body fat.
Tribal ankle Tattoos

43. Instead of going for full sleeve tribal tattoo I would suggest you to go for half sleeve.
Tribal Tattoos on forearm

44. This tribal tattoo design is related to Dwayne ‘The rock’ Johnson’s famous chest tattoo.
Tribal sleeve Tattoos

45. Here is complicated tribal tattoo design on the chest of this man.
polynesian Tribal Tattoos

46. Owl and Eagle are two popular birds that have unique tribal look.
Tribal Tattoos designs

47. It is hard to give a 3D look to a tribal tattoo but a smart tattoo artist can do it with ease. I have seen several experienced tattoo artists inking amazing 3d tattoos in tribal style.
Tribal Tattoos on leg

48. If you want a unique tribal animal tattoo then try lion, tiger, bear, seahorse or Elephant.
Tribal faces Tattoos

49. Here is a mix up of wolf tattoo and dreamcatcher tattoo with tribal drawing.
Tribal wolf Tattoos

50. Never try tribal tattoo on rib cage or stomach as it will cause a lot of pain.
native american Tribal Tattoos

So this was our list of best tribal tattoos. Which tribal tattoo you liked the most and why?

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