50 Matching Sister Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

I can proudly say that my sister is my best friend. The recent increase in the popularity of sister tattoos indicate that many women around the world consider their sister to be their best friend. It is common among sisters to have matching tattoos but many girls often get confused to choose the right tattoo design. Here we picked up 50 adorable and matching sister tattoos for women –

Sister Tattoos for 2

1. Disney has inspired a lot of siblings and family tattoos. Here is the famous ‘Hakuna Matata’ tattoo design which means no worries.
matching sister quote tattoos
2. I don’t know why the sisters chose different directions for this matching arrow tattoo design but in my opinion it is very cute tattoo design for 2 sisters.
sister arrow tattoos
3. Another popular sister tattoo design is the swinging sister tattoos and it is often made either on wrist or on calf.
sister love tattoos
4. If you have more than one sister then I would suggest you to try a word tattoo design on wrist like this.
memorial tattoos for sister
5. Here is another variation of the swinging sister tattoo design where the artist tattooed both sisters in one tattoo.
big sister little sister tattoos
6. One more variation of swinging sisters tattoo design is to use the half-moon tattoo design into it just like this.
lil sister tattoos
7. If you and your sister both love food and have a common favourite food item then you should get it inked on yourself.
beautiful sister tattoos
8. You can ink each other’s birth date on your wrist or neck or shoulder and in that way you will make your bonding even stronger.
brother and sister tattoos
9. The gift wrap tattoo design is best for twin sisters as they will be sharing the same birth date.
sister tattoos on wrist
10. Black and white tattoos will look more graceful but many sisters prefer colored and matching tattoo designs just like this.
cute sister tattoos

Meaningful Sister Tattoos

11. One really impressive sister tattoo idea would be to have tree design that represents family tree and show two leaves in matching colors.
celtic sister tattoos
12. As flower tattoo idea is common among girls so no wonder two sisters would love to have a matching flower tattoo design.
tribal sister tattoos
13. Sisters often have a fantasy of keeping a unique pet. If you had similar thoughts with you sister then you should get the animal tattoo inked on your body.
sister memorial tattoos
14. The placement of the matching tattoo design also matters a lot so be sure that you both get it on right place.
amazing sister tattoos
15. Heartbeat tattoo design is another popular matching tattoo recommendation for sisters and here is a design on the shoulder of this girl.
soul sister tattoos
16. Balance scale tattoo design is very unique but it will suit those sisters who do not hide anything among themselves and are true to each other.
sister tattoos ideas
17. The heart lock and key tattoo design is usually popular among couples but then again love is not just limited to one person. If you have infinite love for your sister then this tattoo design is perfect for you.
sister best friend tattoos
18. Instead of opting for complicated tattoo design you can opt for a simple and smiling sisters tattoo that will remind you of the simpler days of your life.
cool sister tattoos
19. Forearm is the second best place to get matching sister tattoos after wrist. Here is a heartbeat tattoo design for sisters.
sister tattoos designs
20. There is something odd in this matching teddy bear tattoo design and I would like you guys to comment about it below.
twin sister tattoos

Sister tattoos Designs

21. If you choose foot to get a matching tattoo design with your sister then here is a perfect idea for you.
sister tattoos on feet
22. If you have more than 1 sister then you can try various heart tattoos (for example 3 heart tattoos for three sisters).
sister tattoos tumblr
23. You get the word sister inked on your wrist along with your sister. Here is a beautiful design for it.
simple sister tattoos
24. Many sisters prefer to get puzzle pieces tattoo design because it is more meaningful and shows that they are incomplete without each other.
sister for life tattoos
25. If you get a matching tattoo with your sister then make sure that it never fades away and you take good care of it.
sister flower tattoos
26. After wrist and forearm, many sisters prefer to have matching tattoos on calf and this is a perfect example of how beautiful it will look.
sister forever tattoos
27. If you get a matching word tattoo design with your sister then make sure that you choose a readable font in optimum size otherwise it will be too confusing and weird.
matching sister tattoos
28. Instead of getting matching flower tattoo design with your sister you can get the mirror image of the flower tattoo inked on yourself.
sister butterfly tattoos
29. You can choose a beautiful quote for your sister and get it tattooed on both of you.
unique sister tattoos
30. Elephant is surely a strange choice for sister tattoos but then again it should be more meaningful among yourselves then to the world.
elephant sister tattoos

Sister Tattoos Ideas

31. This beautiful heart tattoo design on the foot of these three sisters is made of flowers and is one of the most unique ideas you will ever come across.
sister foot tattoos
32. This heart and infinity sign tattoo is a cute and meaningful tattoo idea for sisters. It represents the infinite love that the sisters share among each other.
sister heart tattoos
33. As I said, placement of the matching sister tattoo design will also matter a lot. This matching infinity sign tattoo would have looked amazing on forearms.
sister matching tattoos
34. Heart and infinity tattoo designs has many different variations and here is one for you to consider.
tiny sister tattoos
35. Another cool sister tattoo idea would be to get a heart tattoo design and ink the initials od your sister’s name in it.
sister wrist tattoos
36. I don’t think foot is an ideal place to get sister tattoos but if you want to your your tattoo a secret then here is one cool design for you.
sister feet tattoos
37. If you get a heart tattoo design dedicated to your sister then I would recommend you to color it red because it will look more attractive.
best sister tattoos
38. Many sisters prefer to have anchor and wings tattoos or even better matching bird tattoos with their sister.
sister friends tattoos
39. Here is a cool and stylish font for sisters’ tattoos design.
sister infinity tattoos
40. If your sister is your best friend then you should try the best friend’s word tattoo or even better the BFF tattoo design.
brother sister matching tattoos

Sisterhood tattoos

41. Anchor tattoo design is very popular among relationship tattoos because they signifies the strength of a relationship.
sister anchor tattoos
42. Along with the swinging sisters tattoo design you can add the date of birth of your sister and it will make the tattoo even more personalized.
sister tattoos pictures
43. Even though I would not recommend such long quote in sister tattoos but then again words cannot define the importance of a relationship.
sister friendship tattoos
44. This beautiful flower tattoo design is inked in the style of a constellation but I am not able to identify the constellation.
brother sister tattoos ideas
45. You can also try a matching wave tattoo design which will signify that one should flow with life.
micro sister tattoos
46. This is an adorable sister tattoo design in which two sisters are shown using a toy telephone.
sister tattoos images
47. You should keep in mind that sister tattoos need not to be meaningful to the word. They can be secret just among sisters.
small sister tattoos
48. One interesting sister tattoo design is the cross fingers design that shows that a sister too can be a best friend.
sister tattoos
49. This is a perfect matching rose tattoo design shared by three sisters.
three sister tattoos
50. Here is another interesting sister tattoo design that will only be meaningful among the sisters themselves.
sister symbol tattoos

Which sister tattoos design would you recommend to your sibling and why?

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