50 Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas & Designs (2018)

Small Couple Tattoos

31. Girls like flower tattoos and if you want to give her preference than you can have her favourite flower inked on your body.(Realistic tattoos on arm)
amazing couple tattoos

32. You can also have birth dates of your significant other inked on your body. Don’t go for plain design and instead choose roman numerals.
lettering couple tattoos

33. After King and Queen, another popular title for couples are Mr. and Mrs. How about you ink this title on your body?
meaningful couple tattoos

34. One most popular quote among couples is ‘You Complete Me’. How about a symbolic tattoo that makes the quote way more realistic and meaningful?
matching couple tattoos

35.Another cool tattoo idea for couple would be to ink their favourite TV or movie couples on their body. I would go for Beauty and beast.
disney couple tattoos

36. If you want a subtle and smart tattoo design then pick up a cool tattoo as shown below for a hidden body part like foot or thighs.
joker and harley quinn couple tattoos

37. I would not recommend you to get a quote tattoo on your wrist but if it is really worth it (like below) then go for it.
couple names tattoos

38. This interesting matching tattoo design has one flaw and that is, the size of the tattoo. If you look closer you will see that the moon on the girl finger is bit smaller than the moon on boy finger.
sun and moon couple tattoos

39. Most people fall in love because they share similar interest. If you and your partner love a hobby or art passionately then the most ideal tattoo for you would be related to that hobby.
couple matching tattoos ideas

40. People around the world often want to visit a dream country or city or holiday destination. If you and your partner have a dream vacation stop then you can ink ideal sceneries from that spot on your body.
couple foot tattoos