80+ Cute Neck Tattoos For Girls (2024) – Side & Back Designs

There are lots of decisions involved before getting your neck tattooed. First of all neck tattoos are not as popular as chest or back tattoos because neck tattoos are visible and you might not want them due to your job-related policies. Secondly, many people considered neck tattoos trashy and believe that this part should be avoided when getting inked. Thirdly neck tattoos are very painful and only a few people can afford them.

If you can overcome all these complications then the final hurdle is to choose the best and most attractive neck tattoo design for yourself. Worry not as we have select 50 amazing neck tattoo designs that will suit both men and women –

Back of Neck Tattoos

1. Honestly, I don’t recommend large size tattoos on the neck but if the tattoo design is as majestic as this bug tattoo then go for it.
Neck Tattoos

2. Back neck tattoos are more popular then front neck or side neck tattoos. A very common tattoo design for back neck is the eye tattoo design.
All Seeing Eye Neck Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

3. This beautiful deer tattoo design will suit people who have a long neck. This girl sure doesn’t have a long neck and design is hidden behind hairs.
Amazing Deer Neck Tattoo For Women

4. For boys, one of the most beautiful and attractive neck tattoo designs would be to try a girl portrait tattoo. Try it on side neck and you will have a very awesome tattoo on your body.
American Traditional Gypsy With Dagger And Yellow Rose Lucretia Possibly Herb Auerbach

5. Anchor tattoos mainly suit those people who are in navy or have a close family member in navy. You can try an anchor tattoo on the neck like this.
Anchor Neck Tattoos Design And Ideas

Female Neck Tattoos

6. If you want mysterious tattoo design then a cool idea is to try a puzzle piece or a maze tattoo design on the back of the neck.
Awesome Black Ink Neck Tattoo Of Electronic Schema

7. My favorite kind of neck tattoos is tribal patterns. Here this woman got tattooed with a jaw-dropping tribal pattern on the back of her neck.
Awesome Mandala Neck Tattoo For Women

8. Another common neck tattoo idea is to try a simple bow tattoo on the back of the neck just like this girl.
Back Neck Tattoos For Women

9. If you have a cute pet and you love them then I would suggest you opt for a paw tattoo design of your pet (cat or dog) on the side of your neck.
Bear Paw Prints Tattoo Below Ear

10. This flying birds tattoo design on back neck is beautiful but I would modify it by reducing the total number of birds in it.For sore neck i would recommend these exercise to relieve yourself from pain quickly.
Bird Back Neck Tattoos

Small Neck tattoo

11. If you ever considered getting a barcode tattoo design then neck is the second best place for it just after wrist.
Black Barcode Tattoo On Girl Back Neck

12. The neck is a very soft part so pain is obvious. You must know about your skin or else your neck tattoo will leave behind a red scar like this.
3D Colourful Realistic Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

13. Neck tattoos are an ideal place of small, tiny and subtle tattoo designs. Here is a cute small size cat tattoo on the back neck of this lady.
Cat Tattoo On The Back Of My Neck

14. How about trying a Cheshire cat tattoo (from Alice in the Wonderland) with the smile of Joker (inspired by the famous grinning face of Heath Ledger’s character) on the side of the neck?
Cat Tattoos On Neck For Women

15. This amazing compass and dreamcatcher tattoo design can be tried on any part of the body but it is giving a unique glow behind the neck.
Compass Back Neck Tattoos Design

Cool Neck Tattoos

16. People opt for illusion tattoos on the front of the neck. This face tattoo on front neck is perfect example for this.
Cool Neck Tattoo Design

17. I don’t know why any person would try a giant mosquito tattoo and that too on the side neck but then again many people admire such designs.
Cool Wasp Tattoo On Neck

18. An intelligent and creative tattoo artist can come up with really brilliant designs such as this word tattoo design that is linked in the shape of a heart and infinity sign.
Cops With Neck Tattoos

19. Cross tattoo designs suits on upper part of body so why not try a cross tattoo with angel wings on neck.
Cross Tattoo On Back Neck

20. You can opt for a tattoo design that starts from the back of your neck and extends up to lower back or to the middle of the back. This elephant tattoo on back neck is a perfect example of it.
Cute And Impressive Elephant Neck Tattoo Ideas

Side Neck Tattoo

21. If you are an avid fan of batman just like me then there is no better place to show your inner batman than neck. Get a bat inspired neck tattoo and you will surely fall in love with it.
Cute Bat Tattoo On Neck

22. You can either try a spider web tattoo on side neck or a wheel tattoo. A complex dreamcatcher tattoo is also suitable option.
Cute Neck Quote Tattoos

23. If you are a huge fan of tattooing then the neck is a good place to show your art. You can have a neck tattoo that expands up to the middle of the back and on both shoulders like this.
Dappy Neck Tattoo 2014

24. Emo tattoos and gothic tattoos are also opted by people. A very good option would be to try a skull tattoo on side neck.
Devil Neck Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

25. Even though this traditional wolf tattoo design on the neck is cool yet I would recommend you to try a tribal wolf tattoo design on the neck.
Dog Neck Tattoos Design

Mens Neck Tattoos

26. This eagle tattoo design is wrongly placed. It would look way better if the flying eagle is tattooed on the chest with its head shown on the neck and its wing spawning over the collar bone.
Eagle Back Neck Tattoos Design

27. As I said eye tattoos are always the most recommended choice for neck tattoos. Here is a realistic eye tattoo just below the jaw bone thus giving a scary impression.
Eye Neck Tattoos Design For Men

28. Another commonly suggested neck tattoo idea is to try a design that starts behind the ear and expands up to the neck just like this feather tattoo.
Feather Tattoos Back On Neck

29. If you want to leave a long lasting impression on people then try the neo-tribal armor tattoo on neck. It would extend up to the chest but you will surely love it.
Female Neck Tattoos Quotes

30. Here is a creative tattoo design that would look cool on any part of the body. The artist inked a moon and butterfly tattoo but just used flower patterns.
Flower And Butterfly Neck Tattoos

Lips Tattoo On Neck

31. Is this the Hammer of Thor – Mjohinir? I am not sure but this surely is a really cool neck tattoo idea.
Hand Of Neck Zombie Tattoos Design

32. Now here is a creative neck tattoo design where the artist inked a hand that is tattooed itself with various designs. Do you think it’s trashy?
Hand Tattoo Design For Men On Neck

33. Don’t say me that you never wished to have a fan tattoo? You wished to get tattooed with the quote from your favorite TV or movie series just like this woman.
Harry Potter Tattoo On Neck

34. Anatomical heart tattoos look more meaningful if they are linked right above the heart/chest. However, you can also try them on other body parts including the neck.
Heart Neck Tattoos Designs

35. Even though it is a jaw-dropping design of a lion tattoo in Native American attire yet I don’t like it on side of the neck. It will look better on back neck.
Indian Lion Neck Tattoo

Skull Neck Tattoos

36. You can try temporary neck tattoos to see how they look. A good idea is to try watercolour tattoos on neck.
Lantern Shape Neck Tattoos

37. There are many cool neck cover up tattoos but I would suggest you opt for an animal tattoo on the neck because they will look suitable.
Monkey Tattoos Design On Neck

38. Another perfect choice for neck tattoos is the musical notes of tattoos. You can accompany them with small size star tattoos.
Music And Star Neck Tattoo Design

39. If you want to scare your girlfriend or wife or even your kids then I would suggest you get inked with a lizard tattoo on your side neck.
Neck Ear Tattoos

40. You will find many tribal sketches and paintings on Tumblr, Pinterest, BuzzFeed, and DeviantArt. You can choose among them for your neck tattoo.
Neck Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Full Neck Tattoos

41. Is that a message in the bottle? Or a lighthouse in the bottle? Or am I just imagining things?
New School Style Colored Neck Tattoo Of Lighthouse With Octopus

42. Honestly, this is a brilliant and scary tattoo idea. A realistic snake tattoo on the neck might make you a victim of unwanted slaps from friends and family.
Real Snake Neck Tattoo Design

43. A brilliant side neck tattoo idea for girls would be to try a chrysanthemum tattoo design. Here is a large size chrysanthemum flower tattoo on neck.
Red Rose Tattoos On Neck

44. This golden bow tattoo design on the back of the neck is made even more attractive by the addition of a quote on its laces.
Ribbon Tattoo On Neck

45. Ship tattoo design might not suit everyone’s neck as they will be very painful. Try them if you are a huge fan of our navy.
Ship Tattoos On Neck

Tattoos On Neck

46. If you are madly in love with metal or heavy metal then an obvious tattoo design for you would try a skull tattoo design on the neck.
Skull Neck Tattoos

47. Instead of trying large size tattoos on the neck you can go for small and tiny neck tattoos that are easy to hide just like this.
Small Back Of The Neck Tattoo Of Two Kenaz On Victoria Lee

48. If you opt for a flower tattoo on the neck then there is no need to show its tiny branches or leaves. A lone flower tattoo design would leave more impression.
Small Black And White Rose Tattoo On Neck

49. As if skull tattoos are not scary enough you can show a snake moving around it like it is his apartment.
Snake And Skull Back Neck Tattoos

50. And finally, my favorite kind of neck tattoo idea would be to try angel wings on both sides of the neck just like this.
Wing Tattoo On Neck

Which neck tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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