50 Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas & Designs (2018)

Couple Tattoos Ideas

21. You do not need to have large size tattoos to show your love to each other. Here is a tiny and small heart tattoo design on wrist.(Tribal star wars tattoos)
heart couple tattoos

22. Shoulder is perfect part for couples who are fitness lovers and have appreciable physique.
cool couple tattoos

23. If you are into same $ex relationship than you can have tattoos that not only you’re your love to each other but also the beauty of your relationship to the world.
flower couple tattoos

24. This is a mix up of anchor and arrow tattoo designs with some geometrical shapes. I would suggest it only if you want to try something unique and weird.
geometric couple tattoos

25. This couple tattoo design looks inspired from three movies – The Dark knight, The The Nightmare before Christmas and Zombieland.
skeleton couple tattoos

26. An interesting tattoo idea would be to have arrow and heart tattoo design just like this.
awesome couple tattoos

27. Even if you are having matching tattoo design still you can play around with the style of the tattoo. You can have a different colored tattoo that match with your partner in design but not in color.
couple infinity tattoos

28. Each love story has a beginning and what would be more beautiful if you ink the time and date (when your love story began) on your body.
couple initials tattoos

29. This King and Queen Tattoo design looks majestic only because of the right size and quality of the font used. I would recommend this couple tattoo.
couple tattoos king and queen

30. Couples also love finger tattoos specially wedding ring tattoos on fingers. Here is a King and Queen Crown tattoo in small size on fingers.
nice couple tattoos