50 Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas & Designs (2018)

Cute Couple Tattoos

11. I will say it again that placement matters. This skull tattoo design on hand would have looked more beautiful on this couple if it was aligned perfectly. Still I will give this tattoo 4 star out of 5.(Simple ufo tattoos)
couple tattoos images

12. I don’t know why couple choose foot for matching tattoos. Surely it will be more visible but it will not be closer to heart.
couple tattoos symbols

13. A romantic couple tattoo idea would be to ink the poster of each other’s favourite romance film on yourself.
married couple tattoos

14. What would be better than the evergreen couple of Sun and Moon? Khal Drogo called Khaleesi his sun and moon. This quote from ‘Game of thrones’ popularized Sun and moon tattoo among couples.
couple finger tattoos

15. I did not liked the detailing of this couple tattoo but it gives a brilliant idea that you too can have a similar tattoo/
images of couple tattoos

16. This ‘Fingers Crossed’ tattoo design is looking beautiful due to its perfect placement on rib cage by this intelligent couple.
couple tattoos on rib

17. Here is another romantic quote tattoo for couples. Not only you can read this quote you can show it to others too with ease.
couple tattoos sayings

18. Wrist is the most popular place among couples to get matching tattoos.
coolest couple tattoos

19. Most boys and girls do not like to have tattoo on palm of the hand but you can give it a unique try.
couple crown tattoos

20. I do not understand the exact meaning of this beautiful matching couple tattoo but I think they want to say ‘You are My World’ to each other.
cute couple tattoos