50 Meaningful Anchor Tattoos For Men & Women (2018)

Anchor Tattoos for Men

41. If your anchor tattoo designs start fading away then recolor it with wateroclors and bring it back to life.(Flower tattoos on shoulder)
picture of anchor tattoos

42. The anchor tattoo design need not to be large in size to leave an impact on viewers. Tiny and little anchor tattoos like this are also impressive.
pictures of anchor tattoos

43. Have you been fan of Popeye the sailor man? The guy has huge anchor tattoos on both of his forearms and you can copy his style too.
popeye anchor tattoos

44. Opt for the neo-tribal tattoo art to get pretty anchor tattoos. This guy has one on his forearm.
pretty anchor tattoos

45. That might look painful but this is how realistic anchor tattoos are. You should try this design only if you are sure it will look good on you.
realistic anchor tattoos

46. Flower and anchor tattoo is a cool combination but you can vary the design by choosing different type of flowers. I would recommend to either try rose or sunflower.
rose and anchor tattoos

47. Here is a crossed anchor tattoo that is simple and very beautiful.
simple anchor tattoos

48. The quote below this anchor tattoo design is one of the best I have ever come across. If you try this then please use large size font.
sister anchor tattoos

49. Here is another creative anchor tattoo design where the artist inked the anchor in such style that it looks carved out of the skin.
small anchor tattoos

50. Most traditional anchor tattoos will also include roses, rope and a crossed shape design.
traditional anchor tattoos

Which Anchor tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?