50 Meaningful Anchor Tattoos For Men & Women (2017)

Do you know what does anchor tattoos mean? There meaning is very simple yet very deep. Anchors are used to stop a ship at one point against the strong tides and current of ocean. Anchor tattoos thus represent strength, stability and hope.

Anchor tattoos are not just popular among sailors and navy men but it has stepped out and became one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world.

Here are 50 meaningful anchor tattoos that will suit both men and women –

Simple Anchor Tattoos

1. 3D anchor tattoo might look incomplete alone so add other simple designs to it such as compass tattoo.
3d anchor tattoos

2. As I told that Anchor tattoo represent hope. If you try an anchor and rope tattoos design then it would represent that you believe your luck is in your own hand.
anchor and rope tattoos

3. Another variation that could be tried with anchor tattoo is the anchor and wheel tattoos. It will suggest that you are master of your own life.
anchor and wheel tattoos

4. Many tattoo artists would agree with me that foot is the best place to get anchor tattoo. They represent steadiness. So anchor foot tattoos would represent that you have more faith in your own self.
anchor foot tattoos

5. If your foot is already occupied by another tattoo design or if you do not want to try the anchor tattoo on foot then go for anchor leg tattoos. Here is a beautiful combination of anchor and lighthouse.
anchor leg tattoos

6. To make the meaning of their anchor tattoos more complex many people like to add other designs to it. Such as here the man added a bald eagle and dog suggesting he loves his country and his dog.
anchor meaning tattoos

7. Anchor tattoos designs look so beautiful and cute on women. Look at this colourful anchor tattoo design and I am sure it will suit almost every lady in this world.
anchor tattoos designs

8. Most women opt for anchor tattoos because anchor represents strength and calmness, the two things that we expect in all relationship. So a cool idea for anchor tattoo for girls would be to try the design with the word ‘Family’ tattooed on it.
anchor tattoos for girls

9. The meaning of anchor tattoos for guys does not change much. Most guys take anchor tattoos as a symbol of power that can hold whole ship. So they like to try it on their biceps.
anchor tattoos for guys

10. Married men love to have name of their family members inked on their anchor tattoos especially if they are in navy.
anchor tattoos for men