50 Meaningful Anchor Tattoos For Men & Women (2018)

Anchor Tattoos for Women

31. A Cool female anchor tattoo idea would be to add your date of birth in roman numerals to your tattoo design. But it should not be so large in size.(Temporary vik)
female anchor tattoos

32. Forearm anchor tattoos need to be medium to small in size. One modified version you can try is anchor and compass tattoo like this.
forearm anchor tattoos

33. Girls anchor tattoos can be made more meaningful by adding the name of their loved ones who are in navy. Also adding a compass will suggest that they hope god will always guide them to home.
girls anchor tattoos

34. A really cool girly anchor tattoo idea would be to make an anchor tattoo design using flower vines such as this.
girly anchor tattoos

35. My favourite kind of anchor tattoos are those that uses creativity. Such as this anchor tattoo seems to be pierced in the forearm.
images of anchor tattoos

36. I bet you will fall in love with such little anchor tattoos. They can easily be worn on fingers or even behind the ears.
little anchor tattoos

37. Usually artists do not get creative with matching anchor tattoos. Here is a unique design where the artist added heart shaped balloons to the anchor tattoo. What does it mean? It means that the relationship won’t be a burden but in fact a joyful experience to share.
matching anchor tattoos

38. One unique anchor tattoo idea would be to show a cracked earth surface in the background of anchor just like this.
men anchor tattoos

39. There are many quotes that can go with your anchor tattoo design. One of my favorites is ‘Sink or Swim’.
navy anchor tattoos

40. You can try old school anchor tattoo where a lot of focus was emphasised on the coloring of the tattoo design like this.
old school anchor tattoos