50 Meaningful Anchor Tattoos For Men & Women (2018)

Navy Anchor Tattoos

11. If your husband or boyfriend is in navy then it would be great anchor tattoo idea to try them with some flowers along with name initials of your hubby.(3d butterfly tattoos with names)
anchor tattoos for women

12. Most men who are navy prefer traditional anchor tattoo instead of the modern designs. They like to add the swallow bird to their tattoo. Swallow bird has one quality – it always knows the way back to home.
anchor tattoos images

13. If you want to show that you have seen hard days in your life yet you are strong then try black and white anchor tattoo on your body. It will represent that the anchor been used many times and faced many difficulties.
anchor tattoos meaning

14. While women like to try anchor tattoo on foot, men love to have anchor tattoo on ankle. It is a unique place to try such tattoos.
anchor tattoos on ankle

15. Chest is not so common place to try anchor tattoo design. However if you have seen some wonderful things in the ocean then try the anchor tattoo with them. Such as this guy tried an anchor tattoo design along with a humpback whale suggesting he witnessed the glorious moment.
anchor tattoos on chest

16. If you want to try small and tiny anchor tattoo then try them on neck. In such cases the tattoos should not be larger than the ear lobes.
anchor tattoos on neck

17. If you try anchor tattoo on thigh then add some other design to it. I would prefer compass design with them.
anchor tattoos on thigh

18. Anchor tattoo on wrist will look even more meaningful if they are matching tattoos that you got with your sibling (brother or sister) or Significant Other (Wife or girlfriend).
anchor tattoos on wrist

19. Anchor tattoo with flowers is the most commonly suggested tattoo idea to girls. It will look amazing on rib cage and that too in large size.
anchor tattoos with flowers

20. Anchor tattoos represent strength in relationship. It will be amazing to have Anchor tattoos with names of your loved ones along with a beautiful quote like this.
anchor tattoos with names