7 Amazing PewDiePie Tattoos with Unique Meaning (2024) Felix Kjellberg Designs

If you take a look at Pewdiepie Tattoos list then you will be surprised to see that the top YouTuber has kinda weird and unique designs inked on his body.

New Pewdiepie Tattoos Designs

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg or more popularly known as Pewdiepie is one of the first YouTubers who achieved global fame in the 2010s. His channel even became the most subscribed channel in youtube history in 2015. However, it was soon displaced by the Indian Music Company T-series after a long and highly advertised feud.

Pewdiepie has a cult fan following which can do anything for their idol. He has often used his fame to collect money for charities. Pewdiepie loves tattoo art but he commented that he can not get his whole body inked with hundreds of tattoos.

Felix has around 7 tattoos on his body. Pewdiepie tattoos are inked by his favorite artists from Sweden. Here we will give you a brief overview of every tattoo inked on Pewdiepie –

1. Pewdiepie Tattoos – Emo Cat with a Skeleton Inside it on his Right Inner Bicep

Pewdiepie Cat And Skeleton Tattoo

Pewdiepie is fond of cats. He has admitted it several times on his Youtube channel. However, this was not the case before his youtube fame. He became fond of cats after he adopted a digital cat in the famous Minecraft game. He named it Sven the cat and tamed it with one another unnamed cat. He got so much attached to the cat that he got it inked on his right inner bicep.

The idea came when he stumbled upon an Instagram account of famous tattoo artist Gary Baseman. He saw his cat art and asked to have an abstract design of Sven the cat. He also asked to get a skeleton design added to the whole piece. The result was this unique and baffling tattoo design. The meaning of this design is hard to understand but Gary commented that he gave a personal touch to the design as he was grieving the loss of his pet cat at the time.

2. New Pewdiepie Tattoos – Slippy Toad Tattoo on his Left Forearm

Pewdiepie Frog Tattoo

Slippy the frog is a major character in the Star Fox game series by Nintendo since 1993. He is interestingly also the most criticized character from the Nintendo gallery. Like all his other tattoo choices, Slippy was also a strange choice by Pewdiepie. He has shown Slippy playing the trumpet in his tattoo design.

During a Reddit AMA session, a fan asked about this weird choice upon which Pewds replied that he believes that everyone is talented but many people are too afraid to face the world.

He also mentioned Michigan J frog from the Looney Tunes Show. It was a frog that was shown in The Singing frog short. A hopeless poor man found Michigan who saw him singing with a hat on his head. The man was shocked to find a singing frog and soon dreamt of becoming a millionaire by organizing his live shows. But to his dismay whenever he arranged an audience for the frog, it would act like a normal frog.

This suggests that Pewdiepie believes that every man has one talent or other but they have to find it and even more important they should not fear to show it to the world.

3. Pewdiepie tattoos – Neo-Traditional Heart Shaped Face tattoo on his Left Forearm

Pewdiepie Heart Face Tattoos

Pewdiepie is fond of Maori tattoo art. He often asked his tattoo artists about various tribal and traditional tattoo designs. Upon much discussion, he finally locked on to a heart-shaped face tattoo in a neo-traditional style.

The heart-shaped face represents that many people look at beauty exteriorly and forget the inner beauty. The heart loves the personality not just the face.

He also added an eye tattoo with a teardrop just below it which indicates a possible bitter breakup.

4. Pewdiepie Tattoos – Marzia CutiePie Tattoo

Pewdiepie Marzia Tattoo

Pewdiepie has the letter M inked inside a heart on his hand. This tattoo is dedicated to his wife Marzia Kjellberg who also operates the famous youtube channel CUTIEPIE.

Marzia married Pewds in 2019 but Pewdiepie has this tattoo since 2017.

5. Pewdiepie Tattoos – Women Kissing a Skeleton on his Bicep

Pewdiepie Skeleton Tattoo Idea

Pewdiepie is from Sweden which is known for its unique fairy tales. While many focus on the legendary Troll character but they forget that The Little Mermaid character was also given by the Slovak countries. Pewds is also fascinated by the mysterious Sirens and mermaids in Nordic folklore.

The woman kissing skeleton tattoo on his bicep is inspired by Swedish folklore. He said that while this tattoo may look like a figment of imagination but it holds a special meaning to him. The siren represents fame and wealth and how in the end it is deadly for a person if not handled thoughtfully.

Pewds went on to comment that he was astonished by the fame he achieved in the early years of his career but he later learned that with great power comes greater responsibilities.

6. Pewdiepie Tattoos – Gothic Church with Open Roof

Pewdiepie Tattoo Design

Felix is not a devoted Christian. But he loves Emo culture. This gave inspiration for the Gothic church tattoo that he has inked on his arm. He got this tattoo inked to pay homage to his roots.  He shared this tattoo on his instagram account in December 2016.

7. Pewdiepie Tattoos – Emo Girl with Face palming on his Right Forearm

Piewdiepie Doll Tattoos
Pewdiepie Doll Tattoo Idea

Pewds has played many video games online. He told during an interview that he had many favorite characters from Misao, Minecraft, Sims, and Silent Hill. He admitted that Pewdelia from Misao is his favorite. He even got an emo-style abstract art of Pewdelia inked on his body.

He has Pewdelia inked on his right arm just below the cat and a skeleton tattoo. Interestingly, Pewdelia is standing with the palm of his hand hiding his face as if it is embarrassing to be inked on Pewds arm.

One fan asked why he chose this specific facepalm pose for the tattoo, Pewdiepie claimed that aren’t we all embarrassed by our life choices.


Pewdiepie tattoos have inspired many subscribers to follow his path and get inked with similar designs. According to reddit there are few hidden pewdiepie tattoos that are yet to be disclosed by him. Which design you think pewdiepie has? Don’t forget to share this post on social media.

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