9 Impressive Jason Momoa Tattoos with Meanings (2024)

Jason Momoa tattoos are so perfectly inked on his body that it looks as if he was born with them. The Miami-born surfer has paved his road in Hollywood.  Jason was already a crush of thousands of girls across the country but it was his DCU role of Aquaman that made him an international celebrity.

During his 20 plus years career in Hollywood, Jason has inked himself with various temporary designs. He wore fake tattoos for almost every character that he played from Khal Drogo to Aquaman. However, here we will be exploring his permanent tattoo designs. Jason has around 9 tattoos on his body.

Here are all the tattoos of Jason Momoa along with design pictures and meaning

Jason Momoa Tattoos – Pride Of Gypsies on Inner Forearm (Right Hand)

Jason Momoa Pride Of Gypsies Tattoo

On his inner right forearm, you can easily spot the now-famous Pride of Gypsies tattoo. This is the name of Jason Momoa’s production company as well as his Instagram handle. Jason has openly stated that he is deeply connected to his roots and he knows the struggle his ancestors faced during the tribal wars thousands of years ago. Jason loves to see various members of his community now leading Hollywood be it the superstar Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) or WWE Wrestling Champion Roman Reigns.

The Pride of Gypsies tattoo always reminds me of his roots and gives him the strength to uphold his cultural values.

Jason Momoa Tattoos – The Aumakuea Design on His Left Forearm

Jason Momoa Tattoos Shark Teeth

Aumakuea is a sacred word in Hawaiian culture. It refers to the spirit of ancestors who passed away but comes back to guide future generations. The Aumakuea tattoo always holds a special place in the Polynesian culture. Jason’s Aumakuea tattoo features Shark teeth that are shown in the form of repeating triangular shapes.

In an interview, Jason commented that this particular tattoo often takes him out of darkness and brings light (positive things) in life.

Jason Momoa Tattoos Son and Daughter Signature on Chest

Jason Momoa Tattoos On Chest

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Jason is a doting father to three kids. He is the stepfather of actress Zoe Kravitz who was born to Lisa Bonet’s marriage with Lenny Kravitz.  Jason was dating Lisa in the mid-2000s and he fathered two children, a daughter born in 2007 and a son born in 2008. The Couple married in 2017. Jason has often called his kids a gift from god. He got his kid’s signature inked on his chest.

He was shooting for a game of thrones scene at the time and his character required lots of tattoos. He gets several fake tattoos on his chest and thigh. It was during this time that he got his chest signed by his kids. 

Jason Momoa Tattoos – Diablo on Middle Finger

Jason Momoa Tattoos Diablo

Jason is often praised by his Hollywood counterparts; for being a close friend that values friendship and relationships more than money and fame. It was evident from his Diablo tattoo that he got inked in 2014. This tattoo was dedicated to his close friend Diablo who died in a car accident in 2013.

Jason chose his middle finger for the tattoo design which might sound like a weird choice to many. However, Jason cleared the air in an Instagram post where he paid homage to his late friend and penned down how much he misses him. The middle finger was to death that took away a special friend from him.

Jason Momoa Tattoos EtreToujours Ivre on Outer Forearm of Right Hand

Jason Momoa Tattoos On Forearm

The Hollywood A-lister once told that he got many tiny tattoos during the shooting of Game of thrones. Several of those were removed via Laser removal in later years. However, one tattoo that he is proudly getting is the ‘Etre Toujours is the tattoo. It roughly translates to Always be drunk.

Jason loves drinking wine and beer. He is a huge fan of the Guinness brand. The again quoted the tattoo in an Instagram post and stated that one should always be drunk on love and life.

Jason Momoa Tattoos Tiny Skull on Right Hand Thumb

Jason Momoa Tattoos Skull

Jason was riding high waves of stardom after the success of Aquaman. It was during this time that he got inked with a tiny Skull tattoo on his right thumb. His friend Lenny Kravitz got an almost identical tattoo too. The duo shared on Instagram that how much they love Skull-related accessories.

Usually, Skull represents danger and fear. However, Jason’s tattoo choice has nothing to do with this meaning. Jason’s tattoo represents an homage to the ancestors that always protect their children. Jason told Ellen that even his wife has several Skull tattoos.

Jason Momoa Tattoos Straight Line on Left Hand

Jason Momoa Line Tattoo

In 2014, Jason paid a visit to his hometown tattoo artist Tobias. The duo sat down for a creative tattoo session and the result was a Straight line on the left hand. For the unfamiliar, it might sound like a confusing tattoo choice. However, in Hawaiian culture, the straight line tattoo is often used to denote bones especially shark bones. It can represent a Shark Spine bone.

Jason Momoa Tattoos Cross and Compass on Right Forearm

Jason Momoa Tattoos 1

The Game of Thrones actor respects all cultures and religions. He founds peace in the teachings of Buddha but he also uses Bible quotes in his Instagram posts. He has a unique design of a cross with a compass on his right hand.

The compass represents the right direction while the cross represents faith, love, life, and compassion.  The whole design indicates that one must follow the righteous path of faith, love, and compassion even if it is hard to walk upon.

Jason Momoa Tattoos Min Engel on His Calves

Jason Momoa Tattoos Min Engel

His calves are inked with an outline sketch of a landscape. Just above the landscape design is the words ‘Min Engel’ tattooed.  Jason was born in Honolulu. He is part Viking too. He paid homage to his Vikings lineage with a Min Engel tattoo which roughly translates to My angel in Norwegian. The words were accompanied along with snowy mountains tattoo of Norway.


Jason has been inked for almost every other character. While his permanent tattoos look beautiful but many people are a fan of his Aquaman body art and even Khal Drogo tattoos. Which Jason Momoa tattoos are your favorite?

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