Top 6 Conor Mcgregor Tattoos Designs With Meaning (2024)

Conor Mcgregor tattoo designs tell the tale of his life uniquely. MMA fighter Conor Mcgregor has seen it all. His story from rags to riches is well documented. There was a time when Conor didn’t have enough money to even train at an affordable gym but now he is one of the richest athletes in the world. He is one of the highest-paid MMA fighters in the world. This is all because of his hard work.

One interesting fact about Conor is that he doesn’t think much as he believes in the Nike Slogan – Just Do it. This is evident from his tattoo choices as he has more than 6 pieces (depends on how you divide them) on his body. He often fails to tell the exact meaning and reason of his tattoo picks. Thankfully we have decoded all the tattoos on his body. Here we present you the Six famous Conor Mcgregor tattoo designs with meanings

Conor Mcgregor Tattoo on Calf – Arabic Word

Conor Mcgregor Tattoo Arabic

Conor admitted that this was the first tattoo of his life. He waited so long to get tattooed because he was focused on becoming the best fighter in the world. Hard work paid off and Conor reached the top of his game. It was at this time that he celebrated his success by getting his first tattoo.

Ironically Conor was too drunk to get a sensible tattoo. He was in Cyprus at the time so he asked the artist to be creative on his body. This resulted in him getting an Arabic word tattoo on his left calf. In an interview, Conor commented that he doesn’t even know the meaning of this tattoo.

However, upon contacting his tattoo artist we got to understand the real meaning behind the design. The Arabic word roughly translates to CHAMPION.

Conor Mcgregor Tattoo on Spine – A Cross with Thorns & Angel Wings

Conor Mcgregor Back Tattoo
The famous Conor Mcgregor Crucifix tattoo on Back

Conor has commented on many occasions that he doesn’t believe in any religion and also he hates politics. He did agree that since he was born in a catholic household so he does feel a bit inclined to Christianity. Conor has a huge influence on his mother while growing up. He even called her the greatest woman in one of his tweets.

The tribal cross tattoo that stretches from his neck to down below his spine is dedicated to his mother. The thorns of the crucifix tattoo are done in tribal style with angel wings design in the background. He said that it was a way of saying that the Lord has got his back.

Conor Mcgregor Tattoo on Chest – A Neo-Traditional Gorilla

Conor Mcgregor Gorilla Tattoo

Conor got inked with an angry gorilla tattoo in neo-traditional style in 2015. The gorilla has a crown on its head and is shown eating a heart. One might think of it as a gory tattoo but it is the logo of Conor’s first gym Straight Blast in Ireland.

In 2007, Conor was working as a part-time plumber. It was during this time that he met his future coach Tom Egan. Tom was a professional UFC fighter at the time and he was impressed with Conor’s punching skills. Tom took Conor under his wing and started training him at the Straight Blast Gym.

The gorilla tattoo on his chest is dedicated to those painful and sweaty workouts that made Conor the legend that he is today.

Conor Mcgregor Tattoo on Forearm – Neo Traditional Rose Vine with a Dagger and a Gentleman

Conor Mcgregor Tattoo On Forearm

Conor’s forearm has a rather strange tattoo piece. It features a gentleman with a pocket watch, a dagger and a rose bush. Conor refused to tell any meaning of this tattoo as he stated that he gets tattooed only because they look good on his skin.

Upon deep inspection, it seems that the tattoo might have a unique meaning. The whole tattoo is done in a neo-traditional style which is similar to the other tattoos on his body. The rose bush signifies beauty while the dagger in the rose signifies heartbreak. The pocket watch signifies the time which is always moving forward. The gentleman possibly signifies a rich entrepreneur. The whole tattoo might represent that only hard work pays off in long run.

Conor Mcgregor Tattoo of US Navy Slogan

Conor Mcgregor Quote Tattoo

The US navy seal has a slogan – Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast. Conor has tattooed this slogan on his body. The motto is inked just above his rose vine tattoo on his left forearm.

This is a really popular quote that has a deeper meaning. Usually, when someone tries to learn a form of art they tend to speed things up in hope that they will master it in one day. However, perfection takes time. US navy seal uses this slogan to tell recruits that one must focus on doing the job correctly rather than doing it quickly. When one master’s perfection they will automatically be doing it at an above-average pace. Conor Followed this slogan while training.

Conor Mcgregor Tattoo of Tiger on Stomach

Conor Mcgregor Tiger Tattoo

The Irishman has called himself Tiger on so many occasions that he became a synonym with the wild beast within the UFC community. In an interview, he stated that each newbie is trained to attack like a tiger.

Tiger has stealth, power, wisdom, and Courage. This fearless beast of the jungle always motivated Conor to bring the best out of himself while training. This is the reason why he got a Tiger tattoo inked on his stomach.

Conor Mcgregor Tattoo of Notorious on Stomach

Conor Mcgregor Notorious Tattoo

Conor is attached to his roots to this point that he has been called a narcissist by many media publications. He doesn’t care about it though. He gave a sharp reply to all those journalists by getting a Mcgregor Notorious tattoo on his stomach. Mcgregor is his last name and He is famous with the nickname Notorious.


The notorious MMA fighter has always said that he is the greatest only because he worked hard every second of his life. He is proud of his achievements and looks at them as a result of his hard work rather than the luck of the Irish. Do you have any favorite Conor McGregor quote? Which Conor Mcgregor tattoo design you liked the most?

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