43 Amazing Lil Xan Tattoos With Meaning and Symbolism (2024)

American Rapper Lil Xan Tattoos tells a tale of struggle with depression. The pop icon has lost so many close friends that his body is full of memorial tattoos. Here we take a look at the Lil Xan Tattoos.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Xanarchy on Both arms and Above Eyebrow

LIL Xan Tattoos Xanarchy
Lil Xan Tattoo Xanarchy 2

The use of drugs among rappers Is no secret. Overuse of drugs has claimed the lives of many celebrities from Heath ledger to Lil peep. Lil Xan himself was addicted to Xanax. His stage name was derived from the prescription drug. But after the death of Lil peep, he decided to overcome his addiction. This is when he started the ‘Xanarchy’ movement. He posted on his Instagram account that he is sober now and he wants his fans too to stay away from drugs.

To promote the movement, he got himself tattooed on various parts of his body with the word ‘Xanarchy’. The word ‘Xanarchy’ can be easily spotted on both his arms and above his eyebrow.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Zzz Below his Right Eye

Lil Xan Tattoos Zzz

Lil Xan once said in an interview that he has a severe problem with sleep apnea. He even commented that he might die in his sleep. He has a Zzz tattoo below his right eye which symbolizes his struggle with insomnia and sleep apnea.

Lil Xan Tattoos – EVOL on Left Eye

Lil Xan Tattoo Evol

EVOL is the reverse of LOVE. Xan said that life looks more beautiful when you are in love. He got this tattoo when he was in a relationship with Annie.

Lil Xan Tattoos – FUCK OFF on Left Hand

Lil Xan F Off Tattoo

Lil Xan said that he hates media for invading the privacy of all celebrities. He hates people who impose their ideologies on others. This is the reason why he got a Fuck tattoo on his left hand.

Lil Xan Tattoos – NO Heart On Left Arm

Lil Xan Tattoos No Heart

Lil Xan is fond of cool fonts. Many of the tattoos on his body are words that are inked in fancy fonts. He has the word ‘No heart’ tattooed on his arm which he got when he broke up with Noah Cyrus. The break-up was bitter and highly publicized.

Lil Xan Tattoos – 1996 on Side of Face

Lil Xan 19996 Tattoo

Xan has multiple tattoos that denote his birth year. One such design is on the left side of his face.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Lover Below his right Eye

Lil Xan Tattoos Zzz Lover

After his famous Zzz tattoo, Lil Xan was asked by many fans for his well-being. He was touched by this gesture of fans. He posted on Instagram that his sleep schedule has improved and now he loves sleeping. He got the LOVER inked just below his zzz tattoo which changed the whole design into zzz lover.

Lil Xan Tattoos – NO RULEZ on Right Hand

Lil Xan Tattoos No Rulez

He has a no rules tattoo on his right hand. This tattoo shows his attitude about how he doesn’t like to follow the rules of the world and loves to live a free life.

Lil Xan Tattoos – PARANOID on Right Forearm

Lil Xan Paranoid Tattoo

Lil Xan has said on many occasions that drugs gave him hallucinations and paranoia. He has the word PARANOID inked on his right forearm which is a result of his drug addiction in past years.

Lil Xan Tattoos – 32  on Neck

Lil Xan Tattoos 32

He has the number 32 inked on his neck. When fans enquired about it, the rapper said that his father died at the age of 32 so he got a tattoo in his remembrance.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Candy Below left eye

Lil Xan Candy Tattoo 3

The candy tattoo below his left eye is actually an homage to his mother who supported him throughout his career. His mother was American while his father was Mexican. His father used to call his mother candy which she eventually adopted as her nickname. Lil Xan got the word candy inked below his right eye to denote that he is eye candy of his mother.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Firing Gun on His Left Hand

Lil Xan Tattoo Hand Gun

His love for guns is well known as he posts about various guns on his Instagram account. He has several gun tattoos on his body too. One is a pointing gun tattoo on his hand. This tattoo symbolizes that he is ready to fire and he is not afraid of anybody.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Moonlight June 18 on Right Forearm

Lil Xan Tattoo Moonlight

Lil Xan was a big fan of XXXTentacion. He called him a legend and his inspiration. After X’s death on June 18, Lil Xan released a single titled Moonlight which was dedicated to X. He even got the word tattooed on his forearm.  Moonlight was also a single released by X before his death. Lil Xan considers it as a connection between him and his inspiration.

Lil Xan Tattoos – CITGO on Neck

Lil Xan Tattoo Citgo

His extended play CITGO was well received on streaming platforms like Youtube and Spotify. He celebrated the success by getting the word CITGO inked on his neck.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Heartbreak Soldier on Face

Lil Xan Heartbreak Soldier

Another facial tattoo that Lil Xan has is of ‘Heartbreak soldier’. It is the name of the mixtape album released by Lil Xan.

 Lil Xan Tattoos – Barbed Wire on Left hand

Lil Xan Barbed Wire Tattoo

Among the many tattoos on his left hand, he has a barbed wire inked too. This tattoo symbolizes that he doesn’t like everyone to interfere in his life. He is only close to few people. To win his trust one has to cross the barbed wires.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Do Not Overcome by Evil on Right Hand

Lil Xan Tattoo Do Not Overcome

Overcoming an addiction is a tough battle and who knows it better than Lil Xan. The rapper took months of rehab to overcome his addiction to Xanax. He stated that at first, he felt like he will never come out of his addiction but slowly he turned his life around to become a better version of himself. The Quote ‘Do not Overcome By Evil’ (Verse 12:21 from Bible) on his right hand is a reminder about how the rapper didn’t let the devil win.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Anxiety on the Left Side of Neck

Lil Xan Tattoo Anxiety

It is really obvious that a rapper who has made his persona around the word anxiety will get an ‘ANXIETY’ tattoo. Lil Xan got the word inked in large size and that too in 3D style on his neck.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Ripped Skin on Face

Lil Xan Tattoo Ripped Skin

The famous logos of Superman tearing his shirt and the poster of Sam Raimi’s spiderman movie inspired many skins ripped tattoos. Lil Xan too was inspired by such tattoo designs as he decided to get one for his own face. He has a ripped skin facial tattoo that denotes he considers there is a superhero inside him.

Lil Xan Tattoos – 909 on Both Wrists

Lil Xan 909 Tattooo

It is usually common to have zip code tattoos on your body. It shows that you really love your roots and knows where you belong. Lil Xan has a 909 tattoo on both his wrists which is actually the area code of Redlands in the California States of USA.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Hummingbird on Chest

Lil Xan Hummingbird Tattoo

Most of the tattoos on Lil Xan are on their hands and face but he also has some hidden tattoos He has a hummingbird tattoo on his chest. A Hummingbird represents free spirit so this tattoo signifies that Lil Xan loves freedom.

Lil Xan Tattoos – PEEP on his fingers

Lil Xan Tattoo Peep

X was not the only close friend that Lil Xan lost. He was also a good friend of Lil peep too.  The ‘Awful things’ singer died in 2017 due to a drug overdose. Lil Xan posted on Instagram that he was disturbed by this terrible news. He has the word ‘Peep’ inked on his fingers which is dedicated to the rapper Lil Peep.

Lil Xan Tattoos – DOTS on Nose

Lil Xan Nose Dots Tattoo

Facial tattoos are very common among rappers. However, one facial tattoo that almost all rappers ignore is nose tattoo art. Lil Xan didn’t avoid the nose tattoos as he has small dots inked on his nose. The dots represent the chakras of Buddhism teachings as explained by him in an Instagram post.

Lil Xan Tattoos – WARNING: Overthinking Kills your happiness on Left Hand Wrist

Lil Xan Overthinking Tattoos

The quote is pretty much self-explanatory. Doesn’t Happiness gets killed due to overthinking? Just do not overthink and enjoy the moment. I think this is a really cool quote to get tattooed and you can try it too.

Lil Xan Tattoos – 3 Dec  on Chest

Lil Xan Dec 3 Tattoo

Lil Xan once said that he has many memorial tattoos on his body that make him depressed. He never thought of losing so many close people around him in such a short span of life. His tattoo of date 3 DEC is also a remembrance tattoo which is dedicated to his friend Tony who died on 3 December.

Lil Xan Tattoos – 96 on his Hand

Lil Xan Tattoo 96

Lil Xan was born in the year 1996. He has the number 96 tattooed on his hand which signifies his birth year.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Spirited Away Spirit tattoo on Right Hand Wrist

Lil Xan Spirited Away Tattoo

Lil Xan is a huge fan of Studio Ghibli movies. He has told on social media that he loves many anime movies and anime shows. Among them, Spirited away is his most favorite. He has the character ‘No Face’ tattooed on his right-hand wrist.

Lil Xan Tattoos – YOU on Right Eyebrow

Lil Xan You Tattoo

Lil Xan has several tattoos dedicated to his lovers. The YOU tattoo on his eyebrow is dedicated to his lover Noah Cyrus.

Lil Xan Tattoos – House on Chest

Lil Xan Chest House Tattoo

A Disney movie-inspired house is inked on Lil Xan’s chest. The tattoo is actually designed by Lil Xan himself who was imagining a villa for himself. He said that he wants a big house that can accommodate all his homies.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Baby Girl on the Side of Left Hand

Lil Xan Babygirl Tattoo

Lil Xan came into a relationship with Billy ray’s daughter, Noah Cyrus. The couple garnered a lot of media attention during their dating days. It was during this time that Lil Xan got the Baby Girl tattoo on the side of his left hand. He proclaimed that the tattoo is dedicated to his love of life Noah.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Japanese Symbol on Left Hand Wrist

Lil Xan Tattoo Japanese

Xan showed his love for Japan once again when he got a Japanese symbol inked on his wrist. The tattoo was inspired by the Avatar anime series and it represents a mix of the four symbols of Earth, water, air, and fire from the show.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Upside Down Cross on Side of Face

Lil Xan Upside Down Cross Tattoo

Saint Peter cross tattoos that are denoted by an upside-down facing cross are very popular in the tattoo community. The cross design signifies the faith of the person in Catholicism. Lil Xan has an upside cross tattoo design on his face.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Ripped Line on Chest

Lil Xan Superman Tattoo

Lil Xan has a tattoo inspired by stitch marks of Superman in DC Comics #91. He said that Superman is his favorite superhero.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Annie on his Right Hand

Lil Xan Annie Tattoo

Lil Xan was in a relationship with fellow singer Annie Smith. In fact, Lil Xan even got engaged with the YouTuber in 2019. The couple even shared a lot of posts regarding their relationship on social media. They even claimed that they are expecting a child in 2020. However, to the dismay of fans it turned out just a PR story and fans lashed out at the couple for hurting their feelings. Eventually, the couple broke up but Lil Xan still has a tattoo of ‘ANNIE’ on his right hand.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Doodles on left-Hand Wrist

Lil Xan Doodle Tattoo

Xan is known for promoting the businesses of his friends. He is a good friend. When one of his friends opened a restaurant in Los Angeles he got the restaurant doodled with good art. He even got one of the doodles inked on his left-hand wrist.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Studio Ghibli Art on Stomach

Lil Xan Studio Ghibli Art

Lil Xan has another anime-inspired tattoo on his body. It is inspired by the Studio Ghibli anime film My Neighbor Totoro. He commented that he got it in red color because he wanted to change a few things in the film plot.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Memento Mori on His Right Eyebrow

Lil Xan Memento Mori Tattoo

Memorial tattoos are always heart-touching. Lil Xan has a memorial tattoo which is the ‘Memento Mori’ tattoo on his right eyebrow. This design is dedicated to his late friend Mac Miller who was also a rapper. Mac died due to a drug overdose. The tattoo is a reminder that death is permanent and life is temporary.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Broken Heart on Right Hand

Lil Xan Broken Heart Tattoo

The rapper had several publicized relationships but his engagement with Annie and his love for Noah Cyrus was always in news. After he broke up with both girls, he got a broken heart tattoo inked on his right hand. He posted on Instagram that this tattoo is dedicated to all the failed relationships he ever had.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Number 6 on Left Hand

Lil Xan Number 6 Tattoo

Xan was born on 6 September 1996. As you can see the shape of 6 can define his birthdate really well. His tattoo artist recommended he get the number tattooed and he did it in 2018. The number 6 is inked in such a way on his left-hand wrist that it can reflect his birthdate 6 from one angle, his birth month 9 from another and his birth year 96 overall.

Lil Xan Tattoos – KILL ME on Stomach

Lil Xan Kill Me Tattoo

On his stomach, you can easily spot the KILL ME tattoo which is done in two different fonts.

Lil Xan Tattoos – Tear Drop Under Eyes

Lil Xan Teardrop Tattoo

Lil Xan has a teardrop tattoo under his left eye. The tattoo is dedicated to his fight with depression and how he lost so many friends yet came out with a positive attitude toward life.


Lil xan has far many tattoos than listed here. How many hidden lil xan tattoos do you know about? Do let us know.

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