12 Marvelous Jaimie Alexander Tattoos With Meaning (2024)

Jaimie Alexander tattoos are the perfect example of how the human physique can look even more beautiful with ink. The tall and beautiful actress gained worldwide fame after playing the role of Lady Sif of Asgard in Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, she got a dedicated fan following after portraying the role of a mysterious woman in the Blindspot TV series.

In Blindspot she played the role of a woman who wakes up in times square with no recollection of the past. The character had over 200 tattoos on her body which helped to solve her mysterious identity and past.

Jaimie had around 200 fake tattoos for the role but the actress already had over 10 real tattoos which were also used in the show.

Here we take a look at 11 meaningful tattoos on the beautiful body of Jaimie alexander.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – Dragon on Left Arm

Jaimie Alexander Dragon Tattoo

Jaimie recently got tattooed with a colorful dragon on her left inner arm. She posted about it on Instagram. The tattoo was done during the shooting of Disney Plus’ Loki TV series. The actress commented that everybody from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a mythical tattoo so she thought why not honor Asgard with a Dragon tattoo.

The actress further revealed that earlier she was thinking of getting a Ragnarok tattoo but then her artist suggested going for a dragon.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – BDCM on Her Right Inner Forearm

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Do you know that Jaimie is the only girl child of her parents? She has four brothers. The siblings share a close bond. Jaimie told that there is not a single day passed when she is not in contact with her brothers. The BDCM tattoo on her right inner forearm is dedicated to her four brothers – Bradley, David, Chance, and Matt Alexander.

She jokingly said that she is thankful to her parents that they did not name Chance Samuel otherwise she would always have regretted her tattoo choice.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – ES on Her Wrist

Jaimie Alexander Es Tattoo

This might sound like a weird tattoo to many but Jaimie alexander claims that the ES tattoo on her wrist gives her calm and peace. Why? The actress used to say ‘Elephant Shoe’ instead of I Love You. It stuck to her all her life and the word turned into an acronym and she got it inked on her wrist.

The ES stands for Elephant shoe. Jaimie claimed that whenever she sees this tattoo it reminds her of her childhood. Who doesn’t want a permanent childhood memory, eh?

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – AM on the Side of her Ribcage

Jaimie Alexander At 'Paley Live NY: An Evening With The Cast Of Blindspot'

Jaimie has a stylish ‘AM’ inked on her side ribcage. Fans asked a lot about the meaning behind the AM tattoo on her ribcage. The actress got the tattoo inked when she was dating actor Peter Facinelli. However, the actress kept mum about the true meaning behind the tattoo for years.

It was in 2016 during a QnA session on Instagram that the actress revealed the AM tattoo is short for Always Mine. It was indeed dedicated to her ex-partner. The couple broke up in 2016 but she decided to keep the tattoo.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – Lord Ganesha on Right Inner Bicep

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Jaimie respects every religion. She read about Hinduism (Vedas and Puranas) and got attracted to it. She has a Lord Ganesha on her right inner bicep in small size. A Lord Ganesha tattoo is considered auspicious and said to bring good luck.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – Beetle on the Side of Her Abdomen

Jaimie Alexander Beetle Tattoo

Beetle tattoos are not as popular as their counterparts Butterfly tattoos but still, they do get some love now and then. Jaimie alexander too has a beetle tattoo which is a unique choice for a celebrity. She got this tattoo design in 2016. Jaimie posted about it on Instagram saying that she was browsing tattoo designs for her character in Blindspot at the tattoo studio of Joshua Lord (Brooklyn). It was during this time that she thought of getting a real tattoo for herself.

After a lot of discussions, the duo settled on Beetle as it was not only the name of Jaimie’s favorite band but also Jaimie loved chasing beetles when she was a child. Jaimie further revealed that she tried the tattoo in small size but it looked average so she went big. The large size tattoo has a special meaning as it represents regeneration and renewal.

The tattoo artist hinted that Jaimie got this particular design as she was recently divorced at the time and she wanted to evolve and regenerate like a beetle.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – Motivational Quote on Left Side of Abdomen

Jaimie Alexander Quote Tattoo

Jaimie has a quote inked on her abdomen just near the Beetle tattoo. The Quote reads ‘I am not what Happened to Men. I am What I Choose to Become’. The quote explains itself. A negative person always blames circumstances for his failures while a positive person always knows that they can overcome anything with their hard work.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – LTLIP on her Left Inner Arm

Jaimie Alexander Ltlp Tattoo

Since the show Blindspot dealt with a character that has mysterious tattoos on her body, It motivated Jaimie to try the same in real life. This is the reason why she has several initial tattoos on her body which she has left upon her fans to decode. As of now, she has only told about the AM tattoo on her that stands for Always Mine. But that was not the only initial tattoo on Jaimie.

There is another one –LTLIP on her left inner forearm. The initials are still mysterious for fans. Many have speculated that the P stands for Peter and the two L’s stand for her daughters Lola and Luca. But Peter has three daughters and Jaimie doesn’t have the word F inked on her which would have backed the theory. What is your opinion on this mysterious tattoo?

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – Japanese Symbols on Right Arm

Jaimie Alexander Symbols Tattoo

Jaimie is fond of Japanese culture. She has shared many times about the manga that she reads or the anime that she is watching at the time. On her right arm, you can easily spot Japanese symbols that are inspired by the Yin and Yang culture. Like all other tattoos on her body, these designs to are hard to decode.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – Om Mani Padme Hum on Right Hand Wrist

Jaimie Alexander At 'Paley Live NY: An Evening With The Cast Of Blindspot'

Many Hollywood celebrities follow Buddhism. Jaimie too is influenced by the teachings of Buddha. She stated in an interview that she has always admired eastern culture. She is a frequent visitor to eastern countries like China and India. During her visit to Tibet in 2011, she learned a lot about Buddhism and Buddha teachings. It was during this time that she learned about the mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’.

The Buddha Mantra roughly translates that Truth Prevails within. Jaimie loved this meaning. Later on, she got the tattoo of Om Mani Padme Hum written in the Tibetan Dialect. Jaimie revealed that she got the tattoo inked during one of his visits to Tibet. She said that she also believes it will ward off evil spirits.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – A Prayer for the Wild Heart Kept in Cages on Bicep

Jaimie Alexander At 'Paley Live NY: An Evening With The Cast Of Blindspot'

This is probably the most tattooed quote among celebrities. Almost every popular celebrity had tattooed this quote temporarily or permanently. From Rihanna to Katy perry all celebrities tried it. The quote reads ‘A Prayer for the Wild at Heart Kept in Cages’. This quote is actually to motivate people who do not know their potential and live their lives as other people command them. Jaimie has this quote tattooed on her bicep. She said that even though she always wanted to be an actress yet she was afraid to pursue it as she was demotivated by bullies. Thankfully the actress conquered her fear and became a top-rated actress.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos – Phoenix on Left Inner Bicep

Jaimie Alexander Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix is a mythical bird that is popular in the tattooing community. The phoenix tattoos saw an exponential rise in popularity after the fifth Harry Potter film. Since then, many celebrities and people have tried Phoenix tattoos. Jaimie too has a phoenix tattoo which is surprisingly inked on her inner bicep.

Phoenix tattoos require large space on the body so these designs are either tried on the back or chest. Choosing the inner bicep was a strange choice but the final output made it ravishing. A Phoenix tattoo represents rebirth. It means that Jaimie tries to find positive even in failure and grow as a better role model.

Conclusion –

Many fans think that Jaimie got real tattoos for her TV series Blindspot. Which tattoo do you think Jaimie still has from Blindspot? Don’t forget to share this on social media.

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