32 Beautiful XXXTentacion Tattoos With Meaning

XXXTentacion tattoos show how the rapper was vocal about mental health issues and depression. The late rapper carved his niche among the millennial audience by writing songs on existentialism and anxiety.

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy left us too soon in 2018 when he was killed in an armed robbery. However, his legacy continues as his music created records on different streaming platforms. He is one of the most-streamed artists on Spotify and his music videos have billions of views on Youtube.

Here is a detailed overview of XXXTentacion 32 tattoos and how each design described mental health issues.

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XXXTentacion Tattoos – Alone On His Left Eyebrow

XXXTentacion Tattoos Alone

One of the main reasons xxxtentacion became so popular was because his music brought attention to mental health. His alienation lyrics indicated that he feels like no one understands him. In the world of more than 7 billion people, he still felt alone and lonely.

This is the reason why he had the word ALONE inked above his left eyebrow.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR on Right Cheek

XXXTentacion Death Before Dishonor Tattoo

It is really disturbing to see that a well-known celebrity had everything inked on his body that screamed depression and loneliness yet everyone failed to make a connection. xxxTentacion had the word ‘Death Before Dishonor’ tattooed on his right cheek.

Many close friends and fellow rappers commented that XXXTentacion was a loyal friend.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Broken Heart near Left Eye

XXXTentacion Broken Heart Tattoo

XXXTentacion lived a short life but in this lifetime he faced several heartbreaks. He even wrote a song about his first breakup that changed his perspective about life. He was so affected by his girlfriend’s disloyalty that he got a broken heart tattoo inked on his face. It was one of the first tattoos he got on his body.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – 3 Dots above and below Right Eye

XXXTentacion Three Dots Tattoo

XXXTentacion had several tattoos inspired by Chinese mythology and spirituality too. One of these designs was the two sets of three dots on his right eye. The three dots are inspired by the famous Chinese saying that every person’s life has three stages – Beginning, Peak, and Ending.

XXXTentacion stated that the three dots represent birth, rise, and death.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Happy Face Sad Face Mask on Right Bicep

XXXTentacion Theater Mask Tattoo

This mask tattoo design was inspired by the Broadway theatres. XXXTentacion stated in an interview that life is never the same every day. Each day is different. Some days you are a winner and everything you do works out while other days you are out of your luck. The masks represent both sides of life.

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XXXTentacion Tattoos – The clock on His Face

XXXTentacion Clock Tattoo

XXXTentacion valued time above money. He said that a person who understands the value of his time will never fail in his life. This is the reason that motivated him to get a clock tattoo on his face.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Number 17 (Mirror Image) on His Forehead

XXXTentacion 17 Tattoo

Xxxtentacion once said that he was 17 years old when his Soundcloud account received a million hits. It was after that he decided to make a career in rapping. He released his first album in 2017 which was titled 17.

To give the album even more exposure he got the album title ‘17’ tattooed on his face. Interestingly he chose a smart and innovative design as he picked the mirror image of 17 for the tattoo.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Star on His Nose

XXXTentacion Star Tattoo

XXXTentacion got inked with this design soon after his debut album became platinum. His tattoo artist Joseph commented that the reason he chose a star was that he wanted to remind himself that in the end, his hard work is paying off.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Ankh Cross on His Stomach

XXXTentacion Ankh Cross Tattoo

XXXTentacion found peace in Jesus. He didn’t say that he was deep into catholic Christianity but he did agree that he looks upon Jesus for a righteous path. He has an Ankh Cross tattoo on his stomach that cements his belief in Christianity. It represents life and faith.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – CRY BABY on his Forearm

XXXTentacion Crybaby Tattoo

Onfroy’s mother stated that he was a very understanding son. He never demanded things that his family cannot provide. He was never a cry baby (one who uses emotional trauma to get what they want) but he still got the word inked on his right forearm.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – WRAC On His Hand

XXXTentacion WRAC Tattoo

WRAC stands for Wing Ridden Angel Cynthia. This tattoo is inspired by his hit single WingRiddenAngel. The song itself is about a girl that stood with X throughout his life. Fans speculated about the girl after listening to the song. After the WRAC tattoo, it was clear that the Girl’s name is Cynthia whom X considered too good for him.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – BAD VIBES on Eyes

XXXTentacion Bad Vibes Tattoo

X had the word Bad Vibes inked on his eyes. Bad Vibes forever was the name of his fourth and final album. He got the tattoo inked to promote his album at the time. X said that a person goes through a lot of feelings. It is hard to stay positive all the time and it is normal to have bad vibes too.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Elephant On His Neck

XXXTentacion Elephant Tattoos

Almost every celebrity tries an animal tattoo. Most celebrities opt for Tiger or Lion but XXXTentacion chose an Elephant head on his neck. The reason was simple – An Elephant is an immovable creature that represents sheer force along with wisdom and calmness.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – RARE on Right-Hand Knuckles

XXXTentacion Rare Tattoo

X always thanked his friend Ski mask for helping him out in his initial days. The duo formed a group called Very rare but it wasn’t a huge hit. However, X always said that it was VR that gave him the confidence to move forward. He has the word RARE inked on his knuckles to pay homage to the group.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Aiden on his Right Forearm

Xxxtentacion Aiden Tattoo

Aiden is the name of Onfroy’s half-brother. X was close to him and even made him the beneficiary of his estate. The tattoo was dedicated to his bond with his brother.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – VR on Right Ribcage

XXXTentacion Vr Tattoo

VR Stands for Very Rare. It was the name of XXXTentacion hip hop ground that he formed along with Ski mask the Slump God. The group was not as famous as the Members ONLY collective group that featured several other rappers.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – VR with Dots on Left Forearm

XXXTentacion Vr With Dots Tattoo

He has another VR tattoo on his body. The word VR with three dots was inked on his left forearm. It was to denote his career in the group.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – RUN on Left-hand Finger

XXXTentacion Run Tattoo

He had the word RUN inked on his left-hand finger. It was probably to denote his mental health issues. He often tweeted about how he wants to run away from all the sadness and embrace peace and happiness.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Word Loyalty on Jawline

XXXTentacion Loyalty Tattoo

During his Eulogy, One friend commented that XXXTentacion was loyal to his friends and family even after all the fame and money. He always invested in the start-ups of his close friends and even businesses of acquaintances.

He valued the loyalty of friends too and this is the reason why he had the word inked on his Jawline.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Remember to Remember on Neck

XXXTentacion Remember Tattoo

XXXTentacion’s rise was monumental. He became a global icon within few months of his career. However, he always believed that one should not forget his roots. This is the reason why he got inked with a Remember to Remember Tattoo on his neck.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Cleopatra Name On Chest

XXXTentacion Cleopatra Tattoo

XXXTentacion’s mother’s name is Cleopatra. She often had trouble with the law. X stated that his temper was like his mother and he would never entertain a stupid person. X was close to his mother and often included her name in his songs. He had her name tattooed across his chest.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Crescent Moon on Right Shoulder

XXXTentacion Crescent Moon

XXXTentacion has an outline tattoo of Crescent moon on his right shoulder. This tattoo was inspired by his quote – Every time I See the Moon I think about You.  He dedicated this design to his girlfriend whose name he kept a secret at that time.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Transmutation Circle on Right Palm

XXXTentacion Circle Tattoo

X often wrote about alchemy in his songs were told that how he can convert even trash into gold. In one of his lyrics, he said that he has alchemy power in his hands as he has the transmutation circle in his control. He got the tattoo during this period.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – The Word NUMB below his left eye

XXXTentacion Numb Tattoo

When a person goes through a lot of pain, there comes a time when he stops feeling the pain and becomes numb. This is what XXXTentacion commented about his face tattoo. His life was full of ups and down but he never let it affect his strong mentality.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Leafless tree on Forehead

XXXtentacion Leafless Tree

In 2017 he appeared with a leafless tree inked on his forehead. It was inspired by a Chinese Spiritual saying that one should not be too attached to its possessions. A leafless tree will keep on growing even if it doesn’t bear fruit, flower, or even a leaf.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – KILL ME on his left hand

XXXTentacion Kill Me Tattoo

The rapper had the word Kill me Inked on his left hand. It was probably due to his continuous battle with depression that gave birth to this tattoo design. X has often spoken about his mental health in his tweets.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Lines on Nose

XXXTentacion Line Nose Tattoo

XXXTentacion had lines inked on his nose. There were three lines on the left side and two on the right side. It represented his failed relationships. Each line represented a person (friend, family member, or even girlfriend) who betrayed X.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – DEAD on his Left Knuckle

XXXTentacion Dead Tattoo

It is sad to see that he had such depressing tattoos on his body. The word DEAD was inked on the knuckles of the left hand. It was tattooed right after he got out of Juvie.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – FVCK PVRRP on his Right Wrist

XXXTentacion Fvck Tattoo

This tattoo was a result of his beef with another rapper Spaceghostpurrp. X rejected the request to shed more light on it as he didn’t want to provide fame to the rapper.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Wing Ridden Angel On Elbow

XXXTentacion Wing Ridden Angel

X dedicated one more tattoo to his loyal girlfriend Cynthia who stood with him through thick and thin. He often called her his Wing Ridden angel. It means a human being who is always helpful as an angel to their friends despite having no wings and a halo-like angel.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – Bad Vibes Forever on Wrist

XXXTentacion Bad Vibes Forever Tattoo

X had another tattoo dedicated to his fourth studio album Bad Vibes Forever. He got the word inked on the inner wrist of his right hand.

XXXTentacion Tattoos – EMO Symbols on left-hand fingers

XXXTentacion Tattoo Emo

X often used emojis in his tweet to describe how he was feeling. He said that he uses all his words/vocabulary in his lyrics so he is left with emojis to connect with his fans. He even had several emo symbols inked on his left-hand fingers.


XXXTentacion died at a young age but he touched the hearts of millions of his fans across the globe in his short career. Which XXXTentacion rap do you like the most? XXXTentacion tattoos are often opted for by his fans. Which design did you like the most?

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