17 Meaningful Shia LaBeouf Tattoos that Are Real (2023) Latest Pics with Designs

Any Shia Labeouf tattoos list you find on internet is incomplete. Why? Because the American actor has so many tattoos done and then removed that it is hard to keep track of each and every tattoo that Shia had in last 20 years.

Shia LaBeouf Tattoos In Movies

He is infamous for having temporary tattoos for every character he plays and then he get it removed as soon as the movie is over.

American actor Shia Labeouf has tasted almost all shades of stardom. He surfed up to the top of the list in Hollywood in the late 2000s but within few years he became infamous for his drug addiction and anger issues. Nonetheless, Shia has maintained a cult following for more than a decade, thanks to his memes popularity.

Unlike many other celebrities, Shia is very outspoken and has given his views on politics, religion, god, fame and money. Some of these remarks were controversial but still they kept him in the limelight.

On the work front, Shia has been part of movies that dominated the box office and those films that several academy awards. Shia came into the limelight in the mid-2000s when his debut films Disturbia and Surf’s up performed well on box-office. However, It was Michael Bay’s 2007 film Transformers that made him a globally known face.

Shia Labeouf Tattoos List

Since Shia is expressive, so it was no surprise that the guy has so many tattoos on his body. He is permanently inked with some cool tattoos that have deep and hidden meanings. Here we have listed all the tattoos on Shia Labeouf’s body and what is the hidden meaning of each of them.

1. Prince Tattoo on his Right Thigh

Shia Labeouf Prince Tattoo

In 2016, Shia confirmed on Ellen DeGeneres Show that he has a Portrait tattoo of RnB singer Prince on his right thigh. The famous singer died in April 2016 so Shia honoured his contribution to the music by getting his portrait tattooed on his right leg.

Shia Labeouf Tupac Tattoo Meaning

2. Tupac Shakur Tattoo on his Left Thigh

Tupac Tattoo On Shia

Prince is not the only artist that Shia was honored with a portrait tattoo. He has a classic tattoo of Tupac Shakur on his left leg. Shia stated that the death of Tupac is one of the biggest tragedies of the Music industry. He even claimed that it was lyrics of Tupac’s songs that helped him overcome his cocaine addiction

3. Missy Elliot Tattoo on His Right and left Leg

Shia Missy Elliot Tattoo

Rapper Missy Elliot is a major force in popularizing female rappers among the global audience. It was her explicit singles that were not only loved by boys but also forced critics to admire her. Shia LaBeouf was one of the many teenagers of the 90s who became an instant fan of Missy. He has not one but two tattoos of Missy Elliot on his body. Interestingly Shia claimed that he is not that big a fan of Missy to get her tattooed. It was due to peer pressure.

Shia Labeouf Tattoo Meanings

4. Years 1986-2004 inked on his right inner wrist

Shia Labeouf Tattoo 1986 2004

Shia was born in the year 1986. He made his directorial debut in 2004. However, this tattoo does not signify that. The year tattoo on the inner wrist of his right hand represents a deeper meaning. Shia told in an interview that his father was very abusive. It was not until he became independent in 2004 that he truly got rid of his father. Shia also stated that despite having issues with his father, he still stands with him in all situations and even help him financially.

5. Paw Print Tattoo on his Left Bicep

Shia Labeouf Paw Print Tattoo

Shia loves animals. He once claimed that he has many as a dozen of different dog breeds as pets at his house. He has a dog paw print tattoo on his left arm.

6. Cross Tattoo on Left Hand

Shia La Beouff Cross Tattoo

One needs to have an eagle eye to notice this tattoo. He always hides it because he gives a pose to the paparazzi while holding hands. Shia is Jewish by religion. However, one can easily spot a cross tattoo on his left hand. When questioned, Shia calmly said that he has faith in Jesus.

7. YOU. NOW. WOW. Tattoo on his left arm

You Now Wow Tattoo Shia

Shia is infamous for his controversial relationships with various models and actresses. Almost all his girlfriends have claimed that Shia is a freak who needs therapy and counseling. One of his girlfriend Singer FKA twigs even claimed that Shia once shot a stray dog in front of her. Interestingly, Shia has opposite versions of stories about him. He got so fed up with his ex-of claims that he got a tattoo ‘YOU.NOW.WOW’ tattoo on his left arm. It signifies that Shia’s gf just can’t get over him and tends to bounce back to him at some point in life.

8. Route 071 Tattoo on his Left Bicep

Route 071 Tattoo Shia

Shia’s parents divorced when he was a pre-teen. Shia spent his childhood with his mother who barely provided him with food or education. This led poor Shia to perform arts in various roadshows. He has stated that he once went joined a roadshow that was traveling to route 071. He learned a lot of life-changing lessons from that tour.

9. King Tattoo Near his Left Ear

King Crown Tattoo On Shia Face

Usually Shia doesn’t like face tattoos but this didn’t stop him from getting one on his face. He has a King Crown tattoo on his face near his left ear. This tattoo was later removed though.

Shia Labeouf Finger Tattoos

10. 071 Crew on his Left hand’s Index finger

071 Crew Tattoo

Shia learned performance arts from the 071 crew of Route 071. He paid homage to that by getting a 071 crew tattoo on his finger.

11. Bakersfield Tattoo on his middle finger

Shia La Beouf Bakersfield Tattoo

Shia’s father was often on the opposite end of the law. He was a regular inmate of Bakersfield Prison in California. Shia never forgot that. He has a tattoo that is dedicated to Bakersfield prison.

Shia LaBeouf Tattoo Pics

12. Target Tattoo on his Right Shoulder Blade

Shia LaBeouf Target Tattoo

Shia has a target tattoo inked on his back shoulder blade (right side). He is often called a very focused artist. Even Shia stated that his method of acting is very real as he not just feels the character but lives it off camera too.

13. Whistling Giraffe Tattoo on his Left Hand

Shia Giraffe Tattoo

Shia got many of his tattoos removed in the mid-2010s. This seems an obvious step as who in their right mind would have a whistling giraffe riding a tiny tricycle tattoo on their hand.

14. GOD: My Lord, Fierce, Wild, and Romantic Tattoo on his right inner bicep

Shia La Beouff God Tattoo

Shia is a very religious person. It is no surprise that he has a quote tattoo dedicated to the almighty god.

Shia Labeouf New Tattoo

15. CREEPER tattoo on his stomach  (the Infamous Tax Collector Tattoo)

Shia Labeouf Tax Collector Tattoo
Creeper Tattoo

This tattoo probably perfectly describes Shia. No Offense. Shia gets so much involved in his movie characters that he forgets the line between reel and real life. This is exactly what happened when he got his entire chest tattooed for David Ayer’s The Tax Collector.

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16. Prison Shackles tattoo on his left Rib cage

Shia Labeouf Left Hand And Shackle Tattoo

Shia has huge influence of his dad on him. He has a prison shackles tattoo on his left ribcage which is devoted to his father’s time in prison.

Shia LaBeouf Tattoo Designs

17. Shia Labeouf tattoo on Left Bicep

Shia Labeouf Left Bicep Tattoo

There is a watercolor tattoo on his left bicep. It seems like an erupting volcano in pastel colors.


These were all the tattoos of Shia Labeouf. Shia has had many tattoos inked and removed over the past 15 years. If you are his fan then you might have noticed it and even have details about it. Share with us about your favorite Shia tattoo that he removed later on.

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