50 Royal King Tattoos Designs and Ideas for Men (2017)

king tattoos
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); King tattoos are often accompanied with queen tattoos but single boys like to have separate king tattoos. If you wish to have king tattoos then here we have impressive king tattoo designs for you. Here are top 50 king tattoos ideas for men – King Tattoos Ideas And... more →
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50 Pleasing Pastel Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women (2017)

pastel tattoos
Pastel tattoos are not much popular but still they are adored by many people. Pastel tattoos are made using pastels. Pastel art revolutionized the art world in renaissance era and since then pastel tattoos are in trend. Here we selected 50 beautiful pastel tattoos for men and women – Pastel Tattoos Ideas and Designs 1. It is... more →
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48 Creative Chess Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2017)

Chess Tattoos
People usually avoid game and sports tattoos but Chess tattoos are exception. Chess tattoos found popularity not just among couples but siblings as well. King chess piece tattoos and queen chess piece tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs in the world. But chess tattoos are not just limited to these two designs. Here... more →
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47 Really Cute Dog Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

Dog tattoos
Dog tattoos are admired by almost every person on the planet. This is because dogs are among the cutest and most loyal creatures in this world. Even though many people rank cats above dogs but one have to admit that dog tattoos are equally popular as cat tattoos. If you are dog loving person then we have treat for you. We have chosen... more →
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50 Heart touching Brother Tattoos Ideas 2017

Brother tattoos
Honestly there are not many brother tattoos ideas that could be universally applicable. Each person holds a special unique boding with his brothers and thus has to think of entirely unique tattoo idea to define his relationship with his brother. We tried our best to come up with brilliant brother tattoo ideas that could be universally... more →
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50 Best Sleeve Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

Sleeve Tattoos
Usually Sleeve tattoos are from the upper portion of the shoulder to the end of the wrist. However not all people admire such sleeve tattoos. Lately there has been a huge trend of half sleeve tattoos and many people voted them better from full sleeve tattoos. Here we picked up 50 amazing sleeve tattoo design that include half sleeve... more →
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50 3D BioMechanical Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

biomechanical tattoos
Biomechanical tattoos are really expensive but they are also among the most beautiful tattoo design. This is because of their uniqueness. Biomechanical tattoos may vary from person to person due to different physiques. Here we have selected 50 amazing biomechanical tattoo designs for men and women – Biomechanical Tattoos Ideas... more →
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50 Amazing Bicep Tattoos Designs for Men and Women 2017

Bicep Tattoos
The craze for bicep tattoos was increased by gym lovers. It is obvious that if you have big biceps you would surely love to have tattoos on them. However the confusion arises when you like a design but you are not sure whether to have it on inner bicep or outer bicep. Here we have chosen 50 amazing bicep tattoo designs (with some... more →
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50 Best Hand Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

Hand tattoos
Some people consider hand tattoos to be bad idea. This is because hand tattoos are visible all the time and you might get bore of it easily. Plus If the hand tattoo go wrong then you will have to wrap your hands all the time. Also hand tattoos are not allowed by many companies and they are illegal in several countries too. However... more →
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50 Amazing Ambigram Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women 2017

Ambigram Tattoos
Ambigram tattoos are those which have two or more word tattooed in a way that they look the same from different angles. Another variation of ambigram tattoo is that you can have two different words inked in a way that the tattoo reflects one word at one angle and another word at a different angle. Here we have chosen 50 best ambigram... more →
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