Top 50 Cool Tattoos For Boys and Girls With Meaning (2018)

Cool Tattoos With Meaning

41. One interesting suggestion to you would be to add a subtle unnatural design to your tattoo. For example the artist added a tribal feather hat to this bird tattoo design and it is hardly noticeable.(Tribal tattoos on forearm)
cool tattoos drawings

42. If you are thinking of getting a word tattoo then make sure that you choose a cool font tattoo design. There are many websites online where you can find stylish font for your word tattoo.
cool name tattoos

43. I always admire sun and moon tattoos because they are probably the best tattoo idea for couple behind the king and queen tattoo. Here is a cool variation of sun and moon tattoo design. Can you find the moon?
cool shoulder tattoos

44. Instead of opting for detailed and realistic tattoo design you can always try childish and animated tattoos just like this crane tattoo on the ankle of this man.
cool ankle tattoos

45. If you have won a medal or a trophy in your life then feel proud to getting it tattooed on your body. I would recommend you to try the small design of your trophy.
cool finger tattoos

46. Siblings can have a matching and cool tattoo design. There are many ideas but my favourite is the triangle tattoo that perfectly suits siblings.
cool arm tattoos for guys

47. Another cool variation of tribal tattoo is to pick up your favourite design and get inked just with the outline of that design. Here is a cool tribal pattern on the back of this lady.
really cool tattoos

48. Blackwork tattoos can leave a long lasting impression on mind. My suggestion would be to compliment a blackwork tattoo with an outline or dotwork tattoo design like this.
cool tattoos designs

49. If your old tattoo design starts fading away then you can restyle it by adding watercolour design to it. Here is a feather tattoo on the forearm that is brought back to life by the addition of vibrant water colours.
cool leg tattoos

50. Wing tattoos are always pleasing to eyes but there placement matters a lot. Here is a unique wing tattoo designs on forearm that looks cool.
cool arm tattoos

Which cool tattoos from the above image gallery you would recommend to your friends?