Top 50 Cool Tattoos For Boys and Girls With Meaning (2018)

Let me clear down one thing first that this list of cool tattoos is not a universal list as many people might find the tattoo designs shown in this image gallery to be uncool. To be honest you will find no true list or collection of cool tattoos because there is no universal definition of coolness. However, one thing that everyone agrees on is that if you do not hurt feelings of other people then you are surely cool or at least not uncool. Here we picked up 50 tattoo design that we found cool and recommend to our male and female readers –

Cool Tattoos for Men

1. At first this might not strike you as one of the coolest tattoo design but surely if you try a more realistic version of this crocodile tattoo then people will surely fall for it.(Tribal tattoos for sister)
cool tattoos tumblr

2. Most searched body part for cool tattoos is behind the year. I would suggest you to try a unique symbol or sign tattoo behind the ear like this ampersand tattoo design.
cool small tattoos

3. A lone triangle tattoo or a lone pyramid tattoo design might not look cool but if you have a triple triangle tattoo design in different shades like this then surely you will get lots of attention.
cool male tattoos

4. Religious tattoos usually revolve around symbols and signs but one thing that every tattoo artist forgets to add is the surrealism behind such tattoos. Here is a cool Buddha tattoo that shows a planet in the background.
cool sleeve tattoos

5. Another cool tattoo idea is to try a divider tattoo where a tattoo is divided into two parts as if to tell a story or a short tale. Like this tattoo on calf has unique design and charm.
cool anime tattoos

6. One cool small tattoo idea would be to add any design with a small globe tattoo. For example the artist added an arrow, nautical star and a compass tattoo design in this globe tattoo.
cool compass tattoos

7. Instead of following universal tradition you can have a tattoo design inspired you’re your favourite movie or book character that you particularly find very cool. Here is a Cheshire cat tattoo design on the back of this girl.
cool back tattoos

8. Another cool tattoo idea is to reimagine a normal person, animal or insect in a unique style. For example the artist here reimagined a normal bug into a mechanical bug with enormous wings and the result was an awesome wrist tattoo design.
cool forearm tattoos

9. It is not about the size of the tattoo but about the message of the tattoo. Here is a meaningful small size dove tattoo design that is unique and cool in its own style.
cool half sleeve tattoos

10. If you go for a really meaningful tattoo design then surely it will look cool on you. This rose tattoo design is looking attractive because the artist showed thorns and blood drops with it thereby suggesting that beauty comes at a price.
cool rose tattoos