Top 50 Cool Tattoos For Boys and Girls With Meaning (2018)

Cool Tattoos to Draw

31. If you ever opt for an umbrella tattoo then be sure that you add a watercolour rain design over it. Look at this tattoo – isn’t it pretty?(Simple skull tattoos)
cool first tattoos

32. I am not sure what the artist was trying to do here. Probably he wanted to show a rat face on dragon body but ended up with a sea horse Skelton topped with a rat face.
cool traditional tattoos

33. I always admire tree tattoos because they have a unique appeal that attracts every viewer toward itself. In this design the artist beautiful inked a green tree and even showed rain drops.
cool tattoos for guys with meaning

34. Instead of opting for traditional dreamcatcher tattoos you can play with the design a little bit. Here is a modified dreamcatcher tattoo with quote on the thigh of this lady.
cool tattoos

35. It is not necessary to have large size tattoos attract people. Small tattoos have their own charm. Here is a cool tiny lightning bolt tattoo on the forearm of this woman.
cool wrist tattoos

36. If you ever wished to have a cool toe tattoo then I would highly recommend you to try an eye tattoo on it. The eye tattoo perfectly blends with the shape and size of toe and gives a realistic look.
cool little tattoos

37. A behind the ear tattoo would look cool and impressive if it is tried along the length of the ear. Here is an interesting tattoo design of a leaf that perfectly matches with the thickness of ear.
cool behind the ear tattoos

38. The beauty of this colourful flower tattoo design is increased by the addition of a unique tribal flower tattoo design in the background.
cool girl tattoos

39. Most girls opt for colourful butterfly tattoos but they are not much realistic. If you want a butterfly tattoo then opt for a realistic design like this.
cool butterflies tattoos

40. When people opt for owl tattoos they mostly try a sitting owl tattoo but here is a unique design where the owl is shown spreading wings just like an eagle.
cool sharpie tattoos