Top 50 Cool Tattoos For Boys and Girls With Meaning (2018)

Cool Tattoos Drawings

21. This cute simple tattoo design is made attractive due to its unique placement. This is the quality of word tattoos that you can get them on any part of body even on the side of the palm.(Unique cross tattoos)
cool fonts for tattoos

22. Proper color combination and use of right color can also make a tattoo design cooler. For example this phoenix tattoo design on the rib cage of this girl is looking attractive due to its coloring and placement.
cool phoenix tattoos

23. I bet that you won’t find any cooler pineapple tattoo design than this. You should try this tattoo design if you love the fruit or if you are a huge fan of spongebob.
cool geometric tattoos

24. If you want to have a cool planet tattoo design on your body then in my opinion Saturn is the perfect candidate for it due it cool rings.
cool small tattoos for men

25. Do you like any fruit very much? Why not get it tattooed on your body in small size. Look how attractive this small grapes tattoo design is looking.
cool small tattoos for guys

26. Ship tattoos are usually opted by boys but it will be interesting if a girl opt for a large size ship tattoo design like this.
cool tattoos for girls

27. You might have seen many sparrow or bird tattoo designs but this amazing tattoo is first outlined with black ink and then was given amazing shades of color.
cool sparrow tattoos

28. The beauty of this nautical star tattoo design on the forearm of this guy lies in the fact that the lines (supposedly rays) are perfectly and symmetrically lined out.
cool tattoos for men

29. A tattoo design gets way cooler if it is shared with your family or friends. Like these guys here have a Rock paper scissor tattoo and it makes the tattoo way cooler.
cool tattoos for guys

30. Dandelion tattoos are usually inked using light ink but you can opt for a neo tribal dandelion tattoo which will make the design impressive.
cool simple tattoos