Top 50 Cool Tattoos For Boys and Girls With Meaning (2018)

Cool Tattoos for Women

11. This cat and lady face tattoo design is not exactly cool but it can be improved by making the face of the girl smiley or at least by removing its tears.(Rose tattoos on wrist)
cool face tattoos

12. One popularly tried and universally admired cool tattoo idea is to have a whole tattoo design that is separated by different body parts. You can have a tattoo that completes when you join your forearms or your feet like this.
cool foot tattoos

13. If you wish to have a cool tattoo design on stomach then I would recommend you to try a bald eagle tattoo design. This will look amazing particularly on girls.
cool stomach tattoos

14. Who says that romantic tattoos are not cool? If they are carried out in right with proper approach then they can be the coolest tattoo on your body. Look at this beautiful flower tattoo design with quote on it.
cool flower tattoos

15. This cool tribal tattoo design on the back of this girl looks very symbolic. It represents a shape that all men are fond of. Can you guess?
cool tribal tattoos

16. Double exposure tattoos are always cool but they require a lot of imagination from the artist. Here is a cool double exposure tattoo design that shows a guitar and a landscape of river and trees.
cool music tattoos

17. Hamsa tattoos are considered lucky and good omen. However they have a fix pattern which is tried many times. Here is a cooler version of a hamsa tattoo that shows a realistic eye.
cool hand tattoos

18. Some tattoos become cool among a particular group or among family. If you get a matching tattoo design with your brother or sister then surely it will be really cool to both of you.
cool couple tattoos

19. Many artists often recommend to try a pair of flying bird tattoo on both shoulders or collar bone. Here is a cool design for you to consider.
cool bird tattoos

20. Are they lots of Homer Simpsons’ heads gathered in circle or am I just overthinking about a really cool tattoo pattern on thigh?
cool thigh tattoos