Top 5 Best Tattoo Removal Creams to Buy in 2024

Do you love tattoos and frequently get yourself inked? Then you have probably experienced having had at least one tattoo that you outgrew or fell out of love with. So much so that the very sight of that tattoo brought some awful memories that leave you with just one option.

Remove the tattoo! Easier said than done. The first procedure that comes to mind is laser surgery. But thankfully, there are more straightforward methods to get rid of the tattoo. This article highlights the best tattoo removal creams you can use to get rid of the tattoo and its scars effectively. These creams are safe and give results that are both great and permanent.

These tattoo removal creams have been selected with the help of professionals. So what are the parameters that have been used to shortlist these tattoo removal creams? Here is a brief look at the parameters before we move ahead.

  • Nature of the ingredients and how safe are they?
  • How effective is the product in safely removing/fading the tattoo?
  • Does it suit all skin types?
  • What are the side effects?

After thoroughly vetting the products, here we list the top 5 brands that satisfied these parameters. But, if you are in a hurry, here are our top recommendations.

Review of Top 5 Tattoo Removal Creams

1. Inked Up Tattoo Removal Cream 


The Inked Up Brand is reliable in the tattoo space -with products for protecting your precious tattoo as well as removing it – and all their products are clinically tested and proven. The ingredient list for the Tattoo removal Cream is 100% natural and can be safely used on the skin till the results start showing up.

The results might take time depending on the nature of the tattoo, the age of the tattoo, the colors making up the tattoo, and of course, the size of the tattoo. The Inked Up Tattoo Removal Cream must be massaged into the skin in a circular motion to give the best results. Thankfully, this cream gets absorbed fast and doesn’t block the pores.

Formulated with some fabulous ingredients which act quickly, results will start showing up by the end of the first month. Stubborn tattoos might take up to 3 months. The company guarantees results as an expert team develops and then clinically tests these products.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Renowned Brand
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Clinically proven
  • Guaranteed results
  • Safe on the skin
  • Fast-absorbing cream
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Takes consistent application over a long period

2. 4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream

4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream, Permanent Removal of Tattoos Remover Gel Fading Away Tool, Safe Moisturize Skin for Colored and Black Tattoos Removes (3PCS)

The next product featured on our list is TatOFF 4 weeks tattoo removal cream. This is like a herbal cream that is both antibacterial and tightening. One of the safest and most excellent ways to remove a tattoo, all it requires is a persistent application for 4 weeks and some patience.

Since the product works relatively slowly, one can be sure that it does not harm the skin. Results start showing up from the third week onwards. And by the fifth week, there are no remains of the tattoo. The composition of the cream is natural and therefore suits all skin types. The upside of this tattoo removal cream is the thoughtful formulation.

The moisturizers present in the tattoo removal cream take care of the skin, which becomes more sensitive after the tattoo. All of this can be safely done in the privacy of your home. Tattoo pigments are broken down and flushed through metabolism. At the same time, new dermis growth is hastened.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Hypoallergenic cream perfectly safe for your skin
  • Moisturizes the skin while fading the tattoo
  • No pain method
  • It can be done at home
  • One of the most reasonably priced products
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Takes time
4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream, Permanent Removal of Tattoos Remover Gel Fading Away Tool, Safe Moisturize Skin for Colored and Black Tattoos Removes (3PCS)
  • Comfortable for skin: Not block the pores, as long as you use it continuously for a few weeks, you can see good results.
  • Painless and scarless: Painless and scarless treatment! No need for terrible laser wrinkle removal anymore! Face cream is a real remedy for family tattoo removal, zero pain and no intrusiveness at all!

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3. Spartan Perform Tattoo Destroyer

Tattoo Removal Cream Natural Fading system wrecking balm 1 month spartan perform

This is a powerful tattoo destroyer from the house of Tattoo Destroyer. This is an entirely Made in the US product. It contains Neem oil from India as one of its key ingredients. The tattoo destroyer cream has to be applied to the tattoo consistently. It starts showing its effects from the third week onwards.

If the tattoo is multi-colored, it might take a little longer. Black is the first to go. Brown and violet are the most stubborn. There are cases where it has taken upwards of two months to even six months to remove the tattoo in its entirety.

In such cases, the cream needs to be applied more than once a day. And the best part is that it can be used for an extended period or however long it takes without worrying about its side effects. Though this product seems expensive, it is way cheaper than the laser treatment and not painful. Furthermore, it is known to be safe.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Presence of Neem Oil which
  • Great brand name
  • Made in the US
  • Works slowly but surely
  • Skin-safe
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • On the expensive side

4. Profade Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo Removal Cream 3 Step Action: The Daily Use of Profade Helps De-Color Tattoos in a Time Period of 3-9 Months

Coming from the Brand herbalXpress, this product is the result of years of research in tattoo removal. The outcome is three creams that work together to vanish even the most stubborn tattoos. The product comes with an instruction booklet that details how the cream works. It is medically tested and is equally effective on the most sensitive skin.

Even though the product seems expensive, it is far cheaper than any medical treatment or laser surgery. It takes between 3- 9 months to show results, but the patience will be rewarded with a tattoo that vanishes without any pain or side effects.

The Profade Tattoo removal cream works using a three-step formula – Preparation, Activation, Disappearance, and Elimination.  A cursory glance at the ingredients is deeply reassuring – Tea Tree oil, Chamomile, Rosemary, Orange peel, Honey, Horsetail, and Sage Extract. No wonder the cream smells heavenly.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Outcome of research
  • Great natural ingredients
  • Heavenly smell
  • Medically tested
  • Three-step formula
  • Effective on sensitive skins
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Highly-priced

5. Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System For Helping Remove Tattoos From Body, At Home Tattoo & Ink Removal Kit For Fading Unwanted Tattoo's

The Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade system works a little differently from the other products on the list. Several products are included to enable faster tattoo removal. They are the Microdermabrasion Applicator and erosion head, Hydravescent Cream, Suffusion Gel, and Branding Butter Concealer.

The system works like this. First, you use the erosion head and the suffusion gel to erase the tattoo. After this, the hydravescent cream needs to be applied. Then, till the tattoo fades, you can take the help of the butter concealer to conceal the tattoo as and when required temporarily. This whole routine takes about 3 minutes daily.

The use of the erosion head ensures faster removal of the tattoo, and the cream provides that the skin is well moisturized and healthy. The hydravescent cream can be used daily. All of these products come at a very reasonable price. The efficiency of this system has ensured that they remain best sellers in the tattoo removal space.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Whole kit
  • Erosion head hasten the tattoo removal process
  • Hydravescent cream soothes skin
  • Butter concealer for temporarily conceal tattoos
  • Very reasonable price
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The erosion head can cause some pain.
Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System For Helping Remove Tattoos From Body, At Home Tattoo & Ink Removal Kit For Fading Unwanted Tattoo's
  • Wrecking Balm Microdermabrasion Tattoo Fade System to help remove tattoos. System includes Dermomatic Microdermabrasion Applicator, Erosion Brush Head, Suffusion Gel, Hydravescent Cream and Branding Butter Concealer.
  • Quick Results! Only need to use 3 minutes every other day to start seeing results. Designed to increase cell turnover to help accelerate the skin's natural fading process. Can be used to fade tattoos on most parts of your body including - ankle, hand, arm, leg, back and stomach.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Tattoo Removal Cream

Your decision needs to weigh these parameters.

1. Ingredients:

Since these creams penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to get the job done, they must contain skin-safe ingredients. Therefore, the ideal products would contain a majority of natural ingredients, if not all. They should also be formulated to be equally effective on all skin types and should also include a moisturizing element to heal while removing the tattoo.

2. Suitability for Different Skin Types:

Supposing you have sensitive skin, it becomes double essential to vet the ingredient and go with a product that has been clinically tested with some success. Again, going through the component and ensuring that you are not allergic to any particular item will save you a lot of trouble and needless pain.

3. Effectiveness in Tattoo Removal:

This is important to know how the product works will help in setting the right expectation and being consistent and patient.

4. Safety and Side Effects:

None of us wants to buy a cream that works great but has serious side effects. Unfortunately, the only way out in this case is to go through write-ups and reviews of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

Anecdotal evidence points in the affirmative. Yes, these products do work. But they require a consistent application and a lot of patience. Considering that they do save you from the pain and expense of laser or other surgical treatment, it is a slight bargain.

Results differ across individuals based on the skin type, the age of the tattoo, the colors used, and the type of ink used. For example, black lines fade relatively fast, brown and violet are slower to fade. This explains the need for twice daily application over a few months.

2. How do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

The skin has two layers. The tattoo removal cream works by penetrating the deeper layers of the skin. Tattoo removal creams generally penetrate through the upper layer and reach the lower layer where the tattoo ink is seared.

They slowly dissolve the ink and also hasten the new cell regeneration. All of this takes time, but the process is pain-free, permanent, and straightforward.

3. What is the Best Tattoo Removal Cream?

The 5 products mentioned above are the best tattoo removal creams in the market. Inked Up Tattoo Removal Cream and Spartan Destroyer have created a name as a reliable product.

4. How can I Remove a Permanent Tattoo Without a Laser?

If the laser is not an option, then tattoo removal creams are your best bet. They are in demand because of the simplicity, cost, ease of application, privacy, and effective results.


If you want to remove a tattoo but are hesitant to get laser surgery or any other surgical treatment because of the pain and the cost involved, tattoo removal creams are your best bet. The new generation of creams is effective and skin safe. By studying these products and choosing only the very best, we have made the process easy for you.

We hope that this guide helps you choose the best tattoo removal creams and see a permanent resolution to your problem. In addition, we are always eager to get your opinions regarding the products and their review, suggestions on future products for review, and user experiences.

Please consider being connected with us for future updates on valuable products and their reviews.

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