4 of the Best Tattoo Parlors in Thailand

Thailand is the most visited Southeast Asian country, according to a travel study by Statista. This is due to many reasons, from its breathtaking beaches to historic Buddhist temples. It also has many colorful tuk-tuks or motorized rickshaws, as well as floating markets for every traveler to enjoy.

But aside from these destinations and activities, did you know that Thailand is also home to many great tattoo parlors? The Thai’s tattoo-loving culture is rooted in a sacred tradition known as Sak Yant, where warriors of old got their bodies inked with Buddhist images as protection for battle. Eventually, this evolved into a deep love for tattoo art in the country that has nurtured many tattoo artists, turning Thailand into one of the best places to get a tattoo not just in Asia, but the world as well.

As such, if you’re visiting Thailand to get inked, here are four of the best tattoo parlors and artists you can visit!

1. Arjanneng Thaisakyant

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Credits: @arjannengthaisakyant on Instagram

As one of the most celebrated traditional tattoo artists in Thailand, Thaisakyant offers authentic Sak Yant tattoos with Buddhist animal imagery and lines for protection and good fortune for those who wear them. It’s located along Sukhumvit93 Road in Bangkok.

If you’re getting this type of tattoo though, remember to be respectful of the religious beliefs they’re based on.

Because of Thaisakyant’s fame, you have to book an appointment to get a slot. His schedule is quick to fill up because of the many travelers that visit his parlor, so make sure to book early!

2. Adikt Ink

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Credits: @adiktink_pattaya on Instagram

Pattaya has gained its reputation as a city with a bustling nightlife and business scene. Expat Bets’ Thailand guide explains that it is a very accessible place with a low cost of living, which could be the reason it has attracted many businesses throughout the years, including tattoo parlors. In fact, you’ll frequently see a lot of massage parlors, saunas, and even hostels in the area. In any case, a place worth trying out is Adikt Ink, a state-of-the-art tattoo studio, which also has branches in Portugal and Luxembourg. They do traditional and modern tattoos, depending on the customers’ preferences.

3. BKK Ink Tattoo Studio

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Credits: @bkk_ink_tattoo_studio on Instagram

Speaking of the nightlife, you should not miss out on the vibrancy of Khaosan Road at night. Lined with clubs and restaurants, this road in Bangkok Old Town is often visited by solo travelers — usually backpackers and nomads — who want to party with the locals. Incidentally, this is also where the BKK Ink Tattoo Studio is located. As a mecca for tattoo enthusiasts, the BKK Ink Tattoo Studio banks on their artists’ expertise to create hyper-realistic tattoos and cartoonish neo-trad designs.

4. Seed Tattoo

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Credits: @seedtattoo on Instagram

Of course, you can also find a famed tattoo shop in Phuket, the biggest island of Thailand. The decade-old Seed Tattoo is owned by Rucky, an experienced tattoo artist skilled in Thai, American, and Japanese design styles. The shop also leaves customers satisfied with their fully sterilized equipment, high-quality ink, and hygiene protocols, so it’s one of the safest parlors to visit even now. It is located right by the Patong Boxing Stadium on Sansabai Road.

Due to the country’s rich history and traditions and its abundance of expert artists, Thailand is one of the best places to get a tattoo. You can even get these designs at low prices. Just don’t forget to plan your visit to avoid the potentially long lines!

Featured Image Credit: Binderdonedat licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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